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Pony POV Series Season Five: Mind Games - Alex Warlorn

Discord, beaten.World, saved.But emotionally damaged Diamond Tiara hears Discord's voice and listen

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Episode 66: "Mind Games Part 8" (Season finale)

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
Pony POV Series
Mind Games Part 8 of 8

Mom. Dad. I'll fix everything. Everything will be fixed. No more black cats for our family. And I'll be back soon.

The voice chuckled. 'Oh, you should know by now you won't be.'


'With what you're going to do, my dear, I don't know how much you can bet on a family reunion.'

But-but you said-

'I thought you'd have figured it out by now. All I agreed to was your demand that I promise to make your mother sane again.'

But... but my home, my room, my friends, mom, dad, I just-

'You're free to trot away now, my dear. I can't stop you. I'm sure they'll find you and take you back home without trouble. You'll only be grounded for what, four years? But you'll be home. You'll be fine. You can tell Celestia about the mean voice in your head and they'll make it like I was never there. Then'll lock up those nasty little memories back in your mental vault again. I bet if you work really hard you can get things to be exactly like they were before you caved in and accepted the narwhal's lessons, beautiful Rarity's lessons.

'No one's going to blame you, or rather, no one will expect you to do anything less than quit. After all, to everypony else, you've always been, and always will be just a spoiled, selfish, vindictive, vain, greedy little nag who nopony really likes, at all. You? Do something selfless? That's impossible.'

What happened to my happy ending?

'Hahahaha! You're still a laugh a minute, my little pony! They don't exist. Every story 'ends' simply where the author can say 'they all lived happily ever after,' never mind they all grew old, got sick, and died, were buried in a graveyard somewhere, then forgotten about once their grandchildren died of old age too. All life is but a meaningless cycle, repetitive, monotone. Where's the fun in that? Makes me glad that I'm not burdened by such silliness.'

"You're going to betray me aren't you?"

'And just when I thought you'd never catch on. But I gave my word and swore to my Elders, sadly. Besides, you have a greater importance to me than a pawn.'

"Tell me."

'What do you want? A slideshow with me reading cue cards? A song and dance number graphically detailing my plan? Sorry dear, there are no spoilers here. You're going to wait for the punchline along with everyone else for the surprise.'

"But there is nopony else."

'I said 'everyone' not 'everypony.' You'll understand when you need to. Besides, you already know there's no true turning back now.'

The voice, sighed.

'Tiara... ' This was new. The voice sounded unsure, almost shy. 'I just want to say... ick... this really isn't easy for me to... I just, I just... blegh, you've been the best partner in crime I've enjoyed working with since time began. And I can't say I'm not sorry our time together this way is just about up. But we both have something we want more than anything and we can't let anything stand in our way. And you are perhaps the one pony alive who understands that.' Why did the voice sound like it was having teeth pulled? ' My little pony, my it's been fun to play with you. OW!'


'And all this time I thought 'truth hurts' was just an expression.'

The shapes of the maze walls were all becoming curved. I had to be near the center now. Why weren't there any more guards? Was this place that insanity inducing even for them? I just knew the feeling had become a -need-, I had to get to the center, the way you had to breathe. Even if it wasn't my only hope to bringing mom back.

'And because it's been so fun being with you.' The voice sounded like itself again, 'No, I'm lying again, I'd have said this anyway. I'm going to tell you a little secret. You want to know why your mother never talked about her delightful family? No? Too bad. They were all crazy.'

My chest hurt.

'Every last one of them. Sooner or later, went as crazy as a kook. Makes you wonder why they kept having children if they knew they were all going to just go loopy anyway. One a few centuries ago wrote a book with the help of my sister called 'The Yellow Alicorn' that made ponies funny in the head who read it. They kept trying to burn it, bury it, but somehow it kept turning up. I don't know what the problem was, I've read it twenty times, it's a real page turner.

'Another wrote some very lovely poetry that for some reason kept opening portals to the world of evil-madness-inducing-squid-ponies. I wonder how cousin Ponythulu is doing these days. One of your family I think invented modern art. I've always enjoyed it, but I don't think the artistic world ever forgave her.

'Then there were the ones who just giggled at the walls in their old age being taken care of by family before they got the joke too. One I think married a wall-eyed pegasus, but there were just so many I can't say for sure, and my memory is infinite. The point is my dear, your mother's fight against destiny was lost from the start. You have a proud history of princess lunatics and mad ponies from your mother's family tree. Isn't it lovely?'

You're, you're just lying this time. I know you are this time. There's no way mom's family would have lasted that long if they all, if they all kept losing themselves. You're just making it up.

'Well... Maybe I'm exaggerating. Maybe I'm not. Maybe I'm selling you horseapples. How would you be able to tell? But my little pony, remember what the doctors said? That your mom's craziness was inherited? Wouldn't that be something you'd inherit too? Maybe we should just call you Baby Screwball.

The picture popped into my head. It was my mom, with those purple swirling eyes, a newborn, in diapers, sucking a bottle. No, it was me! "N-n-no-oh-oh!" More tears. Always more tears. Couldn't they ever stay away just once?

'You were always destined to go mad my faithful student. Like your mother before you, and her mother before her, all the way to my mother and sister.'

What? No.

'Well, maybe I'm exaggerating again, but what does it matter if it's one generation or one thousand? The point is, insanity is in your blood, blood the two of us share. My little niece. I didn't care at first when I sensed you and your mother. I've always been betrayed whenever I trusted anyone. Even family. But we both now know what it's like to be betrayed by our own mother don't you my little niece? My little pony, my faithful student. Uncle is here for you. My little one who carries the blood of my mother. Makes me happy I never got around to that family of mother's I knew was in Equestria somewhere. Maybe your family found its way back here to me by Fate. And I hate the stuff. And I know you do too. And I know your mother does. Consequences, cause and effect, they've done nothing but make our family miserable. I think she's the one Alicorn I've ever truly wanted to see annihilated. If only I had finished slicing off her wings!'

Alicorn of fate? Huh?

'Never mind. The point is maybe your little slavery brand from destiny never meant wearing jewelry. Maybe it just meant being a beotch.'

No, my cutie mark means... I'm going to end up exactly like my mother. It was mother's crown my cutie mark resembled. I got it doing something that drove her crazy. What makes me special is...

'Well, heh, what defines crazy and sane differs from land to land, so it's not that big a stretch. I personally think it's an adorable little quirk, my little pony.'

The voice gasped.

'But! You've spent your entire life with wanting and taking things out of a sense of entitlement! Isn't THAT a type of destiny? I mean, your home, your toys, your crown, your family, your family's money! Hasn't entitlement been your constant companion this whole time? Can you really just throw it all away? Everything just handed to you. But you certainly had a choice in the matter right? You certainly could have chosen something different yes? You could've turned right instead of left and took a completely different path, right? This was just the best possible choice. It's not like any pony born into your position would have turned out exactly like you.

"She's not stuck being stuck-up like you two!" Scootaloo swore at Silver Spoon and, Applebloom? No. Not Applebloom. Her flank had a jeweled apple cutie mark. Her bow had an identically shaped ruby in the center. Her mane and tail were stylized, and she didn't look as, rough as she should have.

