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Codex Equestria: Exotic Wildlife - Red Qilin

A series of "Codex Equus" entries on Exotic Wildlife

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Exotic Wildlife (3)

Giant Monsters and Kaiju Special Pt 1

In the following sections, one could find information of particular interest concerning the most notable creatures of monstrous sizes - whether they be simply species of large beasts, all the way to individual or races of the legendary Kaijus. While these creatures had been mentioned in other sections, they are the focus in these entries, which would hopefully be of particular interest to the curious reader, and perhaps even compel them to ponder about their place in nature when comparing themselves to these creatures of literally mythical proportions.


"I'm so glad he's on our side..."

Dragons are among Equus' most dangerous beasts in their natural state. Dracozilla is anything but natural.

Dracozilla was a dragon who was mutated by a Clovenist super weapon experiment gone horribly wrong, exposing him to massive amounts of wild magic that transformed him into a kaiju of immense power. As such, he is often used as an example of what reckless usage of high powered spells could produce, and one of the reasons such things are heavily regulated if not outright banned.

It should be known that the current Dracozilla is technically 'Dracozilla Jr.'. His parent, the one originally mutated by this event awakened decades ago and attack the Cloven Empire and later Neighpon in revenge for his mutation. After causing massive amounts of damage, the original Dracozilla was killed due to the intervention of several benevolent kaiju and a brilliant Neighponese scientist.

The second Dracozilla would emerge a few years later, believed to be the son of the first (though he isn't sure himself). While initially aggressive, Jr. was never as outright hostile as his father, possibly due to being born as he currently is rather than being subjected to a painful mutation process, which also makes him considerably stronger than the original. While he's caused his fair share of property damage battling other Kaiju, Dracozilla has mellowed out over time and is now a guardian of Neighpon rather than a potential destroyer. The largest contributor to this was likely fierce, drawn out battle with several of Orochi's demon spawn that merged into an imperfect, three head Orochi that exceeded his own power and required the aid of multiple other kaiju and the Neighponese military to bring down.

Dracozilla has also gotten the moniker 'King of the Monsters', but not all kaiju see him as such (particularly the gigantic Changeling Queen Supia Avalon, who is a royal herself). For his part, Dracozilla doesn't really care and doesn't call himself that. With that said, even those that don't refer to him as their king, Dracozilla is respected and to some degree feared. He's friends with most of Equus' benevolent kaiju, due to sharing goals and generally being seen as worthy of respect.

While he never grew wings (it's unknown if this is due to the mutation or simply having originally been a species of them that lack wings), he's extremely powerful, with strength and durability far exceeding a normal dragon. While not a Ryujin, he is arguably close to in strength to one, and many fear what might happen if he ever ascended into one, though for now he still respects Dragon Queen Tiamat and Dragon King Bahamut as his parent gods. However, the wild magic that mutated him to begin with is his strongest attribute. Namely, his fire breath is now a powerful blue heat ray of feral magical power capable of causing a great deal of destruction. The original Dracozilla didn't have a beam, rather he breathed powerful blue, wild magic infused fire, which he set a number of cities ablaze with. The second one is also capable of discharging this energy either through his claws and fangs or as a powerful, full body pulse good for knocking enemies off of him and damaging them. He also has a very powerful healing factor allowing him to heal from what would be mortal wounds to other dragons in a much shorter period of time. He's become quite the skilled fighter over the years.

There's also one notable time he managed to fly using his breath weapon, though he doesn't like talking about it.

He's also capable of absorbing wild magic to increase his own power and feed, and in fact normally sustains himself off of ambient wild magic.

Despite all these abilities, Dracozilla is not invincible. His regeneration can be overtaxed by a sufficient, though immense amount of damage. Furthermore, methods that disperse wild magic can severely weaken him, if not outright kill him in large enough quantities. Intense cold can send him into hibernation like any reptile (which in fact was how Junior was defeated when he originally appeared). Most humiliating, however, is he's still no less vulnerable to Dragon Sneeze Trees than any other dragon.

While at times Neighpon's greatest and most dreaded enemy, Dracozilla is now seen as one of it's greatest guardians, and well beloved by many younger ponies. Though not to the extent of some other kaiju...

EMCS (Elite Monster Containment Squad)

"We're the folks dealing with things that go bump in the night."

Given Equus is home to all sorts of monstrous creatures, it stands to reason there would be groups there to fight them.

The EMCS is an elite guard task force assembled by Princess Celestia, the Sunraiser to deal with the various monster threats throughout the Principalities of Equestria if they become a threat to innocent civilians. Members include monster experts, valiant warriors, brilliant technicians, and other elites in their particular field.

The mission statement of the EMCS is simple: to protect and contain. While willing to kill if the situation requires it, the EMCS largely prefers to non-lethally contain the creatures and if possible relocate them to somewhere they can do no harm. However, above all else their duty is to keep innocent civilians out of harm's way and save lives.

