• Published 30th Apr 2020
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Spacial World Of Vixens. - Neutral Boy

In a parallel evolution world different from Equis, there lived a planet called Valhalla Nexus as it's species don't know that they'll meet their demise soon. Luckily, they have an unlikely help that can defend and save Valhalla's species.

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Prologue: Discovery.

In a village town called Gracie Hills, two anthropomorphic female Foxes are relaxing inside a spa bath from having to do several mission duties across the kingdom borders. Neither of them haven't got a relaxing spa time for so long that they mostly grab any decent missions in order to afford any meals and drinks.

The first one has short blue hair, blue & white fur, blue eyes, and E-cups breast size.

The other one has long blonde hair, light brown & white fur, blue eyes with a slight of green, and F-cups breast size.

The two foxes had their eyes closed, but one of them thought of something and spoke up.

"Hey Samus?" The blue fox said.

"Yeah?" The blonde fox named Samus hums.

"Do you ever wonder sometimes if what we're doing is right?"

Samus opened one of her eyes and look at her blue friend.

"What brought this up Krystal?"

"Sorry, what I meant is how long are we gonna take on going through missions? Surely we do have enough credits to quit and find places to go like maybe start a family. Even if we can't find our hidden potential ability, we don't stand a chance against the tournament and those higher up officials."

Samus scratches the back of her head and hums to herself.

"You do have a point Krystal, even our previous contractors quit and got hired by those bastards."

Krystal grabs some of the water and rubs her face in it.

"So what should we do now?"

"I'll think of something, it can't be long until the next ceremony begins. Besides, after we get done in the spa, we better go improve our training elsewhere. Maybe we can go to one of the dojo gyms to train our bodies and mind."

While the two friends continue to talk, they were interrupted when a knock is heard.

*knock knock knock*

"Come in!" Krystal shouted.

A female anthro Tiger enters into the spa who appears to be panting from running. She has hunting clothing, light brown medium hair, yellow eyes, orange & white fur with black stripes, and C-cups breast size.

"Flora! What brings you here?" Krystal says greeting her friend.

Slowing down her breathing and panting, Flora inhales and exhales in order to speak up.

"I found something outside the Dusk Woods."

"What, like a big treasure?"

"I don't know, but it looks like a big ship I never seen before in any other places. If we don't do something soon, those barbaric hunters would eventually find it and perhaps tear it to pieces for possible loot to sell."

Surprised by this sudden news, Krystal and Samus looked at each other with big smiles.

"This could our biggest chance of a lifetime Samus. Flora, meet us somewhere close by and grab anything you need. We'll finish cleaning up and get dressed before we grab up gears."

Nodding, Flora exits the spa and heads over to grab some supplies.

Eight minutes later, both Samus and Krystal got dressed up and met with Flora by a shop.

"So Flora, where exactly in the Dusk forest is this mysterious ship you keep talking about?"

"If I remember correctly, it's right close by the waterfall and Coral cave."

Not far off from the town, six females are currently at a restaurant cleaning up. You see, a fight broke out when a group of rival gangs trashed everything, thus ended up ruining a special surprise party for a friend of theirs and decided to leave for a while.

The first one has nerd clothing on, light violet skin, long midnight blue with magenta & violet streak on both hair & tail, deep purple eyes, and B-cups.

Second is wearing a stetson cowgirl hat, cowgirl clothing, green eyes, yellow mane & tail, F-cups breast size, and orange fur skin.

Third one has a torn sports outfit, magenta eyes, rainbow mane & tail, C-cups breast size, and cerulean blue fur skin.

Fourth one has some fashion clothing, blue eyes, beautiful curly purple mane & tail, E-cups breast size, and white fur skin.

Fifth has on warm summer clothing, blue-green eyes combined, beautiful light pink mane & tail, E-cups breast size, and yellow fur skin.

The sixth one also has torn party clothing, dark blue eyes, messy dark pink mane & tail, G-cups breast size, and pink fur.

"Ah can't believe those thugs have the nerves to come here an wreck the party." The blonde hair girl bitterly said.

"Don't fret Applejack, at least none of our dear friends got seriously hurt by those nasty brutes."

"That's true Rarity, but what ah don't understand is why pick a fight in this village? Usually we see them duke it out in the wilds, rivers, bars, or even tournament practices."

"I don't know AJ, maybe they're searching for some treasure?" The pink haired girl said.

"I doubt that Fluttershy." The rainbow haired girl says, lifting the box contains with her friend.

"A lot of undiscovered treasures hasn't been dug yet. I think mostly everyone around the world are just too busy practicing up for the tournament soon and don't really care for messing up anyone's properties, including not getting punished for it."

While the girls are talking and cleaning up, one of them with mix lavender hair is counting up all the food and drinks that weren't damaged while thinking of which ones to gather up to take back home.

When shelving up the last food products, her ears perk up from hearing something outside. She looks over to one of the windows and spots three females talking while carrying their gears.

"Girls come over here! I think you might want to see this."

Her five friends stop what they were doing and joined with her to see what's up.

All six of them see the three girls stop talking and nodded, then heading towards the girls. Each of them duck their heads to not get spotted and hears them running not to the building their in, but to another direction. All of them peek their heads to see those geared up girls are heading to somewhere in the dark woods.

"What do you think those three are up to girls?" The lavender haired girl asked.

"Ah don't know Twilight, but they must be in one heck of a hurry." Applejack shrug, scratching her neck.

Twilight ponders for a moment before an idea popped into her head.

"Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, I need you two follow those three and make sure to not get into any trouble. Meanwhile, we'll catch up as soon as we have everything all cleaned up here."

"You got it Twilight!" Rainbow saluted to her friend.

"Okie Dokie Lokie!" Pinkie bouncing up and down.

Both Rainbow and Pinkie runs off outside to grab some things before heading into the dark woods.

"Okay girls, let's finish up cleaning and catch up to them as soon as we can."

Meanwhile. . .

In the cliff mountains, two figures are seen having a private conversation.

"Remember this well commander, once you have claim the items I need, make sure to blow up the remains to cover your tracks and head to the rendezvous point to collect your rewards. My group of trusted councilors won't tolerate failure if you are gone for too long."

"As you wish, high leader."

The two then split away as one of them went to regroup with it's raid hunters.

"Lock and load boys! We've got an objective to complete and our collecting rewards soon! Grab anything you need and split up to three locations! The rest of you follow me, my employer has found a big treasure that he's found! We only have about less than five days to collect them before we go to the rendezvous point! If any of those hunters get in your way, kill them!"

Author's Note:

I gotten the inspired idea from my other story called 'The world of cyber species', but I made this story in a different way. Sadly, I couldn't find any pics of anthro furry vixen mane 6. I don't mind if any of my favorite characters go into transformation, except for some I absolutely banned for a very good reason. Leave a comment down on what do you think and see ya later.