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Emma Iveli

Emma Iveli, known on ff.net for her fics is here to bring (at least one) Friendship is Magic fic... enjoy her works and for the first time ever: EDITED!

Seriously... that's a big deal...


Over 1,000 years ago, Equestria was under the threat of Singularity, a being that wanted to bring about nothingness. It was placed under a complex seal with the combination of the Elements of Harmony and the Elements of Life. However the seal is breaking and the Elements of Life can only be wielded by beings from another universe.

At the same time Troy and Abed are building a working replica of the X7 Dimensioniser and brings their friends along to the maiden voyage... Unfortunately they get stranded in Equestria and turned into ponies.

Now the Mane 6 and the Greendale 7 must team up to reseal Singularity and find the Elements of Life, which are scattered across Equestria...

Will they be able save Equestria or is doomed? Considering who's trying to save it, more than likely DOOMED!

Betaed by refferee

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I don’t all of us are going to fit.
Peirce was confused what the meant but shrugged it off.
Indeed they war now horses of different colors
You’re not going to tell about it, are you?
explained Princess Celesta
Is building another time machine?
Signed you teacher Princess Celestia.
I think we should Pinkie Pie first.
I’m surprised none of you are freak out about this.
Who’s they?
Don’t try hurt him.

1. I don't think all of us are going to fit.
2. Pierce was confused by what he meant but shrugged it off.
3. Were.
4. You're not going to tell her about it, are you?
5. Celestia.
6. Is it building another time machine?
7. Your.
8. I think we should see Pinkie Pie first.
9. Freaking.
10. Who are they?
11. Don't try to hurt him.

Old habits die hard... Never heard of the series but I don't mind applying to be your beta/Spell checker(mostly the seconddl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Pinkie_loool.png )


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Oh by the way, Community is a sitcom about a Study Group at a Community College, it's a really weird show. It's a show where the writer's do whatever they want to do, it didn't start out that way. It started out a pretty normal sitcom but then Episode 21 happened which was a plot where they became the Mafia of chicken fingers and since then if it's an episode dealing with something weird expect it to be weird. This takes place during a Time Skip in Season 3 in a story arc where they expelled (they get back into school after a heist to save the real Deen after he was replaced by duplicate... it's a long story). Also if seen Ponies the Anthology 2, you heard clips from Community, the one with Pinkie and Fluttershy rapping in Spanish (Pinkie is Abed, Fluttershy is Troy), the one where Pinkie goes "Pop Pop" (Snails is Troy the rest are characters who don't appear in the story) and the one using the clip from Lesson Zero with Twilight trying to be Rainbow Dash's therapist (Twilight is Britta and Rainbow Dash is Jeff). That video uses all three clips...

Sorry... for that long thing... it's just that community is my fav Live Action TV Show...

omg i love this idea. ....pierce is best pony

They all went into the X7 Dimensioniser to find… it was bigger on the inside, it was able to snugly fit all 7 of them.

“How is this bigger on the inside?” asked Pierce.

This earned a glare from Tory and Abed, that was a phrase from another show, one that had a certain rivalry with Inspector Spacetime (And was a rip off).

are you talking about doctor who?


Yes, go to TV Tropes and look up Inspector Spacetime it explains everything that the fandom created about the show, including the rivalry with Doctor Who...

so awesome :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::rainbowkis

i was going to make this cross over:fluttershysad: OH WELL at least i don't have to make it :pinkiehappy:


Oh come now, you can always still write it, unless the plot was too similar to this...

1155607 love this so much abed and pinkie together will inadvertantly destroy the fourth wall and even though dan harmon said he would never blatantly break it with harmon gone next season only time will tell


Something like that happens... I won' t say what it is though...

you need to add the rest of the chapters from fanfiction.net


It's a slow process, I have to edit the mistakes I find, then contact the beta, then make another edit.

Plus I have to wait until Saturday as my computer still in the shop and since it's at the Apple Store no way I'm getting it tomorrow (Iphone 5 Launch).

1308799 regarding the abed pinkie thing is that the same scene in chapter 4 with troy and derpy?


It was.... Spoilers: It's played more for Drama than comedy...

Also Good News Everyone: I deicded to get my computer today instead of Saturday.

Cool, coolcoolcool.

They are't the greatest heroes, but there the only ones we got...

Oh and by the way, please check out the new TV Tropes page someone made for me...


Oh and if you want to add anything.


1531400 *Celestia raises the sun while Troy and Abed enters with a mug in their hands*
T & A''Troy and Abed in the mooorning!'' ''Troy and Abed in the mooorning!''
Abed ''We are here live in Equestria together with the alicorn of the sun, princess Celestia.''
Troy ''Say 'hi' to our viewers at home Celestia.''
Celestia ''Hi....? Who exactly are you talking to, there is nopony here!''