The average EMCS squad consists of a lead operative, a monster expert, a demolition expert, a tracking and trapping expert, a medic, and a tech who's job is to handle both strategy and to create new technologies to counter threats. Teams are trained as a together, and encouraged to become friends. For obvious reason, this is necessary, as if they don't work together as a well oiled machine, they or innocent civilians could die. They are also equipped with the best armor and weapons available.

Each squad is also equipped with a line directly to the princesses to engage Guard Protocol 1954. This Protocol essentially says that in the event of facing an entity of significant strength, the Princesses or the Bearers should be called in.

The largest member of the EMCS is a Dragon named Seiryū, who spends most of his time in Dragon Town but can be called in the event of a kaiju attack if extra fire power is needed. Seiryū is a member of the Dragon Town settlement, and one of it's eldest ones, and as such views Equestria as part of his 'horde' and will go to great lengths to defend it.

According to some government officials, the EMCS is a replacement for a now defunct secret organization known as S.M.I.L.E.. While little is known of this organization, rumours suggest it was shut down and dismantled in response to their handling of a situation involving a Bugbear, one that recently attacked Ponyville. While exact specifics are not known, reasons given range from usage of illegal mind spells on civilians, to endangering the public by withholding need to know information in such a way that it ultimately got civilians hurt or killed, to general incompetence in dealing with such a dangerous creature. Other less dark speculations have circulated suggesting it was actually due to other factors not attributed to malice or incompetence among its ranks and activities that led to its closure.

The breaking of the Changeling Courts' Masquerade has been a great boon to the EMCS, as contact with Overseer Crazy Ant and Queen Zoraptera Avalon providing new advanced technology and better access to healing capabilities to keep both themselves and civilians alive. When operating in the surrounding areas of either Neighpon or Machina, they also now possess a hotline directly to Supia and her children or Colossus in case of Kaiju attack.


"What do you do when you know your time is over but someday another's time will come? You leave a light behind for those to come to ignite."
--- A.K. Yearing

Few kaiju are as beloved as Gamarea, especially by children.

Gamarea was first discovered by renowned author A.K. Yearling during one of her studies, an event fictionalized in the book 'Daring Do and the Ancient Beasts'. According to Yearling, she landed on what she believed to be an island in the middle of the ocean with a mysterious monolith atop it. When she removed a talisman from the monolith, the 'island' revealed itself to be Gamarea, who broke himself free and departed.

Studies of ancient temples uncovered that Gamarea was in fact the creation of a long dead civilization, who knowing their time was short made something that could one day awaken to protect the ones to come after them. As Yearling soon discovered, Gamarea's awakening was not simply a coincidence, as several monstrous bat-like creatures, malfunctioning creations of the same time period he was created to destroy, had also been awakened, which Gamarea quickly hunted down and destroyed, but only after one reached its adult size and attacked Neighpon. After a long battle, Gamarea killed the monster by blowing it to bits.

The cause of these monsters' awakening is unknown, though Yearling's novel had it be the work of Daring Do's nemesis Ahuizotl.

Gamarea resembles a gigantic turtle capable of walking on his hind legs, but that's not nearly all there is to him. He is a very powerful kaiju, and is also capable of healing like Dracozilla, though not as quickly when it comes to passive healing. His extremely durable shell compensates for this. He also processes sharp spikes he can extend from his elbows for slashing attacks and razor sharp teeth and tusks. His most notable ability is that he can breathe powerful plasma fireballs. If charged up enough, the largest of these fireballs can blow some kaiju to bits. This ability also leads into another: he can feed on fire, both to increase in power, but also to enhance his healing ability by a sizable margin.

His oddest ability, however, is that he's capable of flight. Like any turtle, he can retract into his shell, but most turtles can't launch fire out of the openings in their shell for their arms and legs with enough power to achieve lift off. After this, he's capable of flying, spinning through the air and giving the impression of a flying saucer. The edges of his shell makes this quite useful, as it allows him to basically become a buzzsaw. If he needs use of his front arms and teeth for fighting, he can only ignite his leg boosters and keep his head and arms exposed.

It should be noted that Gamarea is less durable than Dracozilla, but makes up for this by being far faster than him.

Gamarea is a firm ally of Ponykind, having been created to combat threats to civilization. In particular, he is extremely friendly and protective towards children to the point of risking his life to protect them on several occasions. He's also known to be fond of AK Yearling, as she was the first modern Pony he has met.


"Mothryu will protect us."
--- Mothryu's Priestesses

Few Kaiju can claim to be a goddess. This is one of them.

Mothryu is a gigantic Lepidopteran insect first discovered on Foal Island that was within the fallout zone of the Clovenists' Mana Bomb, where she is worshiped as a goddess. This is not an exaggeration, as rather than being a mutation like Dracozilla, she is an ancient, Nature Elemental deity that has lived on the island in some for for all recorded history, and possibly beyond it. When her island was damaged by the mana bomb, she provided her worshipers a special type of berry that, when made into juice, shielded them from the Wild Magic, which she herself seemed immune to.

