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Listen to the voices - within their wisdom, you will find solitude.


King Sombra hasn't been to Tartarus since the fall of the Crystal Throne. Since then, it has undergone some... renovations.

Cover art by Diamond06mlp

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 19 )

Please point out any mistakes.

This looks like it could go to some interesting places. I hope to see more soon.

I take all credit, Kine nothing useful :raritywink:

fuck you, this is my story

King Sombra verses the modern penal system. How amusing.

First one was writing this.

(I'm kidding this is great please continue)

I was wondering what the 96 was about.

This sounds like it's gonna be fun. Tracking, and can't wait for the next chapter.

I see the [Alt U] tag, so I'm not trying to call you out on anything, but I'm curious— have you read the various comics about Sombra's actual origins? They're rather intriguing.

nothing is clear but very interesting where it will go

Interesting. Looking forward to more.

Is this how our GTA Online characters are made?

Um ok. This is not going anywhere.

Me: *sees this on Hiatus*
Me: 'Whomst hast done this to me??!!'

I have done this to you...


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