Sugarcube Corner? What was I doing here? The look on Not-Applebloom's face was not pretty to look at.

"Hey, this is my party, why are you two on her side?" 'Applebloom' snapped, without an accent.

"Because... " Scootaloo said before she and Sweetie Belle showed off their devoid rears.

'Her side?' Behind them there was, me? No. There was no cutie mark, no crown. And she was wearing a white cloth torc around her neck. She had more muscle on her. And her mane looked like it hadn't seen a stylist in forever.

"Ya don't have cutie marks either? Ah thought Ah was the only one," Not-Me said with the accent my elocution tutor had hammered out of me.

I felt dizzy, but it didn't stop. Everything went like it did at that party.

But what I was seeing stayed with Not-Applebloom. And whispers, so low I shouldn't have been able to hear them.

"What a spoiled brat."

"Don't judge her too harshly. She did lose her parents after all."

"That's just an excuse. Her grandmother spoils her rotten and her siblings don't try to reign her in at all."

I was back in the maze.

'Oh my. And what was that now.'

Just you, showing me some cheap, some cheap fantasy from my head again.

'Oh really?'

Yes really.

'You really are a piece of work my little pony. Even for me. You think that was just a cheap show? Oh no. You didn't come up with that. And it wasn't mine. All you saw was a little something that happened somewhere else. To a filly whose grandmother chose to be just a little bit more ambitious and shrewd so she never had to see her family starve again. And another filly whose great-grandfather decided he wanted nothing to do with the snooty upper class. And maybe never drove her precious mother insane.'

That never happened!

'You mean to say it never happened to you. This version of you. There are many, many branches life can take my little pony. And the universe spreads out trying to explore them all. Rendering every last choice in the universe, moot. So my faithful student. Every choice you've made has been made meaningless because another you made the other choice somewhere else. Every deed, good or bad, all balances out to zero. My, Other Mother, always found it quite a chuckle, and she isn't the type to laugh, ever.'

Just-another lie. No way we could have, I could have been that different!

'Oh, you don't like the Old Lady's point of view? Pst. Fine, I never really liked it much either. Is She as boring as I think Her point of view is? I've always been partial to my brother's POV on letting anarchy run rampant. But let's pretend your choices do matter, what then? Well in that case, why don't we take a look at a choice you made? Surely you made the best choice and another Diamond couldn't have made a better one, right?'

"Hey Silver Spoon?" Another me asked. I... I suddenly felt guilt eating at my mind. Break into mom's room? Go through her things? I... I couldn't do it. So when she looked at me I said "Never mind."

I helped her keep the help in line, helped keep them organized and on task... Mom approved, she starts to act more like her old self... and gave me the tiara as a reward. She puts me in front of the bathroom mirror. The cabinet is open, there's some new bottles in it. 'Zyprex-

The mirror is closed, I'm looking at myself in the tiara. "Oh my little princess! You got your Cutie Mark!" Mom exclaimed.

I looked back, and there was my Cutie Mark as I looked at myself in the mirror...

Silver Spoon tells me bullying other fillies is wrong...she, she tells me her father always said to protect other foals...I apologize...I still can't answer the question though...Oh great, here comes the blank flank, I bet she's going to rub it in this time...Except she doesn't...She-

My party...the blanks are there, but I'm not making fun of them...we're dancing, having fun...They're not overshadowing me...

Mom...she's there, so is dad...She's happy...Hey, isn't that pony talking to her and dad from the-

We're on a boat, arriving in Zebrafrica... mom is happy... so is dad...

"Thank you, Diamond. I'm so proud of you. Between the two of us, we sure got the house in order! And with that schedule we drew up, we can enjoy our vacation without worrying about the house!" Mom said, wearing her own tiara, I wearing a replica... or was it the other way around? I... I don't know... but we look so happy.

'You want to know the only thing stopping YOU from being that Diamond, my little pony? That Diamond turned right instead of left, she didn't betray her mother. So what do you know? You have no pony to blame for your dear momma going insane but yourself.'

T-that was a lie! That...couldn't have happened! Or did it? AGH! I could? No!

'Oh you could, and that you did. If your choice can be the difference between somepony else going to be insane or them being perfectly alright, between your friend being a miserable bully and a happy foal with friends and her mother, then your choices must matter. But you made the opposite choice as that version of you, and Silver Spoon made the opposite choice of that Silver Spoon. So your choices must not matter. But if your choices can affect the world for others, then they must matter! Well which is it? Do your choices matter or are they as meaningless as that worthless tattoo on your flank?'

I... I don't know!

'Good pony. And now you have another choice, my dear, to continue on this little expedition, save me, and have your family hate you, or turn around, return home, and betray your dear mother again. Oh, this is making me feel all nostalgic. A weighty choice is yours to make, the right selection or a big mistake. If the wrong choice you choose to pursue, your mother will pay, and it's all because of you.'

I feel like my head is going to explode. I... I don't know what to do...

That was a lie! You made that second one all up! No way that all would have happened! Just a fake! There wasn't anything I could've done different! You're lying!

'Is that your excuse for everything my dear? What happened to you? You're normally so good at making excuses to yourself. No matter how self serving or greedy or cruel, you always found a way to tell yourself 'I'm doing the best thing,' 'circumstances made me do it.' Anything as long as you could say you were a good pony.'

They're not e-excuses. N-none of them. It's, it's not my fault some fillies can't take a little teasing, it was just a game.

The voice said deadpan, 'Niece. That has to be the most pathetic lie you've told in your life. Don't make it this easy. I am so disappointed in you.'

S-s-sorry. I'm just so t-tired.

'Oh you've never felt sorry for a thing in your life. You didn't back off from Applebloom and the others because you were sad for anything you did to them. You certainly didn't regret blackmailing them to keep adults reading your school newspaper when you knew they were hurting ponies.

'You didn't want to see them hurt because it was a game, you wanted to see them hurt because you wanted to see them hurt. Don't go pretending you were ever a good pony. Or were you once? Doesn't matter now does it? Or does it? You're a bully and you're proud of it! You don't need racial lines to say who's better or worse! You're better because you make others worse! Remember your school newspaper? Watching ponies be destroyed by their own secrets, fake or real? Your heart is as black as pitch and you've never cared! My Mom. My dad. My family. My friend. My mentor. My cutie mark. My... my, my, my!

'There's never been a trace of goodness in you! Everything you've done you've done for yourself and you know it and you're FINE with it! That is what makes you my child! Not Celestia's!

'Even when you're pretending you're doing it for somepony else it's always about yourself! And you are okay with that! And I am proud of you! Because it's who you are! Why should who you are have to change? Isn't that what your teacher is always saying? Love yourself? Be yourself? Embrace your talents? Don't be ashamed of yourself? Well you like making others hurt! Why should you change? Isn't it the WORLD that should change? By your own hooves? Isn't that how progress is made? You're just selfish my little pony. And that's what makes you, you. Why become just another identical pony who'd do anything for those she cares about? The selfless are identical robots who all follow the exact same guidelines and rules. It's only the greedy, cruel, lying, sadistic, back-stabbing, ponies like you that are ever unique. Take any play or book! Ponies try hard to get the role of the bad guy in a play because that's the best role! My sister tried it once, and she had a blast! All the heroes in stories are the same! It's only the villains who are memorable.