Mothryu was first discovered by a group of sailors who had been lost at sea during a storm, and rescued unharmed, thanks to this very juice. However, due to the greed of a Roelisican business Pony resulted in Mothryu causing damage to the still rebuilding Neighpon's capital in pursuit of her kidnapped priestesses, two tiny ponies capable of strange magical abilities and summoning the goddess with a song. Thankfully, compared to the damage of Dracozilla Sr.'s assault, it was minor, as Mothryu intentionally avoided unneeded harm. However, this also resulted in Mothryu attacking Roelisica in continued pursuit of her priestesses, causing such damage that the country was ultimately forced to be assimilated into the People's Empire of the Cloven.

This is where the most unusual fact about Mothyru comes to light. Namely when first discovered Mothryu was only an egg, but this was simply part of her reincarnation cycle, similar to a Phoenix. Mothryu has the uncanny ability to detect when she is going to pass away soon, and lays an egg. The egg then hatches into a larval Mothryu with all the memories, personality, and divinity of their parent. This foresight even applies to unnatural causes of death, as the current Mothryu is the second in modern history, the first having died in battle with Dracozilla Jr., who's newly hatched larva cocooned and defeated the weakened kaiju in that confrontation, then befriended him in a following confrontation with a three headed, incomplete Yamata no Orochi.

The amount of time between Mothryu's hatching from her egg and metamorphosis into a fully grown kaiju seems dependent on the situation. If the situation requires it direly enough, she can metamorphosis within a few days of her hatching, but it can be nearly a year should she not need to rush.

Mothryu is one of the most benevolent kaiju known to Equus, as even after the Clovenists' mana bomb's damage to her island, she still held no true ill will towards the outside world and only attacked Neighpon and Roelisica to protect her kidnapped priestesses, and inflicted no more damage than was needed to accomplish that goal. On many occasions, Mothryu has come to Neighpon and other countries defense in times of peril and is on good terms with Princess Celestia, the Sunraiser, to the point the Dayarch sometimes comes over for tea with her and her worshipers (even providing gigantic tea cups for the giant moth).

Mothryu is also close friends with Changeling Queen Supia Avalon on account of both being benevolent, insect themed kaiju, but also both being royals. Mothryu is, for all intents and purposes, the sovereign of Foal Island.

While relatively small by Kaiju standards, Mothryu is extremely powerful, and one of the few capable of fighting Dracozilla evenly. Her larval form is surprisingly durable to the point of withstanding Dracozilla's wild magic ray, with powerful jaws that Mothryu II used to bite and hang onto Dracozilla Jr.'s tail, stubbornly remaining attached no matter how hard he tried to remove them. The larva also possess the ability to spray an extremely strong silk sufficient enough that when fully encased in the webbing Dracozilla Jr. took months to free himself from it. This silk is also imbued with powerful magic that, if desired, can injure the target. They are also capable of active camouflage. Mothryu's power only increases exponentially after metamorphosis, as her imago form gains flight and wings capable of generating powerful windstorms capable of staggering even powerful kaiju. She is capable of firing powerful beams of magic from her antenna and lightning from her wings. She can spread scales from her wings with many effects, but her preferred is a type that reflects energy or magic based attacks around inside them like a mirror, both returning enemy attacks to sender and allowing her to increase her own. However, these scales are naturally useless against physical attacks.

Her deadliest ability, however, is her ability to create a giant spell seal that can have several effects, ranging from purification and healing to calling down a gigantic beam of magic and mana from the sky on the enemy. This, however, normally requires the target to be stunned or distracted long enough for her to perform the seal, otherwise it wouldn't work.

However, it should be noted that despite her powerful abilities, her physical combat capabilities are limited by her nature. She's strong enough to pull Dracozilla by his tail, but she lacks the ability to fight a sustained close combat battle with him, preferring to keep range and attack enemies with her ranged attacks. She is also, unlike many deities, ages and will eventually die of old age before reincarnating through her offspring. While in this state, she is considerably weaker than she otherwise would be.

Mothryu is one of Equus's beloved guardians and will even sacrifice her life to protect others if she must, though due to her abilities will not remain dead for long.


"You know, maybe that Diamond Dog's god was right about being careful how deep you dig..."
--- Neighponese Miner, after the release of the kaiju.

Roedan's species was believed to be long extinct. The reality couldn't be further from the truth.

Roedan is a gigantic, red skinned Pteranodon species that was first discovered in the form of a gigantic fossil found in Roedinia, thus the name. The gigantic kaiju turned out to be quite the find, captivating many in the scientific community. But living specimens would soon make themselves known when a crew of miners in Neighpon accidentally unearth the dormant eggs of a pair of Roedans, which quickly emerged and began nesting.

