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Putting letters around 'love' is like putting a cage around starlight.

Or a really bad metaphor at the beginning of a story description.

Spike tries his claw at the fine art of love-letter writing... if 'fine-art' means 'act of love-struck desperation'.

Some of the best stories in the world have been written in acts of love-struck desperation though, you know.

Big thanks to my Patreon supporters Sorden & carcinoGeneticist for supporting me to write this story and many others. Also big thanks to my current commissioners, who have been unbelievably gracious and patient with us while we churn out these tiny personal projects in the midst of our other work. We love you all very much. <3

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It's really weird to see ponies referencing QR codes and the like, but this was still pretty cute.

our logic was that Pinkie Pie exists in a fourth-wall shattering reality bubble... but maybe that's not accepted head-canon anymore :x

I mean, I guess it's to the degree which she is referencing things. The subjects feel a bit too far out of what a pony might not question.

If anyone's gonna do it, yeah, it's Pinkie.

That said, the last 4th-wall joke I remember the show dishing out came from Starlight Glimmer. But meh.


Cute little story. I kinda like the trope of Spike wanting to write Rarity a love letter and fumbling over all the ridiculous, overly poetic ways to go about it before realizing how dumb that is and just speaking to her honestly like a normal person. I've never been a big poetry person, nor have I ever been particularly 'deep' with my prose either - WYSIWYG has always been my style - so this kind of ending really speaks to me on a personal level. No flowery, sappy drivel, just "Hey, I like you, let's get a coffee or something and see what happens." Thumbs up.


:trollestia: and that's how Rarity married into royalty
:moustache: I'm just an advisor
:raritystarry: close enough
:moustache: any closer you'd be behind me
:pinkiehappy: and that's how dracony hybrids are made!
:flutterrage: Discord wanted a play date buddy for our foal!
:facehoof: only with a snap of his paw
:moustache: sez you :raritywink:

You know, if someone made an ARG for me, I'd be incredibly flattered.
But paying for the scones?
That's a keeper.

...and then I realized that the only reason I loved you was because your cutie mark resembled Ember's scales, and your mane and tail looked a lot like her horns...

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