• Published 20th Apr 2020
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Ranger's Destiny (Undergoing Edited) - TasteDaRainbow

Rangers find themselves in a world full of colorful talking ponies and an adventure awaits them. A war is taking place on Equestria. How can they survive through all of this? And the most important thing is, will they ever get back home? God help us.

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Prologue - The Rise of Darkness

Author's Note:

Hey!! Sorry for the bad grammar 'cause this is my first story ever since I read hundreds of Fimfictions here. And English is not my main language. SO BEAR WITH ME!! And please add your comments so I can fix my grammar and continue the story well and I WILL FINISH THIS STORY FOR GOOD


It all happened so fast, the sound of ponies screaming for help and running to save their lives is heard from every direction, the smell of smoke coming from the fire stung her nose, she tried her best to told everypony to go to the train station. Her vision is blurry, she could barely see through the smoke but she did her best to escort the rest of the ponies to the train station with her filly in her grasp. She and the rest of the ponies and a few guards gallop across the street that ones filled with crowd of ponies smiling laughing together, but now it all turned into a massive chaos.

The buildings were on fire, dead ponies lying everywhere. Seeing this only made a massive hole inside her heart, its like been penetrated by a wrecking ball. She couldn't save them but she already tried her best to get all of the ponies to get the hell out of there.

When they almost arrived at the gate that leads to the train station, suddenly a unicorn - with a black armor - ambushed from the left and tackle the pink alicorn to the ground. His horns' glowing red as he ready to attack his target but before he could do it, he suddenly got kicked and slammed through a wall.

"Come on!", Shining yelled and help her to get to her hooves and start gallop again to their destination. "We gotta get out of here!!"

With Flurry still in her grasp crying uncontrollably, they finally arrived at the train station and immediately got into the train that is waiting at the station. Well at least the train got just on time that is scheduled, THANK YOU CELESTIA. Making sure that there's no pony left outside and a nod from Shining, the conductor immediately start the train and leave the station in full speed. With fear on his face.

Meanwhile, in one of the cabins Cadance laying with Flurry on one of the cushion and hushing her little filly. After what felt like hours, Flurry finally calmed down and went to sleep. Exhausted after the attack at the Crystal Empire, Cadance decided to sink herself to the bed. Shining stood in front of her with a worried expression and put a hoof on her filly's mane and stroke it gently.

"He... He did it," he says in a limp but slightly angry tone. "He manages to conquer the empire, and its all my fault." He sighs and sits on his cushion.

"It wasn't your fault Shiny," Cadance reassure him by giving him a gentle and warm smile, though she's trying not to smack him in the face just because he blames himself for what had happened to the Empire. "All of Equestria doesn't know that he's alive yet. You tried your best Shiny, take some rest while I'm keeping an eye for our little filly here."


"No buts Shining, go and have some sleep."

"We have to inform Twilight first."

"Consider it is done," Cadance give him another smile. "Please go and take some rest, you have done more than enough for saving the citizens."

Finally, exhaustion took the best of him and his eyes become heavy. With a final sigh he lay on his cushion facing Cadance and close his eyes.

While her husband is sleeping, Cadance couldn't hold herself anymore. A tear start to fell on her left cheek. Seeing those ponies that she couldn't save made her feel the worst princess ever. How could this even happen? He should be dead by now, or is he? Is he going to conquer all of Equestria? She must tell this news as fast as she could to other princesses. Equestria is in the biggest danger she have ever seen.

Before she could lost in deep thoughts, a yawn came from her mouth. "Wow, I never felt this tired before," she glance at the window and saw the trees are passing by in such high speed. "Maybe I should take some rest." After closing her eyes about five minutes, she drift off to sleep before one word dangling in her mind.



Cadance shoot her eyes open as she heard a loud screech. She then felt the train came to a full stop.

"How's our little filly doing?" Shining says hopping from the cushion and stood next to Cadance.

"She's still sleeping," replied Cadance with a smile to her little sweetheart. "Where are we?"

"We're at Ponyville now," Shining said opening the cabin door with his magic. "Come on, we have to find Twilight and tell her what had happened to the Empire."

Carefully not to wake up Flurry, Cadance follows her husband out from the train. The conductor himself came out from the train and start running to the both of them (uhh three of them? 'Cause they're with Flurry?? Gahhh I don't even know). After taking a few deep breaths, he started to ask.

"What in Equestria is going on Prince Shining??"

"He's back," Shining hesitate to reply the answer.

"Who's back??" Shining shoot a glare at him and the conductor immediately understands that this isn't the time to talk about that.