As with Dracozilla, these are not the original ones. Those two perished in a controlled volcanic eruption caused by the Neighponese military, the first unable to escape the caldera and the second returning to die with its mate. Years later, a third specimen would emerge, fighting Dracozilla across Neighpon until joining forces with him and Mothryu to combat Imperfect Orochi and becoming one of Neighpon's protectors.

The original Roedan were essentially intelligent, but giant animals, and any damage they caused was more out of finding materials for their nest or feeding than outright malice like Dracozilla Sr. The second Roedan's egg was on an island used by the Hooviets to dispose of wild magic saturated waste from the creation of the Mana Bombs, making him considerably more aggressive at first, until being convinced by Mothryu to join forces against Orochi. He is also considerably more intelligent, though it is considered possible the first two were just as intelligent but never got the chance to learn, as all three were ancient life forms let loose in the modern world with little aid.

All three Roedans are gigantic, but the third one much more so, the same size as Dracozilla. All three are capable of Sonic Rainboom speeds (and in fact Rainbow Dash, the Loyal Wonderbolt and sole Pegasus to perform the feat in modern day, has raced the third Roedan on several occasions, not definitive winner has resulted so far) and generating hurricane force winds by flapping them. They also have strong beaks and talons that are very useful in combat, as well as sharp plates along their stomachs for use in flyby attacks. The third Roedan, however, is far stronger than the first two, as the mutation granted him enhanced durability and heat resistance (unlike the originals who couldn't survive lava) and was capable of facing him in a prolonged battle without a definitive winner. While not as powerful as Dracozilla's, the third Roedan is capable of firing a red wild magic heat ray from his beak, and he is capable of feeding off wild magic to power himself up.

Once another threat to Neighpon and the world, Roedan is currently one of its strongest allies along with Dracozilla and Mothryu.


"The Guardian of the Earth, Bararyu."

Neighpon is well known for its kaiju, but their presence in the country has existed since before recorded history.

Bararyu is one of Neighpon's Guardian Monsters, three kaiju created in ancient times by a similar civilization as Gamarea's creators for similar reasons. Bararyu is known the 'Guardian Monster of Earth'.

Slumbering underground, Bararyu first awakened to battle the Fourth Demon King when the ancient demon possessed and resurrected the remains of the First Dracozilla. Intercepting the beast, Bararyu battled valiantly to protect civilians from the possessed and mutated dragon until they could escape, but was ultimately overwhelmed by the much larger kaiju and nearly killed. Bararyu barely managed to escape and burrow to the resting place of the eldest and strongest of the trio, Angileo, and awakened him before falling into a coma to recover. Upon fully healing, Bararyu joined Neighpon's protectors.

Bararyu is believed to have originally been an Earth Dragon or at least had them as his primary basis, though is rather small by Kaiju standards. He is a red colored, reptilian quadruped (though he is capable of standing upright), with large, floppy ears and a yellow horn in the center of his forehead. He's noted as being somewhat cute in appearance. As the Earth Guardian, he is capable of burrowing through the earth at a very high rate of speed and generating localized earthquakes for attack purposes. He is an adapt jumper and agile kaiju, and due to his small size he relies on speed to combat larger kaiju. He also possesses razorsharp teeth and jaw strength sufficient to make dislodging him rather difficult. He is also capable of breathing a volcanic heat ray, though far weaker than Dracozilla's.

He's also noticeably less durable than some kaiju, as the Fourth Demon King left him beaten to near death and it took him quite some time to regenerate.

All that said, Bararyu is a loyal and protective creature, seeing Neighpon as his to protect. He's also extremely determined to the point of facing the Fourth Demon King and continuing to fight despite grievous injuries and then managing to burrow his way to his slumbering fellow Guardian Monster to awaken him before succumbing to a healing coma.

*(Baragon's name is a play on the words for Rose and Dragon)


"The Guardian of Water, Varein."

Neighpon is well known for its kaiju, but their presence in the country has existed since before recorded history.

Varein is one of Neighpon's Guardian Monsters, three kaiju created by a bygone civilization to defend the country similar to Gamarea. Specifically, Varein is the 'Guardian of the Water' and the peoples of the surrounding area worship him as deity, praying to him in times of danger.

Slumbering beneath the lake, Varein remained dormant for eons, only supposed to be awoken when a great disaster would befall Neighpon. That disaster came when the Fourth Demon King resurrected and possessed the corpse of Dracozilla Sr. and went on the warpath once again. After the Guardian Monster of Earth, Bararyu tried and fail to stop the undead kaiju, Varein was awoken and made his way to Neighpon's capital to battle the beast until Angileo, the Fire Guardian, awoke to aid and the true Dracozilla arrived to help destroy the Fourth Demon King. After this, he joined his fellow Guardians in their continued protection of Neighpon.

