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Brian Sheil

Most of my MLP stories feature meetings of G1 and G4.


If you thought interacting with characters of Monster High, Ever After High, and The Loud House are amazing, wait until the Equestria Girls and friends get together with the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling. And, I’m going to include myself in this short story collection.

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………… is this from some sort of show I don't know about???????
if so can you post its intro??

You probably know of the Netflix series, "GLOW: Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling". This is GLOW from the 1980s. It has it's fair share of heroes like Americana, Tina Ferrari, Sally the Farmer's Daughter, Zelda the Brain, Justice, and Thunderbolt and Lightning. Also, villains like Colonel Ninotchka, Spanish Red, Broadway Rose, Melody Trouble Vixen, Godiva, and The Heavy Metal Sisters. There is more where this comes from. Trust me.

………… i'll be honest. I have never heard of that show at all. i'm from the 90's. not the 80's. sorry dude.

you mean disaster piece

Pretty cute, isn’t it? I have more chapters coming up and more GLOW girls to appear.

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