'And... you want to be an individual, don't you my dear? Or do you? Maybe just doing what you're told is easier, less painful, less confusing, and this world is so so so confusing isn't it?

'They like to say it makes sense, but you know that's just a big lie. It's all just a lie. Everything! There is no place in this world for ponies like you anymore! But that's the reality you have to face!

'And when you face reality, break its neck with a baseball bat! And you know that!'

The voice kept ringing in my head. It wouldn't leave me alone. I wanted to leave but I had to go forward. I wanted it to stop but I had to listen.

I feel something...weird...like ice.

There had to be only a few more rings between me and the center now. And it could all finally end.

'Tell me my little pony. What if I had been lying before? What if you were just going to leave after you freed me, and I, ugh, healed your mother?'

The voice was ordering me to speak. I had better answer.

I'd go home. To my family. With mom. With everything fixed.

'Ah yes. Your boring not-unhappy ending. But who will you have it with?'

I told you. My family. Mom.

'But which mother?'

I only have one mom.

'Hahahaha! Oh my little pony, that is the easy answer. As I told someone about oh...two thousand years ago, since when is the easy answer the right one? Think about it. How sure about that are you? What does a mother do? What does a mother not do? How does a mother make you feel? How does she make you not feel?... Answer me.'

I obey.

A mother gives birth to you.

'Oh, and what about the ponies who are adopted?'

A mother makes you happy.

'Really? Well how happy were you when she called you worthless?'

A-a mother looks after you.

'Oh, then I guess mother knew best when she tried to wring your little neck?'

A-a m-mother nurtures you.

'She's sure done a lot of that, when she's not busy looking at those four white walls.'

A-a m-mother i-is t-there for you.

'See above my little pony.'

T-that t-thing i-isn't m-my mother. M-my real m-mother will be back as soon as I-I help you.

'Oh so your real mother eh? Who got you to actually do something with yourself? Who was the first to have you make something you were able to hold in your hooves? Who taught you how? Who was the nice mare who did all those things for you? Answer me.'

I obey. "Miss Rarity."

'Oh yes, that was it. But of course she also shouted at you, threw you out like garbage, said all those awful things to you. And she let you get pricked and stuck making you learn it to begin with. And she wasn't even crazy.'

Why won't my gut stop twisting? Why can't I think of anything to say to that?

'Of course, what would your father say to you feeling that way to a narwhal? Betraying your mother? But who has acted more like a mother to you? Who has been there for you lately? Who forgave you for what you did? Of course, is it really fair for somepony to come stomping in and claim the prize at the last minute after somepony else worked so long for it? But did who worked for it more deserves it more? Of course your father would never accept a narwhal, but what does he know? He rejected your own mother, he must not know a good mare when she's right in front of him... Of course. How did you even find that out?'


'You were a lovely little doll at the time, remember? How did you know your mother broke loose except by what those adults said to each other just before your father defended your mother's honor? Of course, your father abandoned your mother. Betrayed her. You couldn't go knowing that, because then it would mean your father really did still care about her. To lock that memory away. Remember now?'


'Oh yes you do. The servants and your father wouldn't talk about what happened. And you my dear are far, far too self-centered to ever ask what happened to others. All that matters is me-me-me. You're so stuck-up you didn't even question how you knew something. It's only natural you'd know something. Everything else you knew, I gave to you!'


'Of course. Since you're betraying Rarity after all.'


'Oh yes you are. Once your mother is back to normal, you'll have no reason to see her again. No reason to be with her. No need to be in her presence. To learn from her, to have her fill that void inside you. OH SILLY ME! I am so stupid and forgetful! You already betrayed her! Duh! Remember when we started our quest together? Or maybe you're hoping she's dead so you won't have to choose.

'But maybe she'd still let you in her sight if you crawled on your belly and begged for forgiveness. But then you'd be letting your mother stay That Thing forever. Of course you were just using Rarity as a replacement weren't you? From the start. She meant nothing to you right? The way she made you feel warm, the way you felt like you had worth that wasn't connected to your parents' money, the way she took the time to patiently teach you ways to sew that she had no practical worth of knowing herself? That was all fake yes? Just a hold over.'

I clenched my teeth so hard my jaw ached. My head pounded, my chest hurt so badly.

I felt little black cold hands wrapping themselves around me.

'Or maybe not? Maybe she's been the real mother to you instead of a pretend big sister who just wanted to play games with you eh? One who actually taught you instead of just being an over-sized playmate. Who also worked so hard to feed you and shelter you. Or maybe a pony who knew you hated her just for her species, and insulted her when you first met, and still forgave and guided you. But who your father could never accept. You started this whole quest by betraying her, by stabbing her in the back to bleed to death. All just so you could save the mare who gave birth to you, then tried to kill you. Tell me my little niece. Was that really the smart thing to do? Oh that's right. You're the smart one. So of course it was. Wasn't it? So since you're so smart My little pony, can you give me the answer? Whose child are you? Who is your mother? Forget all that! I'll make it very simple for you. Don't want it to be too hard for a smart pony like you. Listen very closely, I'll say it nice and slow. Ready? Alright, here we go:

Which. One. Do. You. Love?


... ...

... ... ..

Like a volcano, all exploded.

Banged my hooves into my head and screamed, "I-don't-KNOW!"

My heart cracks in two. All of me shatters.




Silver Spoon and Rarity held down the filly as she screamed and contorted on her bed. Screaming at the ceiling her back arched. Her eyes pin pricks and blood shot.

The long staying Filthy Rich called for paramedics without being asked.


Sweetie would have been crying if she could.

Rarity's telekinesis and Silver Spoon's Earth Pony strength could barely keep the filly on the bed as her body convulsed.

"Sweetie Belle I'm right here! Right here for you!" Rarity recklessly pressed her head against Sweetie Belle, just avoiding her horn.

"I'm here too, Sweetie!" called Silver Spoon's voice.

"Rarity! Rarity it won't stop! Help me!"

It hurt. Everything hurt. Where was she? Who was she? What was she? The pain! The pain! And-- She breathed out and collapsed.

"Sweetie!" Rarity pressed an ear to her chest. Heart still beating, still breathing, thank Celestia, thank all Princesses!

Sweetie curled into a ball, shaking, but not thrashing about like a mad pony. Now she did cry.

"Sweetie Belle it's okay, big sister's here." Rarity nuzzled her, Sweetie nuzzled back. The filly rolled an eye at the little Earth pony.

She said gently, "Silver Spoon... you're a good pony."

She closed her eyes.

She heard, "Silver Spoon, be a dear and fetch Twilight Sparkle while Mr. Rich fetches Miss Redheart."

Sweet black warm kind forgiving rest followed. She dreamed of singing for of all of Canterlot.


'You and I are exactly alike. There is no difference between us. We're both heels without souls. We have black holes where that weak point called a heart would be. And we've rid ourselves of the imitations we pretended to have. We were born how we are, there's never been anything 'nice' about either of us. You've been a total sociopath from day one and you know it! It's alright now my Diamond Tiara... you can finally stop pretending. Let the real you show. You don't have to play by their rules anymore.

'I won't say I haven't lied to you, because we know everypony lies. Ponies say they like the truth because it makes them feel big.

