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Spacial World Of Vixens. - Neutral Boy

In a parallel evolution world different from Equis, there lived a planet called Valhalla Nexus as it's species don't know that they'll meet their demise soon. Luckily, they have an unlikely help that can defend and save Valhalla's species.

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Chapter 2: Captive prisoners & awakened lifeforms.

Back in the Dusk forest, the four furry girls were searching for their two friends.

"Pinkie Pie! Rainbow Dash!" Applejack yells out, but no responses from the two.

"Applejack darling, do we really have to come down in this deep mysterious forest filled with infested dirt & mud? My whole mascara and clothing will get all messy, meaning that I'll have to wash them again." Rarity says, tip toeing over mud.

"Well, what did you expect Rarity? I'm always in dirt & mud sometimes and you were seem fine around me. Plus I'm sure those two prankers didn't go this far into the woods."

Rarity huffs, jumping over some rocks.

"That's because at least you had some dignity on showing off. Though to be fair, it's kind of funny to me when you drank too much a few times and wound up in the pile of garbage." She giggles.

Applejack's face turn red and hide it with her hat.

"Ugh, don't remind me. Let's go join up with Twilight and Fluttershy."

"I couldn't agree more darling."

While the two go back, Twilight and Fluttershy also searches for them.

"Rainbow! Pinkie!" Twilight shouted, but only heard some animals.

"Any luck on your end Twilight?" Fluttershy asked.

"Nothing, how about you?"

"M-Me neither, oh why did we let them go out alone Twilight? It's very dangerous out in these unknown environments and I can't help, but worry for the girls. W-What if they were taken, or eaten, or killed, o-or-"

"Calm down Fluttershy, I'm sure they won't go down without a fight that easily. Listen, why don't we go join up with Rarity and Applejack? I'm sure they probably found a trace of them."


The four girls regrouped with bad results.

"So, I'm guessing you didn't find any trace of them?" Twilight asked the two.

"Not a thing darling, it'll take weeks to find either Pinkie or Rainbow." Rarity says, taking some mud off her shoes.

"Oh I hope they are okay out there." Fluttershy whimpers, worried about them.

"Simmer down Shy, I'm sure we'll find them in no time." Applejack replies, calming down her friend.

"Besides, what trouble can they be in than disturbing any harmless animals?"

"So there I was, me on a Tuesday during my trip at the post civil war. . ."

Walking toward back at the camp with a big catch, the hunters groan on hearing the pink cat chatter.

They never expected this pink one to be an annoyance, but not at a high level.

"Does she always talk like this?" One of the hunters said to Rainbow.

The winged leopard however, has a look of boredom on her face and nodding.

"Try living with 24/7 and call me back if you've lost you sanity like I have."

Neither of the hunters didn't want to think about that and just went silent.

Eventually, they make it to the camp as the boss leader with bodyguards walk up to them.

"What did you find Bolas?" The boss said, folding his arms.

"Sir, we found these two wandering in the forest and got caught by one of our traps. We've interrogated them of why they came here, but on answer. Though I do know from their scent, they aren't alone since there other friends will probably arrive soon."

"What's with the chattering cat."

"I don't know sir, she just wouldn't shut up ever since we've caught them."

"Right, zap the bitch."

His bodyguard nodded and walks over to use a staff, shocking the pink cat.

"OWWW!" Pinkie yells.

"Hey! What was that for?!" Rainbow shouted, comforting her friend.

"Can it you two brats." The boss said in a dark tone.

The two immediately shut their mouths as the camp's leader walks over to them.

"So, you like to talk a lot and to annoy my members of the camp, huh?" He asked her.

Pinkie nervously shakes her head no.

"U-Uh no sir, I-I couldn't um help myself and uh-"

"I'm sure these two would be forgiven if first let's say, these victims go to an experiment place?"

His buddies knew on what he was talking about and grins evilly, making the girls nervous in fear.

"U-Um, what experiment place?"

"I'm glad you ask tomboy, thanks to your friend here, you two are going to be introduced to our secret experiment large room. Where you and the chatty friend will experience on meeting our "special pet" who's very, very, very hungry. Of course you'll expect many colorful rings, pain, bone shattering, swallowed hole, and digested in her stomach."

The two girls went pale.

"Although, she won't completely digest you for if she does like you. On the other hand if she spares you, she'll most likely make you as a mindless slave and mate with you brutally until she has grown tired years later, decides it would best to eat you anyway."

