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Disharmony: Gods Among Ponies - Mr-Astounding

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Prince Blueblood

Chapter 9: Prince Blueblood

Three Hours Earlier…

As Prince Blueblood put the final touches on the weapon Princess Twilight Sparkle had developed and the mechanical wings his technicians had put together...well, he would be lying if he said that he wasn’t feeling at least a little nervous, because whether he liked it or not, this was it. This was the moment he had been building up to all those years ago when he and the Princess of Friendship had come together to form the Lunar Republic: the moment where they found out how much power the so-called “Solar Empress” really had...or rather he was.

He hadn’t been lying to Sunburst earlier: he wasn’t willing to gamble the young Princess’ life on...well, that was all it really was, in actuality: a gamble. As far as he knew, Twilight hadn’t even tested this weapon to see if it even worked as intended. Then again, seeing how it’s intended purpose was to de-power an Alicorn and there wasn’t an abundance of any that they actually wanted to de-power, and the one they did have wasn’t going to give them a chance to try again with the same plan, he couldn’t really find it in himself to hold it against the scholarly royal. Even still, he had to give the young filly credit: no matter how he looked at the weapon in question, it was really well-put-together: almost not even needing to be modified, in fact. “A scholar, a scientist, a sorceress, and a Princess: you truly are a prodigy, Twilight Sparkle.” he allowed himself to admit out-loud with a chuckle even as he finished with the necessary repairs/modifications on both the wings and the weapon in question.

As he swallowed one of the enhancement pills - while he didn’t think he needed it, his earlier fight with Sunburst had showcased that he would be remiss to not at least take one as a precaution - he allowed himself a sigh. “Just one thing left to do,” he declared as he took out a memory crystal and set it to record. “Hello, Twilight: if you're watching this, I can only assume that one thing: for better or worse, Celestia ended up taking me out upon confronting her with the weapon you created; I realize that you're probably upset that I went behind your back like this, but for all your planning, you seem to have overlooked two very important factors that meant that you couldn’t have used the weapon no matter how much you might have wanted to. First and foremost, the weapon is a mana siphon and there’s a very real danger of the user losing their own magic just for firing it. Luckily for you, I am not so attached to my own power that I fear losing it. At the very least this will protect you from facing the cruel ironic possibility of the Element of Magic losing hers.”

Here, Prince Blueblood couldn’t help but sigh. “Which brings me to my second point: you were a great leader even before you got those wings of yours. Equestria needs somepony to guide them back to true Harmony...and I myself have far too much blood on my hooves for the part I played, indirect as it might have been, in helping Sombra and then Celestia spread darkness across the nation for it to ever be me. I know full well that I likely don't stand a chance against my Aunt in a straight-up brawl...but maybe, just maybe, I can at least put a chink in the Empress’ armor for the rest of the Lunar Republic to exploit. In any case, I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees. My only regret is that I likely won’t be there to see the free Equestria that I know you’re capable of creating...or recreating, as it were.”

Blueblood aimed his 30 karat smile at the memory crystal as he finished up what well might be his final words to his friend, his ally...his sister. “Farewell, Princess: I have left for you in my study some items that you might find useful in regards to my funeral - which I would prefer to be a private event, if you don't mind - and for the rebuilding/reclaiming of Equestria, but for now, always remember: even now, in these dark times, Love and Friendship are stronger than Hatred, because, as you’ve always been fond of pointing out, Friendship is Magic.” With that, he ended the recording and placed the crystal somewhere where at least one of his allies was sure to find it if he didn’t return to get it himself, which he knew was a very real possibility.

As he attached his mechanical wings to his backside and placed Twilight’s weapon away for the opportune time, he couldn’t help but give a bitter chuckle as he reflected on what Sunburst had said back when he thought they were on opposing sides. “‘I didn’t earn these wings,’ eh? What was it that you always said, Rainbow? ‘It isn’t the size or the style of the wings that matters: it’s how you use them,’ and I fully intend to put these to good use.” With those motivational words, he spread his wings and flew off in the direction of Tartarus.