'But I won't lie that I haven't laughed at you, because we know the most beautiful laughter is the one we have at another's expense.

'I won't say I haven't done all this for myself, because we know everything is just another shade of selfish, it's not like you'd go through all this for somepony else's mother.

'I won't pretend I haven't been cruel, because we both know cruelty is the natural way of the world, not a boring façade of kindness.

'I won't ask for your loyalty, because we know that's an illusion. Ponies are loyal only when it suits them.

'I won't ask for your friendship, because we both know all friendships are just castles in the sand. The only good in them is giving you a laugh when you kick somepony else's in their face.'

"I get it. I finally get it. They're nothing but a big lie, it's all just a lie, everything! They're just fiction ponies tell themselves to make themselves feel better! But that's the reality I have to face!"

'Do you finally understand how the world works my Diamond Tiara?'

"Yes... it doesn't.

Nothing ever makes sense. Rules are rules only when ponies feel like following them. Or making others follow them. The only choice that matters is to send all those rules straight to Pony Hell! Everything is confusion. The whole world is-"

'Say it my little pony.'

I'm so confused. But maybe the confusion is better if understanding is so horrid?

Venom dripped from my voice as the word melted out, "Chaos."

I'm so confused. But maybe the confusion is better if understanding is so horrid?

It. I do not fear it, I do not resist it, I welcome it, I embrace it. It.

I'm so confused. But maybe the confusion is better if understanding is so horrid?

My flanks feel like they're being stabbed by a million needles. I look at my cutie mark. It flickers like a broken image. It hurts. The ends of the tiara connect into a circle, the ridges multiplying into eight points going in every direction.

I feel nothing.

Princess, are THESE the lessons I should have been learning from the start?

I've always thought I knew so much, but I see I've understood so little.

I'm so confused. But maybe the confusion is better if understanding is so horrid? Everything is darker now. I feel cold but I'm not afraid.

Why is my coat turning gray?

'YES! Oh you and I have much to do together, after we're done utterly destroying the outstayed chaining status quo!'


I watched as the tendrils of black magic reach up, wrapping around my little pony. I go in for a closer look, seeing the empty, colorless, blank crystal set in a tarnished torc in her soul, shaped just like that mark on her flank. Wish I had popcorn as it slowly turns to black.

And then she said it. That wonderful, beautiful word I love so much.


And it's like an explosion.

The crystal shatters in all directions, wish I had sun glasses! In its wake is left a beautiful black crystal in the much more beautiful mark that now sits on her flank! My signature on my greatest work!

YES!!! I laugh, of course I laugh! In your face, Celestia! She's officially mine! All MINE! One of your little ponies is now my little pony! And there wasn't one little bit of mind control involved! Oh if old Morning Star could see me now! Game, set, match to moi! Hahahahahaha!

The final ring around the center.

My coat looks desaturated. The strands of my mane in front of my face told the same story.

Didn't matter.

My mane was a rat's nest again with the tiara in the center.

Didn't matter.

I don't even look at the rest of me. matters less.

Just like all those fake 'rules' didn't matter.

The voice had gone silent. It had nothing more to teach me.

Ponies say to be honest but lie through their teeth to be polite day by day.
Be joyful and laugh, at your enemy's misfortune, then declare your enemy wicked when they do the same.
Be generous to others, except when it interferes with what you want.
Be kind to your foals, and shout and spank and hurt them if they don't turn out how you want.
Say you're loyal to someone, until their beliefs and goals no longer mesh with yours.
Say "Accept differences and be friends," when all ponies do is group together with those who are most like them.

I'm free.


'Oh you have GOT to be kidding me!' The voice exasperated.

I should have felt surprised.

A brown Earth Pony stallion, wearing a servant's uniform. He looked quite crazy. His uniform was torn in places, he had cuts and bruises, one eye wouldn't stop twitching. Leafs and sticks were caught in his mane and tail. His cutie mark was a winged martini. He also looked familiar. Oh right. The stallion who singled me out in the server's war room.

"I told you. Neither teleportation nor flying would save you. I'm like a dragon and you're my bit piece."

"Dragons care about their treasure," I said flatly.

"SHUT UP BRAT! No one skips on my watch! Not royal guards, not mazes that go in square circles or split off into left triangles can stop me! Heheheh. You got a head start because unlike you I don't abandon my post. But no one ditches their responsibilities to our Winged-Unicorn Queen on my watch."

"It's 'Princess.' And 'Alicorn:' as in all three tribes."

"SHUT UP BRAT! And where is that stupid filly who has the gall to tell me how to do my job?"

"Her name is Neatly Spell. And I do not know."

"I know you deserted together you little liar!"

"I am not lying."

"Pst. There really comes a time when you just need to beat the stupid out of stupid fillies."

He took off his jacket.

I should have been even more surprised at that.

So that's why an Earth Pony would have a winged martini as his cutie mark, he wasn't one.

"Doesn't that hurt?"

"Heheh. It's worth it for deserters who don't think to watch the sky."

"Why didn't you just fly here then?"

"Retarded hedge maze! Turning the entire world around when I try to fly over it!"

'And I bet Celly thought she had nothing left to learn from me. Nice comebacks by the way, my daughter.'

"Get out of our way."

"A brat like you doesn't get to use the royal we."

"You're distracting. Go away."

He turned red. He made a sound more animal than pony and took off. Shouldn't the guards see him? Oh wait. Looks like he hit an invisible ceiling just where the hedges stop.

He dives at me hooves first yelling.

I've never been in a fight before in my life. I don't care.

I duck down. His shoed hooves tear off the back of the maid uniform. It feels good. That was hurting before. It didn't matter.

He landed behind me and gasped as I turned around and I felt the air around me.

His eyes widened at me as he took a few trots back.

"What in Her Majesty's name are you?"

I didn't answer. Whatever he said didn't matter. I took advantage (don't I always?) and rammed myself head first into his chest. He screamed out in pain, blood dripped down from the hole in him. He grabbed me with both hooves, pressing against my neck, cutting off air. I can't breathe.

"Worthless brat!"

I bit him in the fetlock, I ripped away skin and drew blood.

He screamed and let me fall.

I climbed up him like he was a jungle gym, my little jump being bigger than I thought it would be.

I twisted about on his back and grabbed his wings and pulled them the wrong way. He jumped and bucked trying to get me off. He instinctively tried to fly and crashed hard. He landed on his side with me and skinned my side. I should have cried out too. I kept bending his wings until I hear hollow bones break and tendons snap. He screams again. I kept twisting until he stopped screaming. All I hear is the voice in my head clapping as I do it.

He lay there panting. His eyes darting about everywhere. I leaned in close on his back.

"You just got mangled by a foal. How many of your subordinates are going to be scared of you now? What are you going to do with your shield gone? You'll never fly again if you don't see a doctor very soon. You can try to kill me. But you won't be able to. I'll just cripple the other wing. Maybe I'll even rip it off." His eye looked at me, terrified. "And I'll tell everypony, how you got beaten by a little spoiled worthless filly. You'll be a laughing stock. No one will take you seriously ever again. Run. Run away, and keep running. I think the maze will be a lot kinder letting you out than keeping you out. You had a very bad flying accident. Made you appreciate being able to fly, want to go see the pegasus cities more."