Seeing the look on their face, the boss huffs on accomplishing these trespassers doom.

"Bolas, take them to our lovely pet's chamber." The leader said before walking off with the bodyguards.

"With pleasure sir, take the two at the chamber to prepare the sacrifice." The hunter grins.

They took the captured prisoners to the destination as Rainbow looks at her friend.

"Nice going Pinkie, now our friends won't make it in time before our fate is sealed."

"Hee hee, uh sorry Rainbow." Pinkie murmurs sadly.

Both Pinkie and Rainbow were thrown in a dark large room.

"Wake up girl! Your new meal & future mates are here as requested!"

The hunter closes the door gate tight before walking off back into camp.

"Pinkie Pie, can you hear?" Rainbow called out.

"I'm right here Rainbow." Pinkie replied back.

"Can you at least find us a way out without getting caught again?"

"Alright on it, I'll be right back Rainbow."

Pinkie goes off to find a way out while her friend waits for her and guards herself.

"Okay, so where is this "special pet" the leader told us? I'm probably sure it's either one of these legend animals Twilight couldn't find nor any other travels. Or maybe the giant from the Colosseum they have stolen. Either way, I need to be careful and quiet."

Rainbow walks quietly in the dark as she searches around.

"Pinkie, have you found the exit? Pinkie Pie?" She whispers, but no reply.

Walking around more, she soon spots something bright up ahead.

'That must be it, you finally did it Pinkie.' Her mind said happily.

She continues to walk toward the light and sighs in relief.

"Whew, I knew you could. . ."

Rainbow pauses, seeing her pink friend wrapped in a colorful majestic thing.

Shaking her head, she walks to her friend, until she discovered something horrified.


Rainbow saw Pinkie Pie's eyes looming with ring colors while her mouth smiles widely.

"Come on Pinkie, snap out of it."

When she tried to reach her friend, her whole body frozen in stiff as something grabbed her.

"W-What in the-"

Rainbow's body was twirling when something soft coiled around her & squeezing tightly on her muscles.


She has felt the coils tightening her more and couldn't move, even if she tried hard.

"L-Let go of me you. . . . . y-you. . . . ."

Rainbow's voice died down when her eyes saw a beautiful serpent's body size. Not only that, but her coiled body is moved to the serpent's face as she seen it's eyes colorful and couldn't look away. Her eye pupils shrank and reflected to the colorful rings flowing around, but she didn't notice her pink friend is lift up and is beside her.

"S-So pretty. . ." Rainbow's lips drooled out of her mouth before slowly smiling, not realizing it.

Her head felt dizzy & foggy, wanting to sleep, but didn't want the enjoy these pretty spiral rings.

She didn't know her cheek is licked by a long tongue as the large serpent eyed the two preys.


'Such vulnerable prey these monsters provided for me, but they are very cute and delicious to eat. Although, perhaps these two are potential to being my mindless sex slave mates to become like me. Oh it's been so long that I had my fun.' The serpent thought, giggling and squeezing her victims.

Back in the abandoned ship wreckage, Krystal and Samus Aran searches for their missing friend.

"Did you find Floral?" Krystal asked her.

"No, I thought you found her Krystal." Samus replied.

"Is it possible she found a hole somewhere in the ship?"

"Either that or she got abducted."

While the two were chatting, a figure appears from the woods.

"She's inside the shrine." The figure said.

The two were alerted and immediately draw their weapons, Krystal's staff and Samus's laser whip pistol.

"Who are you?" Samus demanded.

The figure appears to be a bipedal fur-like female furry. Most of her body is covered in yellow fur, save for the tips of it's tail and ears, underbelly, upperchest having around E-size, hands and legs from the knees down, and the purple Cancer symbols on the thighs. She also has wing-like tufts of yellow fur on its shoulders and a large, mane-like tuft of white fur on her chest. She wears purple sleeves that cover its forearms with yin-yang symbols on the back of the hands. She has three clawed fingers on its hands and three clawed toes on her feet. Plus she has black eyes with indigo pupils.

"My name is Renamon. I mean you no harm." She says, raising her hands up in surrender.

The names Samus Aran and my friend here is Krystal." Samus replies.

"Right, so what you mean our friend is inside the shrine?" Krystal gripping her staff.