Right out of the gate, Lunar Blueblood could tell that these wings were a massive improvement on the prototype he used in his fight with Sunburst: easier on his magic flow, more aerodynamic, slimmer in design, harder to be hit by the dark magic blasts that were being aimed right at him...wait, what?!

King Sombra couldn’t help but give a dark chuckle as Prince Blueblood quickly landed (read: crashed) in front of him. “Well, isn't this interesting? I was hoping to follow my late counterpart’s example and take out a winged buffoon, but you’ll do!”

Blueblood merely scoffed in reply. “Actually, I was hoping I’d run into you at some point. After all, as much as Celestia blames you and herself for Auntie Luna’s demise, the truth of the matter is that I killed the Princess of the Night. After all, the only thing necessary for the absolute triumph of evil is for good ponies to do nothing, and that’s exactly what I did by simply letting you walk away with the Soul-Binder Bomb. Time to do what I should’ve done five years ago!”

The fight that followed was not easy, to say the least. Though Prince Blueblood had had five years to improve upon his already impressive magic, Sombra was nearly as long-lived as Celestia herself, so there were very few moves that the Alicorn’s nephew could pull that he hadn’t seen before. That said, despite what he might claim, as his late counterpart had proven, the Crystal Tyrant was not invincible, and while Blueblood had no intention of giving the dark Unicorn the satisfaction of being killed in this battle, he was able to use his knowledge of the half-Umbra - earned from research he had done in his free time as a member of Celestia’s court - to exploit his opponent’s weaknesses, particularly his aversion to light-based magic. A few well-placed spells and a swift kick to the stomach later, and the King found himself falling to the Prince.

Prince Blueblood merely shook his head as he looked down at his fallen opponent. “While I definitely think my aunt went completely too far on most things, I will very grudgingly admit that she might’ve had the right idea with your counterpart.”

Sombra merely growled in defiance. “I’ll begrudgingly admit that you're a touch stronger than your counterpart, but if you seriously think I'll be defeated that easily, then you're a bigger fool than I thought. I am King Sombra, Darkness Incarnate, the Shadows given form. NOTHING FRIGHTENS ME!”

“SOMBRA!” Blueblood was not ashamed to admit that he thought that he had soiled himself hearing that angry outcry, followed shortly by Pinkamena appearing on the scene, her expression almost demonic in appearance, so intense was her rage. “YOU PINKIE PROMISED!”

“...except maybe that,” Sombra said with a gulp before getting tackled to the ground and knocked out by an angry pink pony.

“I can't believe I thought you could help our cause!” Pinkamena growled out. “You drown ponies in fear, turn friends against one another, and can't even have a conversation without trying to twist the pony to your will!! ...but maybe the problem is that, like you said, I was thinking too small. Well, don’t worry: that won’t be a problem anymore. For example, I love bringing smiles to pony’s faces.” She gave a dark chuckle as she held a knife to the unconscious Crystal Tyrant’s face. What’s say we put one on yours?”

Needless to say, Blueblood was horrified by this latest development. “Pinkie Pie, DON’T!”

“THAT’S NOT MY NAME!” Pinkamena yelled out, angry tears in her eyes. “‘Pinkie Pie’ didn’t have friends who abandoned her for a big meanie like the Solar Empress! ‘Pinkie Pie’ didn’t have all this dark magic flowing through her! PINKIE PIE WASN’T A MONSTER LIKE ME!”

“YOU’RE NOT A MONSTER!” Pinkamena blinked as her counterpart suddenly appeared beside Prince Blueblood. “You’re not a monster,” Pinkie Pie repeated. “You're just scared. Scared that your friends won’t come back or that you won’t be able to make new ones when all this is over. Scared that you’ll fail to use that dark magic for the sake of Harmony, despite how magic is just magic, no matter what color it is. Scared that you’ll never be able to regain that smile you lost five years ago.”