Varein is a giant monitor lizard-like monster with spikes running the length of his back. His most notable attribute, however, is the skin webbing running between his arms and legs, similar to a flying squirrel that allows him to fly. His claws, teeth, and spikes are all sharp and he's quite adapt at using them as offensive weapons. In addition, as the Water Guardian, Varein is most at home in the water, where he's very agile and swift, capable of swimming circles around other kaiju. This all makes him very versatile, as he's capable of fighting on land, in water, and in the air. He's also capable of turning his natural sonar into a beam of sonic energy to assault opponents with.

Varein is a noble and protective creature, loyal to his homeland and going to great lengths to protect it. He's also a very cunning fighter, making good use of his various abilities in combat to their fullest. As he's physically weaker than Dracozilla or Angileo, this is a good thing, as it allows him to keep pace with them.


"The Guardian of Fire, Angileo."

Neighpon is well known for its kaiju, but their presence in the country has existed since before recorded history.

Angileo is the eldest and strongest of the three Guardian Monsters created by a bygone civilization to be a future protector of Neighpon, similar to Gamarea, and is known as the Guardian Monster of Fire.

Slumbering in central Neighpon in crystal, Angileo was awakened by AK Yearling and his fellow Guardian Monster Bararyu to defeat the Fourth Demon King (also known as Ghost Dracozilla) after the younger guardian failed to defeat the undead abomination. Arriving just in time to assist Varein, the two tag teamed the demonic beast but were fighting a losing battle until Dracozilla Junior arrived and together the three kaiju managed to slay the juggernaut. After which, Angileo developed a close friendship with Dracozilla Junior and lives on the same island with Roedan.

Angileo is a gigantic Anklyosaur (not an anklyosaurus) with a spiked shell on his back, though he has a notable difference in that his teeth are razorsharp for offensive abilities. His primary offense is his razorsharp claws and teeth, the spiked shell, and most devastating the spiked club (more accurately called a 'thagomizer') at the end of his tail that he can swing with devastating effectiveness. His hide is also far thicker than his fellow Guardians or many other kaiju, to the point of being one of the most durable known kaiju. As Guardian Monster of Fire, he's also immune to all but the strongest fire attacks, and actually grows stronger from heat sources. While lacking an active healing factor, he can enter a healing coma near a heat source and recover to full heath. He's also able to generate heat through his spiked shell, claws, and teeth.

His most unique power is the ability to roll into a spiked ball, similar to an armadillo. Not only does this provide added defense, he's capable of rolling at high speeds in this form. Given his shell is covered in razorsharp spikes, the end result of an impact from a rolling Angileo can be devastating, and it allows him to move at fairly high speeds if he needs to.

However, Angileo lacks any form of ranged attack and thus is at a disadvantage against a flying kaiju.


"Nature has her mercy, but she also has her wrath."
--- Battryu's Priestesses

For reasons unknown, a number of deities come in contrasting pairs, such as Celestia and Luna. Mothryu and Battryu are one such pair.

Battryu is a gigantic Lepidopteran insect first sighted in the frozen north, but known to the people of Foal Island. Like his counterpart Mothryu, he is considered a deity, though one of a much more violent temperament. He is an ancient, natural elemental deity that enact's nature's revenge on those that would desecrate it. According to Foal Island legend, in ancient times Battryu and Mothryu worked together to protect the planet, but when an ancient civilization caused harm to it, Battryu turned on them in a violent rage and destroyed all in his path until Mothryu defeated and sealed her counterpart away in the northern ice.

Battryu reappeared in modern day when the Diamond Dogs of Dimondia's reckless strip-mining caused enough ecological damage to awaken the ancient and wrathful deity, who instantly headed towards the continent and began a rampage in his larva form. When Mothryu arrived to combat her counterpart, Battryu metamorphosed into his Imago form and the two engaged in a huge dog-fight over the country. This duel, however, was cut short by the emergence of the Fifth Demon King, who was then battling Changeling Queen Supia Avalon. After a long conversation, Mothryu managed to convince Battryu to set aside their differences and combat the Demon King. Battryu would join Mothryu on Foal Island, but is keeping a watchful eye on mortals.

Like his female counterpart, Battryu is capable of reincarnating like a phoenix, but due to being male does so differently. When Battryu is killed, his corpse will spawn a new Battryu larvae from it, though being sealed will slow down the process. Mothryu did actually slay Battryu in ancient times, but over the eons, Battryu did reincarnate, only at a slower rate due to his imprisonment.

Battryu's metamorphosis into an adult is very similar to his female counterpart, being able to take as short as a few days after reincarnating to nearly a year if he does not rush. Unlike Mothryu, however, he does not form a cocoon, merely transitioning into his imago form in an explosion of energy. This, however, does require time to charge up.