"We'll have to go now," Cadance interrupt the tense conductor. "Let's go Shining we don't have much time."

Shining nod at this and before the three of them teleport to Twilights' castle, Shining gave a final duty to all of the guards. "Make sure that everypony get some shelter and foods and inform both Princess Celestia and Princess Luna about this!!"

A bright flash emerged from the two of them, seconds later they're gone and the train move to its next stop, Canterlot.


Twilight Sparkle, Celestia's faithful student and the Princess of Friendship is busy organising her books with her assistants Spike and Owlicious when she heard a knocking sound from the main door. The purple alicorn immediately let out a groan.

"Spike!" Twilight called for her number one assistant and the dragon immediately rushed to her.

"What is it Twilight?"

"Can you open the door for me please?" She said with an annoyed tone. "I'm not done with these books yet and this is the tenth time always having somepony knocking at my door and asking useless questions. Every single day!"

"I'm right on it Princess!" replied the faithful assistant with a salute. Twilight just giggled at him, to be honest he somewhat knows how to cheer her at the time like this.

Spike run slowly through the hallway and onto the main door. A few more knocks could be heard again as if the visitor is very eager for an answer.


After a few seconds of his little jog, Spike immediately take the handle and open it to reveal a certain pink pony with poofy mane and a huge smile on her face.

"Hey Spiky! Is Twilight here?" ask Pinkie while bouncing on her spot.

Spike puts his hand to his face, "Pinkie you know Twilight's been very busy lately right?"

"I know!" reply the pink pony still jumping up and down. "Thats why I made this for her." She pulled out a plate of cupcakes from her poofy mane and give it to the little dragon.

"Wow," said Spike holding the plate full of various flavours of cupcakes. "Thanks Pinkie, Twilight sure needs this."

"Okie dokie lokie!!" still bouncing and not leaving.

"Aren't you gonna go somewhere?"

"Ooh yeah right, I'll see you later Spike!" she left the castle to... Celestia knows where she's heading to and still bouncing.

"Finally," Spike muttered.

He closed the door and turned around. Just as he's about giving the cupcakes for the busy purple mare, a knock came from the door. Again.

Spike groan at this. And immediately open the door with a quite force.

"Pinkie I told you, Twilight is..." His eyes widened as he look at the stallion and alicorn along with their filly still asleep. "...busy, Prince Shining, Princess Cadance! I'm so sorry for..."

"No need to apologize Spike," said Shining raising a hoof.

"Right," Spike chuckles a bit. "So what brings you two here?"

"Is Twilight inside?" said Cadance with a worried look. "We need to talk to her real quick."

"Sure! Come in!"

They both followed Spike as Shining closed the door behind them. They walk through the hallway and into the library where they saw the purple alicorn adjusting all of her books to its right place.

"Twilight we have a visitor," said Spike putting the cupcakes to the table.

"Spike I already told you," she said as she turned around to face him. Her eyes widened as she saw the his brother, sister-in-law and her niece and a smile immediately plastered on her face. "Shining! Cadance!" She run towards and hugs them both with a giggle.

"Heheyy Twily," Shining chuckles as he and Cadance return the hug warmly. "How's your day been?"

"It's been a lot busier than usual," Twilight says and she breaks the hug. "Hey Cadance wanna do it again?"

"Sorry Twilight," Cadance shaking her head. "We come here with a really important information." She looks at her husband with a worried look, and so does Shining looking back to her and then to Twilight.

"Whats wrong?" Twilight ask aware on the expression from both of their faces.

Shining takes a deep breath and he answer, "Crystal Empire has been taken, and by mean taken, I mean conquered."

Twilight gasps in shock. At first she thought it was a joke, not until she saw their faces and her brother is a little bit bruised. "I'll go get my friends and send a letter to Princess Celestia." She immediately trotted to Spike and tells him to send a letter. He recognise her face and he's absolutely know that this isn't good and what he heard next, is shocking beyond his thoughts. After the letter is done, he tied it and burned it with his fire and the ashes fly through thin air and through out the window.

"Owlicious!" Twilight calls for her second assistant and the owl immediately landed in front of her. "Go get all of my friends now! This is emergency!" The owl nods and quickly fly away sending her message to her friends. She trotted back to her brother, "What happened?"

"Well..." Shining rub the back of his head with one hoof.

"Shining what happened back there?" she almost yelled at this making Flurry Heart squirm a bit. "Oh sorry. Shining, tell me what happened?"

"He's back..."



"Shining," she whimpers.

Cadance sighs and just straight for the answer, "Sombra."