*Celestia looks around and sees a small crowd with different signs, in the opposite direction that Troy and Abed looks toward.*
Pinkie ''I made a Flash party!''

Troy ''Hehe. Good one you silly filly. We're talking of course to our viewers and readers right there!'
Abed ''While we, the Greendale 7, are having our downtime from the tv network, until October the 19th we decided that we would try other forms of media designed for entertainment.''
Troy ''And we choose to visit the mane 6 in Equestria.''
Celestia ''But October the 19th have already come and gone.''
Abed ''Ahh, you see October the 19th isn't just a date, but also a state of mind Celestia!''
Celestia ''So does that mean you gonna be here a while then? *Celestia sighed in defeat, before she suddenly got a dastardly look on her face* Weeeell, I could get you a place to stay in the mean time.... It got a great view over Equestria, quiet, no bad neighborhood and you could say it feels like being on the moon. just ask my sister!''
Abed ''Aaaaand over to Derpy with the weather forecast!''


Troy: "And how's the weather going to be Derpy?"
Derpy casually eating a muffin "Muuuuffin"
Abed: "There you have it! Now for sports"


Troy*: Yesterday was the day when the Hoofington ''Monkeys'' faced their rivals, the Trottingham ''Donkeys'' in the hoofball match between the teams was predicted to be the match of the century. However the match was canceled and rescheduled due to when their mascots broke into a fight between Annie's Boobs and Twilight's Ass.
Troy: ''How can I be there while I'm here... *dramatic gasp* Do I have an evil clone..... or am I the evil clone? Abed, do you still have some leftover felt-goatee's?''
Celestia: ''Waaaiiit a minute...''
Troy*: ''And that's my cue!'' *Starts running away, while a green shimmer can be seen*
Celestia: ''Get back here you poor excuse for a ponyfied version of a love-sucking vampire!''

1502764 I miss Dave the Barbarian. Not be best show by any means, but it was still funny.

Sorry for the long wait, I had writer's block for the ff.net version and I didn't want to update until that one updated... (it's almost done by the way... and I plan to finish by the season premiere).

Not bad. Can't wait for more chapters, but take your time, avoid getting burned out on this.

Peirce might rude but I think Jeff is quite charming
sure seeing her on TV, but they could tell
a rip and space and time
With their help were able to defeat it
by way do you 7 have any more questions
with outtalking about
need a place to stay when we back into town

1. Pierce might be rude.
2. Sure seeing her on TV is one thing, but they could tell.
3. In.
4. We were.
5. By the way.
6. Without talking.
7. We're.

I am a horrible beta:raritydespair:


It's okay, everyone makes mistakes, I'll fix them later.

they went to finding the next Element of Life
You know about Cloudsdale
I figured out to it last night
Mumbled Applejack then she followed them
Our universe is the normal, this one is the weird one
Applejack turned around breathed a sigh of relief
I thought Magic might work as magic must be energy
showed them to the stature
and when Abed saw that Troy found his they did their secret hand shake

1. Find.
2. You don't know about Cloudsdale?
3. Figured out how to do it.
4. As. (More like undecided for me since both more or less fit)
5. Our universe is the normal one.
6. Turned around and Breathed.
7. Umm... you lost me here...
8. Statue.
9. I think you meant; 'When Abed saw Troy they did their secret handshake'.

I must develop the habit of checking over more often. Like on my essay papers. I never do:pinkiesad2:


I'll fix it tommarrow... don't worry...


Okay, they're fixed but, I did keep four how it was... but I also kept 2 (because the scene was Troy lying badly in a way that made Twilight thought he knew about Cloudsdale) and 7 (because that's just how Abed speaks sometimes...)

Also I did edit 9 but in a way to get across the point I wanted to make...

However he cough up the scroll
Singularity has to the ability to create
She was about to touch her

1. A.
2. Extra To.
3. It. (Since you mean the element of life)

I now declare that I need to watch this series for better understanding! ... And for my amusement



Six Seasons and a Movie...

2356704 Yes i hope there is six seasons and a movie and i hope Jeff and Annie get together by the end they seem so cute together.


I hope so too!

And they are cute together.


imagine if it was this easy to get into Equestria

Well... here's the new chapter, I got this a couple week ago, but I having problems with one of my web shows... I also planned to update this yesterday, but... I wanted to know if the prank 100 percent if it was real or not...

Also this chapter was written before Magic Duel. So it's AU by default...

That was when Tory and Abed
So you let them build books forts

1. Troy.
2. Book.

I really, really, REALLY need a magnifying glass at this point...:facehoof:

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