The biggest difference between the two, however, is Battryu's much more wrathful and violent temperament. Battryu's primary goal is the protection of Equus' biosphere, and he is otherwise apathetic to the sapient life living on it. If someone causes to much ecological damage, Battryu will desire their destruction without a second thought. Because of is this love and protection of the biosphere, Battryu is worshiped by some Alvslog Deer tribes and realms, particularly the realm under King Aspen, though according to his priestess, Battryu finds the king too fanatical about it even for his tastes. This does not mean Battryu is unfeeling, however, as he is known to, after Mothryu convinced him to give mortals another chance, be rather fond of ponies such as the Fluttershy, the Kind Caretaker for their desire to protect nature. Battryu is also on better terms with Princess Luna, the Nightbringer than Princess Celestia, the Sunraiser, due to both having a more harsh and pragmatic response to things.

Battryu is on good terms with Queen Supia, but not to the extent of his counterpart. Battryu does not hold a royal title like Mothryu, and has no desire to have on.

Battryu shares many of the same abilities as Mothryu, but trades off in some areas. His larval form lacks the ability to spray magically charged silk or camouflage, but is larger, more physically powerful, and can fire unrefined beams of lightning like energy from his eyes and the large horn on his head. These beams, though decently powerful, are also not exceptionally controllable and often fire wildly in the general direction of his opponent. He also crawls considerably slower than Mothryu in this form. Battryu's Imago Form takes his larva form's beams and focuses them into two optic rays with greater power and pinpoint control, though their range is slightly less than Mothryu's antenna beams. He is capable of generating powerful windstorms and flight thanks to his wings, and capable of the wing lightning as well. He also has scales he can spread from his wings for many effects, but his preferred one is an acidic and potent poison to weaken an opponent physically as opposed to his female counterpart's more energy focused one.

Battryu lacks Mothryu's spell seal, but makes up for it with greater durability, the ability to discharge deadly pulses of energy through his body, and generally being a much more able physical combatant. In other words, while Mothryu is far better at range and magic, Battryu is far better at sustained close combat. His strength is sufficient to lift Dracozilla off the ground, though he needs add to carry him long distances. Like Mothryu, he's also capable of dying of old age before reincarnating.

Battryu is, however, capable of utilizing magical seals if he's working in conjunction with Mothryu, and the resulting spell is far greater than the two's individual capability.

Battryu is one of Equus's guardians, but far more feared than Mothryu, as he is very willing to wipe out those he sees as a threat to the biosphere.

Lizza, Protector of Manehatten

Species Name: Amblyrhynchus cristatus superior

"If Dracozilla is the King of the Monsters in this Age, then Lizza would be the Prince among them!"

Lizza is a kaiju species born from the wild mana unleashed by Clovenist Mana Bomb tests, discovery credited to one Dr. Annelida, an Autumn Court Changeling biologist from Machina.

As Mana Bomb tests are continued by the Clovenists and other world powers, the fallout not only created Dracozilla, but would also effect many other species - including marine Iguanas. Many perished from the fallout (Contrary to most popular depictions), but nigh-miraculously, one would survive and become heavily mutated into a theropod dinosaur-like kaiju. After attacking fishing boats at sea, it would eventually find its way to Manehatten, where it would make landfall and try to nest. During this time, the beast would be mistakenly believed to be Dracozilla by the news media due to wild magic radiation, reptilian build, and vaguely resembling the mutant dragon, especially in the dark and rain.

This creature would cause a huge amount of property damage and battle with the EMCS on several occasions until Dr. Annelida and his team would discover Manedison Square Garden where it made its nest, revealing it was female and had laid hundreds of eggs that were already beginning to hatch by Parthenogenesis (and had slaughtered a reportedly foreign military team that'd gone in with them). This reproductive capability meant that if not killed, the monster and her brood could overrun the entire world similar to the Dyvaos. An airstrike destroyed the nest, seemingly killing all the infants - but enraging the mother when she discovered the deed. This lead to a huge chase through Manehatten by the now furious adult, ending with her being tangled in a bridge's cables at which point the EMCS and Royal Guard assaulted the creature. Physically frailer than most kaiju, the creature was slain and fell dead. Examination of the corpse would confirm that it was certainly not the same creature as Dracozilla, resulting in the beast being renamed Lizza (dropping the dragon and instead adding a lizard bent to it, but still somewhat acknowledging the similarities between the two).

However, Annelida wisely pointed out that the creature's nest need examined in case any eggs survived. As it turned out, one did, but Annelida ended up covered in the mother's pheromones, and thus the infant would imprint on him as its parent. Exploiting this connection, Annelida would raise the newly named Lizza Jr. to be benign and benevolent towards Sapientkind, and discovered that he was a male incapable of reproducing without a mate. While the military naturally was opposed to Lizza Jr. and at first tried to kill him, after he successfully defeated a mutated squid in the Dazzling Isles and other mutations (created both by the Mana Bomb tests and by the wild magic detonations caused during Xestobium's Dragon Extinction Operation) worldwide, he was accepted as a beneficial ally. This is especially true, as Lizza Jr. turned out to be far, far more powerful than his parent in every way.