Pinkie nodded to Sombra even as her counterpart lowered her knife a tiny bit in response to her words. “...but ask yourself this: will killing him in cold blood like this really make you happy? Will it really spread joy anywhere? After all, you already saw how well that worked out the last time…”

Pinkamena simply teared up a little as she let the knife fall to the ground. “I...you’re right: it won’t help anypony but that doesn’t change the fact that I’m not ‘Pinkie Pie’ anymore: I haven’t been her for five years.”

Pinkie just snorted in reply. “Doesn’t mean you can’t be her again.”

“How?” Pinkamena couldn’t help but ask. “I don’t even know who that is anymore.”

“I do.” Pinkie declared as she brought her counterpart into an embrace. “She’s the pony who’s always there to help cheer somepony up when they’ve feeling down, the way you’ve done for Twilight whenever she was feeling doubts about her plans. She’s the one to give ponies hope when everything seems hopeless, the way you’ve done by aiding the Lunar Republic and by extension the Shadow Party. She’s the pony who does her best to be a friend to everypony she can, like you have by not giving up on your friends even though they’ve joined up with the Solar Empire. She’s the pony who was… is worthy of being the Element of Laughter...and you… we are worthy of our Element. ‘Cause I love to make you smile, smile, smile...yes I do~”

“It fills my heart with sunshine all the while...yes it does~” Pinkamena sang back with a teary-eyed smile, slowly regaining some of the poofy hairy she had lost five years ago.

“'Cause all I really need's a smile, smile, smile from all these happy friends of mine!~” Pinkie Pie and Pinkamena sang out before breaking out into laughter soon afterwards.

Lunar Blueblood couldn’t help but gain a smile of his own even as he let out a breath he hadn’t realized he had been holding. “There's the Pink Party Pony Equestria knows and loves.” He then nodded to the unconscious Sombra. “Might want to lock him up again: makes sure he stays in the cell this time.”

“That'll be the least we do,” Pinkamena declared as she readied her party cannon. “I still have contact with the rest of the Shadow Party: they should be able to help me round up the ponies that Sombra convinced to forget about the ‘Party’ part of the organization as well as continue to drive all the Storm Troopers crazy: you go and help the others take care of Darth Sunburn.”

Blueblood just shook his head in amusement, not understanding that reference but still relieved that the Element of Laughter was on her way back to her old self. “Don’t have to tell me twice.” he declared before flying off.

“So, Pinkie Pie: are you ready to make some noise?” Pinkie Pie directed towards her counterpart, her own party cannon at the ready.

Pinkamena, however, shook her head, a sad smile on her face even as she called for one of troops to pick up Sombra for her. “I’m not there yet, Pinks. I know I’ll get there someday, and I’ll let other ponies call me that in the meantime, but for now, I’m not ready to use that name again...but as to your question…” Pinkamena gave a teasing grin as she ran off, party cannon in hoof. “Whoever hits the most meanie beanies with their cannons has to clean out Gummy’s litter box!”

“He..Hey, no fair! You had a head start!”

Meanwhile, A.K. Yearling/Daring Do, having just finished up dealing with some of the Empire’s more fanatic members, was being held up by Queen Chrysalis and Gilda. The former, in particular, was taking some sadistic glee at the prospect of torturing somepony the late Rainbow Dash had looked up to. “Your story ends here, Yearling.”

“Not yet it doesn’t!” And that was all the warning she and her Gryphon companion got before they were both blasted back by Prince Blueblood himself. He then turned to the intrepid explorer. “Go help the others: I’ll handle this.”

Despite appreciating the assist, Daring couldn’t help but be concerned. “Are you certain about this? You know that this means that your cover’s been compromised.”

Blueblood merely snorted in reply. “Said the explorer who writes stories about her own adventures. Besides, they would all find out sooner or later.”

“Touche. In that case, I wish you luck, your highness.”

“When it comes to Celestia, I might need it, but not now,” the Prince declared as he faced off against Rainbow and Fluttershy’s fellow Junior Speedster.