"Bad accident... " He said timidly like he was presenting his own idea, his eyes locked in mine, he couldn't look away, "Very bad. Should leave. Long long time to recover. Want to see... pegasus cities more... "

I leap off and kick him in the flanks. "Now get."

"Now... get." He runs away as fast as three good legs would carry him.

The voice claps. 'Very, very good my little pony. A picture perfect manipulation! I'm so proud!'


The maid uniform was dirty, torn, and it was customary for ponies to hide their bodies in cities like Canterlot.

I tore it off. I entered the center of the maze.


Um. Excuse me but, I don't think you've ever interviewed two ponies at once before.

Well technically they have because whenever they've interviewed you or Fluttercruel they were interviewing you and Fluttercruel! Would that mean they were interviewing all of me together? I guess not. Okay. This is new, you have never really interviewed two ponies at once before.

(Interviewer's Notes (Pegasus): Hey hey now. Don't go thinking-, we just thought it'd be nice ya know? Change of pace?)

You also always interviewed us at our homes or... I think also interviewed us while it was happening but, that, doesn't make any sense. But I know you've never held a picnic for us.

(Interviewer's Notes (Earth Pony): We just wanted to spend a little time with you. You know? Have fun?)

Geeze that's nice! You should have asked me. I'm the party pony remember? Heh. You could have let me give you pointers.

(Interviewer's Notes (Unicorn): Think of it as a gift then. For the both of you.)

Alright. I guess.

(Interviewer's Notes (Earth Pony): You have a pretty smile.)

Thank you. So do you, and that's a beautiful little phoenix.

(Interviewer's Notes (Earth Pony):... .He's not ours. We're just holding onto him. Until we can give him to Spike.)

But... but why would you give him to Spike?

(Interviewer's Notes (Unicorn): Because Spike needs to learn what it's like to take care of another weaker than him, someone who will look up to him, who will look to him for who he's supposed to become and who he's supposed to be.)

I thought ponies were supposed to figure that out on their own. Otherwise my pa and ma would have just told me to have a rock cutie mark.

(Interviewer's Notes (Pegasus): Not like that Pinkie. It's like... like-)

(Interviewer's Notes (Unicorn): Every pony needs help to discover who they are, they need a starting point, a guide. Who you become is your own choice, but it's meaningless unless you know what it is exactly you're choosing. Over ninety percent of adult blank flanks come from problem families or were orphans. No one is a solitary being. We stand together as one. No one pony chooses this world's path, it is the sum of everypony's choices together. Then there are the ponies who think their cutie mark is an expectation rather than a reflection and destroy themselves when they 'fail' to live up 'perfectly' to them.)

(Interviewer's Notes (Pegasus): HEY! Enough with the doom and gloom!)

(Interviewer's Notes (Unicorn): Isn't that what you normally do?)

(Interviewer's Notes (Pegasus): Just to get ponies off their rumps and to act like adults. Not go off in lecture-mode on how depressing life is.)

(Interviewer's Notes (Unicorn): 'Life' is different for everypony. Everypony makes their own choice. And those choices affect the choices others make, like ripples in a pond.)

(Interviewer's Notes (Pegasus): Then stop going on about the bad ones.)

(Interviewer's Notes (Unicorn): Does that mean you finally will as well?)

(Interviewer's Notes (Pegasus): Ugh. Fine. You got me.)

(Interviewer's Notes (Earth Pony): So you see! We wanted to just have a little time with you two. Because you're really great ponies. Yes yes yes you are! Just for you two! Because-BECAUSE YOU'RE WONDERFUL!)

There there don't cry. Have a hug from auntie Fluttershy.

Hey that's my line!

(Interviewer's Notes (Earth Pony): It's okay. You... you don't deserve to have anything bad ever happen to you.)

(Interviewer's Notes (Pegasus): Yeah, the world would be a lot darker without either of you.)

(Interviewer's Notes (Unicorn): Please focus on the positive... because those are the moments worth focusing on. You have earned your happiness.)

Whao! This is the first time I think you guys have opened up like this.

Actually when we last spoke they showed their feelings a lot then too.

(Interviewer's Notes (Pegasus): Don't-don't make such a big deal out of it. We just wanted to throw the schedule out the window, just this once, because the only real questions we wanted to ask you were. Do you know how lucky you are to have such great friends? Do you know how lucky they are to have great friends like you? And what scares them more than anything whenever you have to save the world, is losing you? That you two are gifts to Equestria and your friends?)

Hey Fluttershy! If you blush anymore you're going to be redder than Big Macintosh.

Erm. I'm not used to lots of praise.

(Interviewer's Notes (Pegasus): Liar.)

I'm not used to praise that comes from the heart.

(Interviewer's Notes (Pegasus): Oh.)

And you. All three of you. You're acting like we're old friends you haven't seen in forever.

(Interviewer's Notes (Earth Pony): It's just so nice to see you two. I was kinda scared that you'd be different ponies after everything. You are. You're better ponies than you were before! And I'm not scared of the future anymore.)

(Interviewer's Notes (Pegasus): I'm ready to live in the here and now thanks to you guys.)

(Interviewer's Notes (Unicorn): And this old mare can let go of her regrets.)

Aaaaaaah. Group-hug-whao! All at once.

(Interviewer's Notes (Pegasus): Hey old lady, kiddo, let me be the one to say it please.)

(Interviewer's Notes (Unicorn): As you wish.)

(Interviewer's Notes (Earth Pony): Alright.)

Say what?

(Interviewer's Notes (Pegasus): We love you guys! You're the best freakin' friends a pony could ask for!)

Ahh. Don't you cry too. It's alright.

(Interviewer's Notes (Pegasus): I'll cry if I want to. Just you two don't go ever forgetting how much you mean to your friends. Your lives are NOT just your own. They belong to your friends too.)

Which means it belongs to you guys too.

(Interviewer's Notes (Pegasus): Thank you so much Pinkie Pie. And you too, Fluttershy.)


"That. Is the most ugly, garish, and tasteless, and unoriginal statue I have seen in my life."

'Flattery will get you everything.'

I read the plaque. "Discord."

'I prefer the Handsome and Really Great Discord, but yes, the one and only.'

The statue the blanks, no, Applebloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle broke down into a hoof-fight over in front of. All over what it was supposed to embody.

'Never guessing they were all completely right. But I was already on my way out, they just gave me the final push.'

All this way. Just for this. I was rather underwhelmed. "I was expecting more."

'Sorry to disappoint.' Sounded like it actually was. Didn't matter.

"It looks cowardly."

'Unfortunately I would have to agree it's not my best pose this time. Seems six users worked a lot faster than two, didn't help I let my ego and joy of being released get in my way.'

This time? Doesn't matter.

"Doesn't look much like the pony in my head when we started speaking."

'Didn't want to scare you dear.'

"You mean not lose my trust."

The sun was high in the sky. Except for the entrance behind me the hedges formed a perfect circle around it. Crayon drawings by foals were framed and hung around the inside looking like a new addition. All either showing friends and happiness, or perfectly organized patterns by foals with Aspergers. All set to be in perfect view of the statue's point of view. There was also a hoof made necklace of flowers around its neck.