"Like I said, the tiger girl is inside the shrine. It's a sacred place only the individuals like me guard at all times. We merely use our traps and magic to lure any thieves or mercenary greedy people away. The shrine's been safe for many generations ago, like my ancestor who has protected it from those wanting to steal it until he grew old and passed away."

Samus and Krystal looked at each other before Samus spoke to Renamon.

"I hate to break it to you on the bad news, but the shrine isn't what you think it is. The shrine your descendant people has guarded is actually an ancient ship from outer space, beyond the skies above towards the stars."

Renamon raised an eyebrow and glance to the shrine.

"Are you certain?"

"Positive, why else is this ship not discovered by the museum explorers? Why hide it from the public?"

Renamon began to think in her mind.

'That couldn't be right. The tribes and my clan has guarded every ancient shrines for many years ago. Yet why did my elder didn't want them to be discovered? Can it be possible he fears on what would happen if the enemies uses them to destroy many lands and our tribes? I want to enter the shrine to find out, but it's forbidden of me to enter one. I could maybe ask these two a favor to go in.'

The human groggily rubs his eyes, yawning from a long nap.

"Ugh, what a weird dream." He said.

Getting up from the container, his feet hit the ground.

"Master Oliver?" His assistant called to him.

"Yes Chloe?"

He turns to see his assistant holding her pistol at a furry tiger girl, which did surprise him.

Must be a new lifeform out there and is now looming all over inside ship.

"When did you find her?"

"A minute ago, she pressed the buttons on your pod and I made sure she wouldn't kill you."

"Right, so what's your name? You speak like me or what?"

Floral was nervous all over her body on not knowing what to do, but just cooperate and get out alive.

"U-U-Ummm, m-my name i-is Floral s-sir."

"Nice name, any weapons you got on you?"

"N-N-No sir."

He eyes the girl close as she is scared for her life before the human smiles.

"Alright I believe you. Chloe, stand down."

"B-But sir, she's not al-"

"Until I know for certain this tiger or uh hybrid girl is a threat, stand down and I mean it. I'll go change up while you watch her to make sure she doesn't do anything funny, taze her if you have to."

His assistant sighs, obey him as order and let's go of her.

"Don't do anything funny intruder." The assistant warns the furry girl.

"Y-Yes ma'am."

The two waits for the human to get dressed while he whistles for his favorite music.

"So, you're Floral right? Tell me, what's been going on in the outside world?" He calls to her.

"W-Well, it's sort of peaceful outside. M-Minus some wrongful order laws from the government and uh, m-my clan recovering from the aftermath of a war breaking out, but it's terrible. Even some of my friends are treated the worse like I am. Although, it was great we finally left to go on our own, but our lives still suck without jobs or homes."

"Huh, I can't imagine a young girl like you suffering all these years. Let alone defying the corruption's law. I'm sure that one day, you can finally achieve your dream or whatever wish you made."

Floral looks down and gives a small smile, knowing at least someone is rooting for her dream.

"Thank you, by the way who is this Chloe? What is she?"

"Oh Chloe, she's more like a humanoid similar to me. Though she has some different features since her body is a reptile-like lizard or dragon, but don't let her appearance fool you. She's one tough cracker to beat in one-on-one combat and can hold herself against more than five attackers. Just be careful of her claws, feet, mouth, and tail cause they hit like a tall metal building falling down on you. Her ability is classified unless I order it to activate the code. She can also hunt either at day or night cycle so watch out if she looks for you."

"Much appreciate the compliment master." Chloe says, showing her teeth to the intruder.

Floral went pale on hearing the details, thinking Chloe looks much scarier like some deadly monsters in books.

"N-Noted." She murmurs, turning her face away.

Finishing up the changes, the male human comes back with his old clothing & combat suit.

"Ah yes, great to be in action again." He smiles.

"So um, Mr. Human. The name from your pod mention is Oliver?"

"Yep, Lieutenant Oliver Solomon. Second commander of the Veltro ship. No need for formalities or bowing Floral, just Oliver is fine. Anyways Chole, your very impatient for some reason. Was there something else you wanted to inform me about?"

"Master, before you interrupt me, I was also going to say this intruder here is not alone. The scanners indicate three more intruders outside of your ship discussing something."

"Oh, right. So sorry about that Chloe."

His assistant smiles to him.

"All is forgiven master."

Oliver walks out of the room while Chloe drags Floral with her by force.