The clash that followed was a lot closer than one might think. While Prince Blueblood had the edge in ranged attacks, Gilda had the edge in air superiority, given that she was more familiar with her wings, so the winner of this fight would inevitably come down to one thing: who could get the finishing blow in first. Luckily for Celestia’s nephew, his time in developing his wing harness had resulted in him learning a thing or two about the flesh-and-blood variety, particularly where a few pressure points were that when struck with a few well-aimed spells managed to lock them in place. Needless to say, after such a thing took place, the Gryphon found herself plummeting to the ground.

Blueblood couldn’t help but shake his head as he looked upon his fallen foe. “Pride comes before the fall, Gilda: even Rainbow understood that.”

Before the Gryphon could give her reply, however, the Prince was blindsided by a very angry looking Scootaloo. “Since when were you with the Republic?!”

“Since the day that Celestia decided to herd us like sheep.” was Prince Blueblood’s immediate reply.

The daredevil Pegasus merely shook her head, trying, and failing, to rationalize everything that had happened the past five years. “That’s not...that’s not true! She...she only wants what’s best for us!”

“We aren’t her playthings,” Blueblood declared with an angry shake of his head. “And she’s no god!”

While Scootaloo was the faster combatant, and in fact she did manage to damage Blueblood’s wings to the point where we wouldn’t be taking off again anytime soon, there was only so much that a filly with a scooter could do against a Unicorn whose knowledge of the arcane ways was only rivaled by Starlight Glimmer and Twilight Sparkle themselves. Needless to say, this battle didn’t last that long.

Lunar Blueblood merely sighed as he looked down on the defeated filly. “This isn’t what Rainbow would’ve wanted, and you know that...deep down.”

Before Scootaloo could reply, however, a large blast lit up the sky in the distance. Lighting up his horn to tune into the telepathic chatter, Blueblood quickly learned that Chrysalis’ Changelings had sabotaged the Weather Factory and while Cloudsdale had been successfully evacuated, Celestia herself had managed to be caught up in the blast. Knowing that he wouldn’t get a better opportunity than this, the Prince took out Twilight’s weapon with a sigh. “May fortune favor the foolish…”


“CELESTIA: YOUR TIME IS OVER!” yelled out the magically amplified voice of one Prince Blueblood.

Not even five seconds after he had yelled that out, Blueblood could only nod to himself as Celestia flew straight at him, her rage managing to make her forget about her own teleportation spell, giving him plenty of time to attach the mana siphon to his own horn. However, unfortunately for him, Scootaloo still hadn’t quite realized yet that the Empress was not the “awesome Princess” that Rainbow had always talked to her about, not anymore, and thus had no reason not to sneak her scooter under one of the Prince’s hind legs, tripping him up before he could fire the weapon, giving his Aunt plenty of time to tackle him into a wall, ripping the weapon to pieces as she did. “I trusted you, and in return, you betrayed me?!”

Despite how the impact had had enough force to it that Prince Blueblood was now coughing up blood, he still had enough strength to make his retort: “Who...betrayed...whom?”

The Solar Empress merely growled in response. “I gave you peace!”

“Peace?” Prince Blueblood couldn’t help but give a bitter chuckle. “All I see...is a Nightmare.”

Needless to say, Celestia was not happy to hear this: how dare this arrogant stallion compare her to Nightmare Moon!? If she had done this far sooner, Luna would never have fallen in the first place! With a simple jerk of her magical grip, she did all of Equestria a favor by snapping her traitorous nephew’s neck.

...or so she thought: turns out Equestria itself had a different opinion.

“Did she just kill Blueblood?” called out one observer.

“Murderer,” growled another.

“Why would she do that to her own family?”

“You think this is why Twilight created the Republic?”

Celestia shook her head in frustration as the chatter grew louder, before one comment in particular pushed her over the edge.

“Doesn't she even care that she’s in front of Canterlot Tower, the place where she and Luna used to store the Elements of Harmony?”

“ENOUGH!” She called out before flying off towards her castle, startling everycreature in the area as she did...but none more so than the filly who had intervened on her behalf mere moments earlier.

“I...I’m sorry.” Scootaloo cried out as she looked upon Prince Blueblood’s fallen body. "This...this isn't what was supposed to happen. This isn’t what Rainbow Dash would have wanted..."

To be continued