During the Storm King Crisis, Lizza Jr. would defend Manehatten from the Storm Empire's forces, ultimately earning the city's love and admiration as the 'Protector of Manehatten' and become a much beloved sight by city denizens.

In addition to random mutations and the Storm King, Lizza Jr. and his 'father' would battle other enemies, such as corrupt corporate executive and Diamond Dog Neomerchantilist Crooked River and renegade secret society of Alvslog Forest Deer and bio-terrorists called the Grove of the Sacred Scales. Their biggest challenge would by a group of resurgent Oceanaiads and their mysterious backers, calling themselves the Leviathan Legion, who would make a go at world domination via a brainwashed army of monsters in world wide crisis event, which would see him pitted against his biological mother rebuilt as a magi-tech cyborg.


Lizza is a mutated marine iguana, and resembles a theropod dinosaur. While not as large as Dracozilla, they are still enormous and having similar looking dorsal scutes and skin coloration. They have extremely well developed arms capable of manipulating objects easily.

Both are capable of extremely high land speed while running, exceeding 480 km per hour, and swimming at high speeds. Due to their mutation, they can breath underwater. They can burrow underground at high speeds as well. They possess a healing factor that can regenerate from serious damage if not killed outright. Claws and teeth are both strong and sharp, and Lizza Jr. has proven capable of tracking his parental figure all the way across the world.

The original Lizza was comparably weaker and killed via conventional weapons, and lacked a true beam, instead being able to project a flammable, high pressure air blast from her lungs. However, her son's mutation was far more stable and complete, making him superior to her in every way. He is physically far stronger and much more durable than his parent, to the point similar attack to that which killed his mother failed to seriously injure him as a 'teenager'. In addition, he possesses a wild magic ray similar to Dracozilla's, though green and more flamethrower like. While lacking concussive force, it can be charged and fired more quickly, and is similarly preceded by a green glow trailing up his scutes to his head, with his eyes glowing before firing.

The species has an interesting bit of sexual dimorphism: females can reproduce asexually in the absence of a mate, while males can only reproduce with a mate. This makes Lizza Jr. safer to have around than his mother.

Interestingly, while Marine Iguanas are herbivores, Lizzas are predatory and feed primarily on fish. That being said, like many Kaiju beings and gigantic races, Lizzas are actually Manavores primarily sustained by Wild Magic, with their periodic carnivorous diet merely serving as a secondary catalyst to kick-start or boost the primary metabolic process, owing to their enormous biology being unsustainable by a conventional diet.


As mutations, they have no natural habitat, but are primarily sea dwelling. Lizza Jr.'s nest was made in the water off Manehatten in the sea bed. They feed primarily on fish there.


They are extremely powerful and dangerous, but as Lizza Jr. is the world's currently only surviving specimen there's little danger. He is incapable of reproducing on his own, and due to his raising is a 'gentle giant' to most sapient races. He will react fiercely and deal a lot of damage if provoked, but when left alone he is friendly and low danger.

Lyre, the Guardian of Mousikós

Character: Heroic
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Type: Kaiju, Guardian Monster, Wild Magic Mutant
Faction: Mousikós/The Muse Trio

"What's big as a skyscraper and SINGS?"

There are many kaiju scattered across Equus, especially born from Wild Magic (or exposures to other forms of exotic, transformative mutagens). However, not all Wild Magic Mutations were caused in modern day. One heroic kaiju born from it long after Hooviet Transatomic Weaponry was developed and long before the Clovenist Mana Bomb was ever invented is Lyre.

Lyre began her life as a normal Great Song Bird given to Queen Aoide Mousikós by her sisters when she was a little chick to help alleviate her stress and give her something to talk to. The two became very close, with Lyre often using the species' ability to make people sing to force her master to sing about her feelings and emotionally vent, or just play with the castle staff.

This would continue until the Castle of Music's meltdown, which Aoide chose to sacrifice herself to try and contain to protect her subjects. However, despite Aoide's attempts to get Lyre to leave, the Great Song Bird ignored her demands in order to help her maintain the barrier, despite knowing it was likely certain death. Tearfully accepting her help, Aoide and her pet struggled to contain the blast, with Lyre sustaining burns and wild magic poisoning in the process.

However, Aoide's sisters Nete and Mese would lead the kingdom in singing a song to support the two, allowing them to successfully contain the blast and Aoide to absorb the music based Wild Magic and ascend fully to godhood. However, Lyre had seemingly been fatally burned and wild magic poisoned and seemingly flew off to die without letting her owner see her demise.

The truth would make itself known several months later when Aoide was surprised to find Lyre had not only survived, but was now a kaiju, then 30 meters large.

"Lyre...you got big..."
--- Aoide upon discovering her pet was now a kaiju. Lyre would cheerfully squark, signalling as if this was no big deal for her.

