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Nightmare Moon returns to Equestria after her thousand year banishment. But is it the right Equestria?

The violence is minor, as is the language.

Check out this story's sister story!

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Comment posted by Darkonshadows deleted Apr 26th, 2020

daybreaker had an electrical enchantment and electrocuted nightmare,
nightmare had a poison dart and shot daybreaker with it.

A rather nice story. Not overdramatic but not unbelievable either. A real experience. Well done on finding such a balance.

Comment posted by Darkonshadows deleted Apr 26th, 2020

And then they awaken five minutes later accusing the other of cheating and giving thanks for their alicorn metabolism that let them resurrect.

Seriously, good story, surprising the ending as it could get more larger but I guess then it could be more like the MLP loops so as a one shot is good

Jest #6 · Apr 26th, 2020 · · ·

Every story is a different world, every story has a different power level, you cannot put your headcannons into every story then shout the author down when they dont use the same levels as you.

I've seen stories where alicorns just had magic of all three and were ageless but were otherwise completely mortal. I've read stories where they are gods who make their mortal shells via pure magic. Each story is different and has a different set of rules.

Dont expect those rules to be yours.

“Here it is. Right where I left it, on top of the toilet seat.” Celestia declared.

Wait, on top of the toilet seat? Why would Celestia even use that as a toilet cover?! :rainbowhuh::facehoof:

Their hooves connected, electricity erupted from one hoof while a poison dart sunk into the other. Both alicorns convulsed violently, before plummeting out of the sky, dying before they even hit the ground.

And this is why, children, you should not mess around trying to look like idiots in the movies who try in vain to be heroes.

“Goodbye everyone, I’ll remember you all in therapy.”

Nice SpongeBob reference.

I didn’t read the tags at first, so I was pleasantly surprised that this was a comedy.

I mentioned an idea for a crackfic where a little girl terrorises a toy-sized Equestria on the Fimfiction Discord server. Did we coincidentally come up with the same idea?

Also, I was half-expecting the punchline to be that the last world was G3.

We did! Though I was imagining something more toystoryesque.

Also, the description says that the language is minor, but there’s no “profanity” tag.

Their bodies will be found by some pony, now the two crazy mares converted into super maggot buffet. He'll scratch the back of his head saying, "Who the hey were they?"

Than dash back into town to alert the authorities.


_/ U \_

Wonderfully eccentric! Well done!

And this, kids, is why you shouldn't engage in random interdimensional jumps.

Could have gone worse, I suppose. She might have ended up in one of those dimensions Celestia is actually an Eldritch Abomination.

Ah shit we're featured boys!


Let me guess, your an evil version of my sister?

An interesting idea indeed. Especially, the Toy Story-scenario. Am I correct that there has never been any fanfic with this setup?

A sad, confused Celestia stands, worried, as she stares at the blank face of the moon. It had been months since the festival. Was this a plot? Did Nightmare Moon learn subtlety? She did not know, but she worried. She missed her sister, and even though she knew not if Luna was even there she had wanted to see her again. It was fine though, she had waited one thousand years, she'll wait one thousand more. However long it takes, she'll be there for her sister's return, she owed Luna that much.

You refer to this as a sister story to Quarantime. What makes it in any way related to that story, other than that you wrote both?

Not as far as I am aware.
Sharing themes, some word usage, and they were written on the same day one after the other.

That was a funny story. I love a good "Comedy of Errors" story poor Nightmare Moon she just couldn't win. However i'm curious who the "Chrysils" of the Changling Equestria would've been when she invades Canterlot on Shining and Cadence's wedding? And was the "Daughter and her children" Changling Queen Celestia spoke of were suppose to be Twilight and her friends? I'd love to read that story!

It bothered her that she wasn't more upset, but after a thousand years of grieving, she was good at managing her emotions. She had lost her sister a long time ago, after all. In a way, nothing has changed.

They were!

10202812 I agree with the sentiment, I didn't find the story funny because in killing each other off, they also killed the Luna and Celestia of their respective worlds. I'm not downvoting because it is supposed to be a silly story, but no upvote either.

So, expressing a personal preference is worth getting two downvotes. Mature guys. I didn't even say it was bad, just that I didn't like it.

looks to me cadance comes out as last alicorn standing.

I liked the story, but I may have liked considering the ramifications a little too much

Submit that to Never the Final Word!

This is delightfully random.

Nightmare Moon stood there, jaw hanging open as she stared at the sombrero clad alicorn

“You literally fought me in this exact same room, wearing this exact same outfit exactly one thousand years ago.”

All Hail Sombrero Luna!!!

Hold on. If Nightmare Moon never made it to Equestria Prime in this continuity, did Twilight ever end up making friends or finding the Elements of Harmony? :applejackunsure:

I wasn't expecting this story to be so fun. Great job!

By the way, was there a mare following Celestia and Luna around and taking pictures in Equestria Prime also?

In this continuity Twilight makes some freinds but its more gradual as nothing really bad happens and no major threats pop up.

Comment posted by TundraStanza deleted Aug 8th, 2021
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