The three enters in another room that is all dusty and all have shut down long ago.

He pulls out a card from his suit and puts it at the part of the network.

"Activation name: Oliver Solomon. Code for energy online: 0-4-7-2-9-6-5."

Suddenly, the code activates as all of the networks, stations, cameras, surveillance are online."

Floral couldn't believe it, an ancient ship has been awakened for so long.

"Whoa. . ." She says in awe.

Oliver is looking at the surveillance, spotting three furry girls who were startled by the noise.

"I can see them outside Chloe, one has a strange staff and the other an energy pistol I never seen before."

Floral perked up upon hearing her friends are outside and they're worried about her.

"Mr. Oliver, those are my two friends outside."

"These two are your friends? What about this one with them?"

"I-I don't know, but I have heard she comes from a clan guarding relic and maybe she's friendly."

Oliver glances to both her and the screen before looking at Chloe.

"Prepare for meeting the locals assistant."

"Master, is that wise right now?"

"It can't be helped, you know how we humans are amazed to discovering life across the stars. So it's most likely been forever that we've never seen any other species who's more intelligent like us. Plus, this could be a new beginning for coexistence between humans and furry like people of Floral. Minus the whole ugly on the outside and weird looking creatures out there, no offense."

"Ummm none taken?" Floral says confused.

"My point is, we can't hide forever as endangered species Chloe. You may be the last of your kind, but know that you're not the only one feeling the same way. Whatever troubles we have in the bad past, we must one day move on from it lest we suffer in the future like some assholes who didn't let of their past."

He walks over to pat her shoulder.

"It'll work out okay? A new beginning for all of us in coexist, like my father and grandfather before me."

She looks down and thinks on his words before leaning on his arm.

"Okay master, whatever you say."

He smiles back, remembering the times with her of being sometimes soft.

"Now then, we better not keep the three waiting outside for too long. I'll go grab my gears to prepared if things get a little out of hand. Remember Chloe, no killing, just disarm them."

"As you wish."

"Floral, you stay here until I call for you to come outside. Okay?"

"A-Alright. You won't kill my friends, r-right?" Floral said, scared of what he might do.

"Not really girl, but if they do plan to attack me in any way, then I have no problem of defending myself."

Outside of the ship, the three girls were startled by the noise inside the ship.

"What was that?" Samus question.

"I have no idea, the shrine has never done this before." Renamon answered for her.

"Well whatever's inside it, Floral somehow activated the ship. Keep your guard up." Krystal says.

The back of the ship opens up, revealing something inside of the ship hull part.

All three of them see a figure exiting out, revealing a new discovered species neither have foreseen.

"Greetings alien species, I am a human being! I come in peace!" They heard him shout.

Oliver descends down the ship and plants his boots on the ground soil.

"Wow, a new discovered species. I never imagine anything so peaceful. No radiation or anything toxic, smells like clean air to me. Man, I wonder if there's anything else Floral hasn't told me."

At the mention of Floral, Samus Aran points her weapon at the human.

"Who are you and what have you done with her?!" Samus growls at him, showing her fangs.

"Samus?" Krystal whispers, not expecting her this angry.

"Please Samus, don't kill him. He's the keeper guardian of the shrine." Renamon pleaded.

Oliver is unfazed by her pointing the weapon at him as he chuckles.

"Lady, I would put that down if I were you." He warns her.

"And why is that?" She raised an eyebrow.

"My partner doesn't like it when someone threatens me with a weapon of either melee or shooting. Unless you do as I say and stand down, she has no problem of kicking your sorry ass."

Renamon heard something inside the shrine and warns the two girls.

"Samus, Krystal, I suggest you better listen to him. I feel something else is inside the shrine."

The two females glance each other.

"I think we should back off." Krystal says, suggest to Samus.

"Hah! Come on Krystal, do you believe this fool's warning? Nonsense, now tell where-"

She didn't get to finish her sentence when her pistol is taken from her and pinned to the ground.

Neither of the three expected something from the ship to have great speed. The one who has knocked down Samus Aran eyes up on the two before looking down at her prey.

"Next time, remember to listen to my master. He may be generous and kind enough to spare those in his path. I, on the other hand, have no problem of taking down any prey who threatens him or uses a kill attempt." She growls at Samus.

Oliver looks at the other two shaken of this event.