'And Celly always said she abhorred torture. Ugh! Of course, I don't turn ponies to stone.'

Where did the picture of a cockatrice being knocked out by a pink pegasus come from? Didn't matter.

'Good girl.'

"So what happens now uncle?"

'You know what to do. It was engraved into the base of your brain. I should know my signature is right below it in big bold letters.'


'By the way. I'm the monster who turned you into a doll, made Silver Spoon's dad try to kill her, let your mom out of the nut house, and made your dad go crazy and turn anypony he touched into copies of your mom.

Which means it was Moi, who woke up your father to how little he knows his own kid aka you. Made it so you and your 'precious' mommy couldn't have a reunion while she was free, showed your mom what kind of person your father really is, and last but not least reminded your father of what he was missing out on. All for my own brand of amusement.' The voice said calmly, as if speaking of the weather.

"What?" I asked annoyed. "Do you want me to hate you now teacher?"

'I thought you'd like to know. After all this may give you an excuse to turn back.' The voice probably knew what my answer was going to be.

"After showing me the truth? After everything? After making sure I had no way to turn back?"

'Ah, no need to get snarky little one. But to answer your question, yes pretty much.'

"If you wanted a rise out of me you can forget it. My dad's a swine, you showed him what a swine he is. That thing would have murdered me if she had found me, you saved my life. And I don't care what favors you did for Silver Spoon."

'What about everypony else?'

"What about them?"

'Like Miss Rarity. I'm the one who made her think a giant rock was a diamond and brought out her greedy self.'

"So that's where that giant rock came from."

'Yes it was a giant rock. It was a rock and it was giant. They made a perfect couple. Because of what I did to her, she exploded on you when you came to her for your mommy's dress. So don't you mind what I did to Miss Rarity?'

"Why should I? Besides, sounds like you just helped her. And played a fun practical joke on her. But I don't like practical jokes."

'To each their own I guess. I just thought you'd want to know all these things.'

That thing would be my mother again very soon. Mom, my real mom, not that animal with a pony's face, this is all for you.

'Let the show begin! Hahahaha!'

I bit into my left fetlock and smeared my right hoof in the blood.

"I who carry the cursed blood." I placed a bloody hoof against the statue's side. I suddenly feel like I've come home.

I spoke the words the voice gave me. "By the Six Fold Keys Of Broken Bounds Undo This Six Fold Lock of Bonds Eternal, Shatter This Earthly Prison As I Offer My Heart Up In The Name Of Lord Havoc And Lady Entropy's Children As Did My Ancestor Long Before Me. I, Who Chose The Name Diamond Tiara do. I Who Was Born Tarnished Rich do of my own free will. To destroy the barrier between what is and what isn't, I do. Father."


Princess Luna/Moonlight gasped as she dreamed of her head being speared by a giant lance.

Princess Celestia yelled at the pain that struck at the center of her brain, her subjects rushing to her side in an instant to seek to aid their goddess.

Flying away from the picnic, Fluttershy cried out and held her hooves to her head, only Fluttercruel kept her from crashing.

Princess Cadence felt an invisible knife pierce her skull in the darkness of her cage, wondering if this was a new way for the Changeling Queen to torture her.

"Dear, another headache? I worry about you," asked Princess Mi Amore Cadenza to Shining Armor.

We three gasped in pain as well.


All in all. It felt nice to play the game again. It felt familiar. It felt, nice, it reminded me of when the world made sense, I mean, made sense before I went crazy. But it's fine. I know that unless I get well they won't let me be with my family again, but that's just the way ponies are. It's too bad that nopony can see the world as I can see it. It would be beautiful if everyone realized the game was just a game, and not to be taken seriously. Oh being able to read, write, or, or even getting my hooves to do what my head wants them to do again would be really nice. I don't know how to tell my baby I haven't been able to read any of the holidays cards she gave me.

And... to write her, a birthday card a-again...

Too bad the medication didn't work, it didn't make everything make sense, it just made everything gray, it didn't make it less confusing, it just made it muted. I was happy when Dr. Head Scratcher saw it wasn't working either. They tried a lot of medicine, but none of them worked any better.

And I played the game perfectly. Just slipping on through. Just kept smiling and nattering. Everypony too scared to ever show their real face, all of them hiding behind masks. I don't miss that in the least. The mask was always suffocating, killing the real me.

"I must say that dress resembles one a friend of mine was to wear here."

"Is that so-so-so?" I stay perfectly calm.

"Yes. You have good taste." He smiled and nodded.

Heh. Believing a pony had chosen the same dress as someone he knew was easier than thinking his friend had been mugged by an escaped princess lunatic. And why would he think that after all?

Too bad I had to hide my beanie. I mean, after the twenty-second pony stared at it, I began to think I might be drawing attention, better safe than sorry.

It was so lucky that they always seemed to be having parties at Canterlot Castle. Just like in the fairy tales.

Sometimes it was the rich and powerful working out their pecking order. Other times it was dignitaries of other nations puffing their chests. Zebras, dragons, griffins, donkeys, all playing the same game. The zebras always felt the least weird: at least they had cutie marks, even if I couldn't understand them most times. I really didn't care for some tattoo on my butt telling me what to do, but, I was used to seeing them on so many ponies, it felt strange to see creatures without them that could talk and reason.

According to my old history teacher, ponies had been -shocked- to learn other rational creatures didn't have cutie marks. That had taken a century or two to get over.

Then there were the mules and the hippogriffs. A lot of ponies considered them scary to look at. Something ugly. I thought they were just interesting. And I guess I envied them a little. Apparently some thought the hippogriffs were pretty, they were the symbol of the peace between griffins and ponies. I wonder if hippogriffs can get Cutie Marks.

The servers looked more relaxed than I remember servants being the last time I saw any. Why did most of the servants always act so scared when I came to visit my family? Oh yeah, I'm insane. Sometimes I forget.

Ugh! I hate this music! Couldn't they play something a little more, interesting? More wild? How did the musicians not die from learning to play this flavorless grayed out music?

I've hated this music since I went crazy, oh wait, I hated it before I went crazy too.

At least when dignitaries showed up they'd play music from their countries to keep the mood calm. Their music was always so amazing. Some ponies thought dragon and griffin music was too fierce, but I loved it, it really gets the blood pumping. Thankfully a Griffin had them put some on before I fell asleep on my hooves.

I couldn't wait to hug my baby again. I-I'm pretty sure I gave her a really big hug, so big that I might have accidentally bruised her the day before they locked me up.

"Excuse me Mr. handsome Day Guard Person. Where is Princess Celestia?"

The guard looked surprised at someone talking to him opposed to ignoring him like he was a statue (honest mistake). "Er, the Princess, Madam, has retired to her chambers for the moment, she will not be seeing anypony. I suggest you make an appointment."

I growled. Uh-oh. Stay in character, play the game, play the role, ugh. "I see. Where may I make an appointment with her then?"

Of course I had no intention of waiting that long. Just needed to charm the information out of the next stallion paper pusher I saw, and I'd have a direct chat with the Princess myself, and being a Princess myself, I know she know where my Princess was. Or maybe I should go find one of the other Princesses. How many were in Canterlot again? Just before I got sick one came back, who knows how many there were now.