Rather than dying from the exposure, Lyre had mutated similar to Dracozilla and other kaiju in the present day and become a kaiju. Unlike Dracozilla, she would endure the pain of her injuries and mutation and remain loyal to her. Lyre would continue to grow over the coming years until she reached 100 meters tall, becoming Mousikós' guardian monster to protect them against the Oceanaiad school lurking off their shores.

Having become ageless, or at least very long lived, due to her mutation, Lyre would continue to protect the country until modern day when Dr. Annelida and his crew would arrive in Mousikós seeking aid against the Leviathan Legion. Sensing Lizza Jr., Lyre would see him as a threat and fly down to investigate, resulting in the mutated iguana seeing her as a threat to his adopted parent and the two getting into a brief fight. Before either could meaningfully harm the other, Annelida and the Muse Trio would break up the fight (comically, as due to Lyre's power have to spend the entire time singing). Explaining the situation with the Leviathan Legion, the group would request aid in stopping the Oceanaiad alliance's assault. Before any decision could be made, however, the native Oceanaiad school would reveal themselves part of the Legion and attack the island with several brainwashed kaiju. Alone, it is likely Lyre would've been overwhelmed and killed, but with Lizza Jr.'s help the brainwashed kaiju were beaten, and the Oceanaiad's leader, Queen [REDACTED], the Resurgent, was forced to the surface and beaten by the two kaiju and their allies. Lyra would then help Lizza Jr. counterattack and defeat the Leviathan Legion, protecting the city of San Pranciscolt from them (It's Fourth Age counterpart, not the Second Age version).

With Mousikós now free to interact with the outside world for the first time in millennia, Lyre would largely continue to be its guardian, but would enjoy more company and hearing different songs. She would also bond with Dracozilla Jr. and other heroic kaiju, getting along well with them. Gods and Goddess of Music would also befriend her. This included Blue Suede Heartstrings, who Aoide would happily introduce to her.

Personality-wise, Lyre is undying loyal to her owner and Mousikós. This is to the point of being willing to sacrifice herself to help her protect the isles. She has fought tirelessly for the country for her entire time as a kaiju, including risking her life if need be. She would also force her owner to sing and let out her bottled up emotions, which was part of the reason her sisters had gotten Lyre for her in the first place. However, despite this, Lyre is well known as a bit of a mischievousness prankster, though rarely a malicious one. Even before mutating into a kaiju, she made a habit of forcing the castle staff to break out in musical numbers at the most amusing moments and play other pranks on them. Or on the occasion Oceanaiads or other threats made it into the castle, play more malicious pranks to defend her master and castle. For the most part, her antics were seen as amusing fun. Once she mutated into a kaiju, she'd often play these pranks on various parts on the country, but by this point it's seen as tradition and it would be more weird if she wasn't playing them. This mischievous personality would see her and Celestia, the Sunraiser's pet Phoenix Philomena, who has a similar personality.

Lyre is fiercely protective of her islands, which can sometimes become a negative, as shown when she attacked Lizza Jr. to protect them. She is also a bit haughty at times, which can make it difficult for anyone but her master to control her. She also makes her displeasure with people she doesn't like well known.

"Is that giant bird mooning us?"
--- A group of Tribalists upon realizing Lyre was mooning them from her perch on the mountain in the middle of a speech. When they attempted a terrorist attack later on, Lyre did considerably more than that.

Appearance wise, Lyre is a massive white Giant Song Bird, though having monstrous traits due to her mutation. She now possesses a head crest resembling horns and a much more fierce beak and talons with a longer, almost reptilian tail. She is around one hundred meters tall, and wears jewelry that Mese made for her specifically.

Power wise, as a Great Song Bird, she has always possessed the ability to force others to burst into musical numbers with her song. As a kaiju, her song can now cover an island wide area if she so chooses. She is also extremely strong and durable, with an impressive healing factor. An extension of her natural musical power, she is now capable emitting a powerful beam of wild magic infused sonic energy roughly on par with Roedan's heat ray in terms of power. Like many Wild Magic mutants, she is capable of absorbing Wild Magic in order to grow stronger and to feed, and generally can be found in the still radioactive ruins of the Castle of Music, feeding off its wild magic. She can generate hurricane force winds with her wings for offensive purposes, and her talons and beak are dangerous weapons. All of this puts her roughly on par with Roedan, Lizza Jr., and other such kaiju. Her mutation may also have made her ageless, though may simply have made her extremely long lived.

She does have weaknesses. As a giant flyer, she's not well designed to fight underwater. This was one reason the war Oceanaiads lasted as long as it did, as the Queen would have the advantage if she tried to follow them under the waves. She is also vulnerable to things that neutralize wild magic.

The oldest known Wild Magic mutant, is a close friend and ally to Lizza Jr. and the protector of Mousikós, and one of its greatest champions.

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