"Anyone else that would like to challenge me or my partner who's holding down your friend?" He asked the two.

Krystal puts down her staff and bows in apologies to him, along with Renamon who also bows.

"Forgive us oh great guardian keeper, but we didn't intend to intrude on your shrine. Samus Aran and Krystal here were concerned for their friend, Floral inside your shrine." Renamon said nicely.

The male human hums, thinking at least there's someone who respects him and his ship.

"Floral, you say? Oh she's perfectly fine, except for being scared by my partner. Floral, you can come out now!"

The tiger girl steps forward outside and waves sheepishly to her friends.

"Uh, hey girls."


Both Krystal and Floral hugged each other whilst Samus grumbles on the ground.

"Are you hurt?" Krystal asked her small friend.

"I'm fine Krystal, only a little scared, but nothing broken on me." Floral says calming her down.

"Look, I'm sorry that I threaten you uh master. Can I please get up?" Samus worded out.

However, she got smacked in the backside of her head.

"Quiet." Chloe coldly said to her.

"Okay partner, you made your point. Let her up to join her friends." Oliver pleaded nicely.

Chloe groans before letting go of Samus and going back to her master's side.

"So, if you we put this behind us, let's go back to my ship." He suggested, then glances toward the yellow.

"You can come too if you'd like."

Renamon points to herself.

"M-Me? But I'm forbidden to enter the shrine. I can't break the law of my clan."

"Don't worry, I insist as a keeper of the shrine, to grant you a pass. There's nothing wrong with that rule, right?"

She hums and looks at his shrine to back in the woods before sighing to herself.

". . . Okay."

Inside the ship, both Floral and Krystal are tending to Samus's injuries.

"I warned you this would happen." Krystal says smugly.

"Oh can it you horny wanker." Samus sticks her tongue out.

"It's always the same with you two." Floral sighs.

Renamon meanwhile, grabs Oliver's left hand and nods.

"I thank you for letting us onto your shrine base great keeper." She smiles.

He chuckles at this display and she seems friendly.

"No need to thank me and call me Oliver. You did a wonderful job on protecting this home of mine."

Her face went a bit red, but it disappeared when Chloe broke off the hand holding.

"Hands off the protector skank." She glares at her.

"Easy there partner, she's greeting me in a friendly manner."

Chloe huffs before stepping back, keeping an eye on the four guests.

Oliver turns away and notices something on his network screen.


He walks over there and finds four more furry girls, but they seem to be caught in a trap.

"Uh girls, you may want to cut the chitchat. I saw something on my monitor."

The three girls stop talking and go to where Oliver is at. The four of them have spotted the girls caught in a trap and some hunters have found them and taking the prisoners back to camp.

"Do any of you know these girls?"

"Yeah, I recognize them. Those four are Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Rarity, and Applejack. The four including Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie must'v followed us, but it would seem the hunters have captured them." Floral said.

"That's not the only problem." Oliver added in.

They saw on a different monitor, a small army is seen heading toward a village town.

"Those bastards are heading to the place where we had our at." Krystal growls at them.

"You know these knights?" He asked.

"Weick knights, the commander's special forces operatives. They clean out every scrapes of village, town, or city of wanted people. No matter how many lives and businesses they have ruined. Including my home, Krystal, and Floral." Samus explained.

"What can we do?" Floral asked the girls.


The three, Chloe, and Renamon turn their heads toward him.

"You would rather let these beasts kill them?!" Krystal points on the screen.

"Nope, all I'm saying is you girls aren't really strong enough to take them down at once of splitting us. If you try to go save them without any plan, then you're just signing in a death warrant."

Floral, Samus, and Krystal didn't think about that as they don't have a plan to save them.

"Then what do you suggest?" Floral offered to him of any advice.

Oliver smirks as Chloe grins on what he's planning, but Renamon seem confused on what they plan to do.

"Simple, we let them "think" they have won for today. For when tomorrow morning rolls in, it's going to be a whole different story for those enemy losers. I do have an idea plan in mind, a split attack come tomorrow morning. Renamon, would you like to join in on the plan?"

"R-Really?" She says, surprised by this.

"Yep and it involves your stealth skills."

Author's Note:

The last day of 2021 before the start of 2022.

Sorry it took so long to make this chapter. Also though, some of the other crossover characters will be introduced to this world later on to make it more interesting.

Hope everyone's doing alright and smell ya later.

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