The guard mentioned some officer or other. I wasn't really paying that much attention. Shoved it into the short term memory part of my brain.

Gonna find The Princess, gonna find my little princess, and gonna kick the horseapples outta whoever took her from me. Heyyyy, I bet if I do some heroic rescue of her, I bet my friends and family will come together and tell the doctors how I'm obviously a good mother and therefore it's morally wrong to keep me from my foal and that they're a bunch of ignorant, selfish phobics for daring to think that my princess would be safer away from me instead of with me. I'd give my baby such a big strong hug when we got our happy ending. A-and, she'll hug me back, she'll kiss me, a-and tell me how no one will take us apart again.

Now where was a lonely royal guard who I could charm and knock out, hide in a cabinet, and don their armor to get away. All it would take is a few 'That's a stupid question!' or 'Her Majesty's Orders' and I could walk into the royal treasure room if I wanted. Oh, wait, the fur color has something to do with their post, I remember Silver Axe said that once...oh well, I'll just find some dye or something.

Did I eat something that disagreed with me? I always wondered why potato chips and ice cream didn't go together. I feel funny.

I feel wavy.

I feel... I don't know what I'm feeling.

Uuuuuugh. I need to lay down. Thank Cadence for seats and tables.

Why is it so hot in here? No it's chilling. No hot. Cold. Hot. Cold. Ugh. Make it stop.

It feels like my brain and cutie marks are on fire. Burning.

Too much. No more.

Who shoved the fire brand in my head?!

Get out of me. Get out of me. Stay away from me. Stooop. I wanna stay here. Let me stay here!

AAagh... .Or do I?

The fog burns away.

My brain. Feels like clay.

Puzzle pieces change shape to fit again.

I hear a lot of mind control magic is supposed to leave the pony with no idea what so ever of what they did while under it. But then who was it that did all they did then?

It's a lie. The answer is: is you. Only you.



Ponies are gathering around me and the guards too.

What a spoiled and disobedient filly. Oh well. Just a learning experience. Won't make those mistakes again. But first better erase this one.


The gears begin to turn the right way again, everything is clicking magically into place, the cogs spinning how they're supposed to. My cutie mark is burning. The gunk and grime spills out from everywhere! I see it all, I feel it all.


Oh don't fret my prince, I'll be done in a minute, then we can get to work on making our new princess. We must have missed a piece last time.


I envy other creatures for being able to vomit. I'm going to drown.


"Madam! MADAM! Can you hear me!"

I lay there for a minute. The medical unicorns have been called. No. Not again. Never again.

Shaking, I get to my hooves. My dress got scrunched up. My cutie mark... it's, it's a gold crown.

Why doesn't confusion come?

I look in a wine glass. My eyes aren't whirl pools.

Everypony is looking at me. I'm afraid.

"I'm fine! Just an episode! Nothing to worry about!"

How long until the pony I clobbered is found-?! How long until a random guard recognizes me as the mad pony who gave them a wild chase? The mad pony who tried to murder her daughter-?!

Get away. Had to get away. I got five trots and fainted.


(Interviewer's Private Notes (Unicorn): I am unable to escape this conclusion. In spite of their polar opposite cause, polar opposite levels of sanity of the subjects afterwards: Alicornification and Nightmarification are the same process.

'Nightmarification' is when a pony is reborn as an Alicorn, but their heart is not aligned with all creation and the taint of black magic is within them. Similarly. Nightmarification for an Alicorn is when their heart's balance is destroyed in favor of one aspect of the pony in conjunction with suffering from black magic abuse.

Absolute power without absolute enlightenment.

In other words: for a mortal pony Nightmarification is a 'botched' or perhaps better to say 'incomplete' Alicornification. This is why the same amount of magical power is not released when an Alicorn themself undergoes Nightmarification.

This is why the Elements of Harmony are able to 'complete' the Alicornification for a mortal pony, or to restore the balance in an Alicorn's heart. They either create a new harmony or restore the old one.

Alicorns however are in reality spiritual beings. And as such can assume any material form they wish, from a tree to a parasprite. As such: a de-powered and 'cured' Nightmare with no experience of being an Alicorn in my opinion unconsciously will assume a shape that is most familiar and comfortable to them, ie, their appearance as a mortal pony.

Power cannot be destroyed. Apotheosis is a one way door. Though it is possible for an Alicorn to separate, or seal away their power (perhaps in the guise of a small creature or object), it is still a part of them and not a separate existence.

Also, Princess Luna's state suggests a great reduction in power is needed or a side effect of bringing the subject's heart into alignment.

In contrast to these findings, I have seen first hoof proof that the divided essence of one being can, under divine will, and only under divine will I suppose, become a unique spirit, but this spirit is for all intents and purposes a new born. Since the law of conservation of energy does not function the same in the spiritual realm, this does NOT in fact cause the loss of divine power from the 'parent' upon return to the spiritual universe.)

Manipulation is the name of the game
Manipulation, makes your games look tame
The goal is control of your soul...

We're playin' mind games, mind games
Stretchin' your mind till it snaps
We like to play mind games, mind games, mind games
Makin' the whole thing collapse
Mind games...

The stipulation is that we make all the rules
Intimidation, turns the wisest mares to fools
You're caught, overwrought, and distraught...

Suddenly the world seems out of joint
Don't you see ponies, that's the point?

We're playin' mind games, mind games
Twistin' your head out of shape
We like to play mind games, mind games, mind games
There's no way to escape

We like to play mind games, mind games, mind games
There's no way to escape mind games!


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"Mind Games" Song Copyrighted to Hasbro.

Season 5 is now over, Discord is free and many questions have been both asked and answered now. Next season may give the answer to the biggest question: "Who are The Interviewers and what is their connection to the events that have and will occur?"

All that therapy down the drain. Friendships... possibly gone. Damn.

Because of the illusion of a choice, the corruption of a child's mind and an emotional insecurity of a nation, chaos will possibly reign again. Damn it.

This story is impressively well written.

So Diamond's mother's side is decendant from Discord. Yet another unexpected twist...bummer. And it looks like Discord actually kept his word. Screwball is now Golden Tiara again. So...how long until season six is posted and is it the last chapter?:pinkiecrazy:

These interviewers are. . .odd. And slightly disturbing. And it's just been getting weirder since everypony just accepts that they're there, but *who* are they, where did they come from, and why do they tell everypony a different story of why they're there?

And now that Dissy is free. . .the fun can really begin.


Season six . . . is what ties season zero with the rest of the series, and is two storylines going on at the same time!

1234760 Season Zero?:rainbowderp: Isn't that the series with what would have happened if Discord won?:twilightoops: How will this tie-in to that?:duck:

Season Zero: Discorded Ponies is the story about the other fork in the road... that was never resolved.
Oh... Oh! Oh.
Observation affects reality. Quantum Theory - there is no phenomenon until it is observed. I think they have to do something with healing the realites in this story by observering/recording people's lives. They are like the weyard sisters of Macbeth or the moerae sisters from Greece. I guess.


Ironically in spite of everything to the contrary, there are still at least three more seasons to the Pony POV Series. But I PROMISE that season Six WILL give you the answer you seek at its final episode.


