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When King Sombra’s spirit comes back, he looks for a vessel to take over. Unfortunately, there are some complications.

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Comments ( 5 )

He has taken over one of the most vile, most disgusting, most HORRIBLE creatures...a lowly CAT!

I have two of my own, so I know whereof I speak.

Still better than taking over Angel... right? Now Sombra not only a cat, but also a female one at that. I am afraid she would take over the pet store as her new Empire.

His diabolical plan was to be eaten by a cat? Even Bane's master plans make more sense than that. Who knows? Maybe he wants to conquer the world by shredding all of the princesses' drapes.

By god...Sombra's a cat! He has chosen one of the most Diabolical forms in the history of animals! Twilight needs to stop him!

:unsuresweetie: Um, Rarity? Does Opal seem a bit less evil recently?

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