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Dis gon b gud.
1136225 You gonna get banned

EDIT: And it was

(revision of the speedclop prompt. This is what I'd initially planned, and wanted to write, but time constraits and work resulted in the other thing :P)

What an excellent thing to see at the top of the new stories list on login.

On a Side note, does anyone else adblock all image macros when they see them?

Wait, since RD ate a Zap Apple raw why didn't she change?:rainbowderp:

She was intend on eating it and AJ talked her out of it


Well played sir, well played.

Yep. Another favourite AppleDash.

I have to say stallion aj is hot the way you described him:rainbowwild:

Also, i have noticed there is a distressing lack of art of r63 AJ rutting normal Dash senseless against a tree.

This criminal lack must be fixed!

1136225 Rainbow Dash always firsts in style. :rainbowdetermined2:

You. You gender bent ponies and I liked it. What the hell, man? Upvotes, faves, and lots of praise for you.


True , but the thought of a drooling, barely coherent Dash seems so much more appealing :rainbowwild:

But then it's not appledash !

But then that's appledashfutashy ! It's appledash that is needed!

Oshi-, glad i read the comments on this. Futajack? I thought it was F/F, which doesn't really do it for me, but this... This will be good.:rainbowwild:

*Adds to read later*

Amazing, really amazing, I loved it

This is really well written. Nice and descriptive, details in all the right places. How ever, you focused mainly on RD and ignored Applejack during the sex scene. I feel like I didn't get all of the emotions. Maybe it was a writing choice, I dunno. Anyway, really good work and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Please write more! :D

P.S: I don't think "Normalcy" is a word

great! awesome and so on and so on... soooooo what about those preening lessons? gonna write tht one too?:applejackunsure:


It is indeed a word! And that's somewhat intentional. This is supposed to be from dash point of view without being first person. This does mean AJ falls to the wayside a bit.


Maybe. I'd only want to do so if i feel i can fill out an entire chapter though, and i don't think i can at the moment.

Mmmm, stallion AJ sounds sexy at the moment :rainbowwild:
The story itself was very well written and left me curious about those preening lessons :ajsmug: Either way, a great read and hope to hear more from you soon.
A fave, thumbs up, and mustache for you good sir! :moustache:

Really well written. The pairing works well, story is nice and tidy, no real errors to mention, and a well described clop scene to boot!

I grant a seal of approval on this one! You did well :pinkiehappy:


Of course the pairing works, it's appledash! ;)


I concur, but I really only said that to mention that it came across as being realistic and making sense due to how it was written. I'm not much of a "pairing" kind of guy :rainbowlaugh:

I figured ;) my first effort at this prompt ended up be g almost purely clop. This is what i aimed for initially, with more feeling/shipping.

I understand, I'm just saying that I admire the effort you put into writing it, at the very least. That's what's important to me :rainbowkiss:

I find it hilarious how most of the clopfics have better stories and writing than most of the "safe" fanfics, yet the clopfics get the flank of everything. But I digress.

Great writing, great imagery, overall great. Keep up the good work :twilightsmile:

Quite impressive. Not only is this well told and *ahem* entertaining, but everyone is as in-character is they could possibly be from start to finish. Not many stories in this genre can do that.

Thanks! I'm actually quite proud of this one, and would likely post it on my main account if my brony co-workers didn't know about it. Considering they do, finding clop would just be all kinds of awkward :x

Thank you! characterization is the thing I try to strive for the most when writing these stories. I'm glad to hear my efforts are paying off!:pinkiehappy:

1136267 More like snatched it from her.

Anyway, a well-written fic, and a great, big pleasure to read. :heart::pinkiesmile: Hope to see more from you. :scootangel:

BEAUTIFUL. That was beautiful.

Seriously though. Have both of them eat a zap apple. Let the Yaoi happen, man, let it happen.

Nah! That's not my type of thing :derpytongue2:
However, if you want to add something else to your list of "must write"... :rainbowlaugh:

That list is far too long as it is...

Awww... I was hoping it'd be rainbow-striped, like a candy-cane! :pinkiesad2:

Seriously, quite enjoying this... though I'm wondering just what eating three raw zap apples will do to Rainbow!


And, I'll admit, what would happen were somepony (:applecry:) to accidentally mess up a batch of Zap Apple Jam that made it into town....


Well, one bite turned AJ into a stallion but that happened overnight. For dash, it happened a whole lot faster because she ate three... And who knows, it might last a little longer :rainbowkiss:

Woo Hoo! More Zap happinin! :pinkiehappy:

Love these :pinkiehappy:
keep up the good work!

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