So, that is the choice you made.
That is fine, then. Since it was your own choice and not his, that gives it all the more meaning.
And now let us see where things will go from here."

"Fade to black, no music, no end credits. Everything shall simply -stop-! . . . Actually I have something better in mind. "

(OoC: Interesting end to the season. How far off can we expect Season 6 to be?)

Depends how fast I'm able to clear my desk as it were.


"All that therapy down the drain. Friendships... possibly gone. Damn. "

Indeed. Stinks. If not for Discord, Diamond Tiara might be a decent pony by now.

"Because of the illusion of a choice, the corruption of a child's mind and an emotional insecurity of a nation, chaos will possibly reign again. Damn it."

Get ready to see a world of darkness slowly clawing its way out of the pit back into the light.

"This story is impressively well written."

Thank you. And it is far from over.


"So Diamond's mother's side is decendant from Discord. Yet another unexpected twist...bummer. "

Technically descendant from Discord's mother.

"And it looks like Discord actually kept his word. Screwball is now Golden Tiara again."

He didn't have a choice. He swore to His Parents.

"So...how long until season six is posted and is it the last chapter?"

No it isn't. Because it takes some surprising twists and turns (as normal).


"These interviewers are. . .odd. And slightly disturbing. And it's just been getting weirder since everypony just accepts that they're there, but *who* are they, where did they come from, and why do they tell everypony a different story of why they're there?"

Season six at its conclusion WILL answer this! I've also been planting clues ALL ALONG on who and what they are.

"And now that Dissy is free. . .the fun can really begin."

But first, it's time for the truth.


You'll see at its conclusion.

"Thank you. And it is far from over."
You are welcome. I figure there are things still needed to be presented.

I have something else to say. Over a month ago I remember Pinkie Pie's butterfly chapter because of Mugen Kagemaru's cookie. She mentioned "the shadows" had something to do with judging a "world" vs "heart world". What I got out of it, Pinkie Pie thought she had to appease these entities or else. Applejack and Celestia convinced her otherwise before Pinkie Pie destroyed herself. What I want to say is thank you for that story.


Well now I just feel stupid if there are clues to who they are and I'm missing them. . .granted it doesn't help it takes like 3 days to read a chapter because of work and passing out. . .


Mugen, I will remember how to address you. These "shadows" are... I can not say.


I see no shame in your struggle or in your thoughts.


Higher Mugen? Oh. It is not because it is a curse word - it is not. I can not say because I don't want to define what I think the "shadows" are to other people. I already gave an opinion about who the interviewers are and why they are in the story. There is regret concerning that action. The opinion was a mistake and It should not been written down. I wish not to make the same mistake with the "shadows".


"And yet, at the same time, I confess that I just can't help but think you're being a bit of an idiot for thinking that way."

Ha ha ha... that comment made me laugh. How you wrote the above sentence down was elegant. Do I sound like bit of an idiot?Maybe. Looking back on my comment I wrote: I look like a fool! ;) I am ok with that. Fools are just the first step on the way to the worlds.
I feel happy.
I just read episode 68 and I am not a whining cry baby anymore. I am going to bed. There is work I want to do with a fresh mind. Good night Mugen.


"In the end, what separates a man from a slave? Money? Power? No... A man chooses, a slave obeys." - Andrei Rianofski
I not too sure if that is a challenge to reply or a challenge not to reply? Is it a challenge? I don't believe so. I choose to reply.
Chaos and control are different sides of the same coin of balance. As for my odd behavior... I do not know what makes it odd. Really. All I know it makes it me, now. I choose to be happy and mostly alive.
Diamond Tiara obeyed. Why? Lies, Hate, and Fear were feed to her while Truth, Love and Courage bleed out of her. Discord slowly killed most of her and replaced her with an illusion. One idea at a time. She obeyed to be sad and mostly dead.
That does not answer your question. I believe the "shadows" are an effect not a cause. I am not certain.


What makes you say that?

That was a stunning conclusion.

Damn your bread crumble trails, "Rask". What am I supposed to learn?

2132931My friend Zoey who is gone. She looked out for me and stills does. I believe there are signs she left for me - so I wouldn't fall asleep like those ponies did.

Wow. What I typed there read crazy. Sorry.


It's okay, I write weird stuff too sometimes.


Just wait till you read episode 66! (rather ironic number).

2257763 That comment I posted was actually a DOUBLE shout out. The first one was obviously to the visual novel (and later, anime) Demonbane.

Can you place the second shout out at the end of my comment? Here's a hint: Tokusatsu.


Don't know those shows, sorry.

2258029 Kishin Houkou Demonbane is a show where a mystical Super Robot, the Deus Machina Demonbane, is used to fight against giant robots under the control of a madman, other Deus Machina, and even Elder Gods! Heck, two of those Elder Gods become a pair of guns that the pilot can use normally OR summon giant-sized versions of them for Demonbane to use . One of Demonbane's attacks is a move called the Lemuria Impact, which traps the enemy in a zone of zero mass, infinite gravity, and infinite heat. As a bonus, I'll include links to all 12 episodes, just for you!

Episode 1: Part 1
Episode 1: Part 2
Episode 1: Part 3

Episode 2: Part 1
Episode 2: Part 2
Episode 2: Part 3

Episode 3: Part 1
Episode 3: Part 2
Episode 3: Part 3

Episode 4: Part 1
Episode 4: Part 2
Episode 4: Part 3

Episode 5: Part 1
Episode 5: Part 2
Episode 5: Part 3

Episode 6: Part 1
Episode 6: Part 2
Episode 6: Part 3

Episode 7: Part 1
Episode 7: Part 2
Episode 7: Part 3

Episode 8: Part 1
Episode 8: Part 2
Episode 8: Part 3

Episode 9: Part 1
Episode 9: Part 2
Episode 9: Part 3

Episode 10: Part 1
Episode 10: Part 2
Episode 10: Part 3

Episode 11: Part 1
Episode 11: Part 2
Episode 11: Part 3

Episode 12: Part 1
Episode 12: Part 2
Episode 12: Part 3

OVA: Part 1
OVA: Part 2
OVA: Part 3

The "Embrace the darkness and sleep." line is from the Tokusatsu TV show Madan Senki Ryukendo. Basically, it's the line that's said whenever the Monster of the Week has been destroyed. Links to the series can be found here and here.

Oooohhhhhhhhh ccccccrrrraaaaaaapppppppp.

... ....

Not good. Not good at all. Stay strong Equestria. Stay strong.

With season five now out of the way, I shall move on to season six.

- Super-Brony12


It's the season that is STILL technically being written. And I NEVER EVER imagined it would become as long as it is given it's nature. Please pace yourself.

Also, you should know, there are SEVERAL SEVERAL recursive works by other authors on deviant art that are recognized by me as canon.


100% correct. Given she has a pain tolerance that would make dragons faint, she's dangerously easy to underestimate.


Well, that was kinda the point. Discord using their own genre savviness against them. They were doing exactly what would thwart your average cliche thief . . . And that was exactly why they DIDN'T stop Dlamond Tiara.

hello there, i recently saw your story on the front page and decided to give them a try.
of course i'm now up to my invisible foot of height i don't have in stories so it might be a while. :derpytongue2:


What inspired you to use this particular song?

Nevermind then, you wont get most of my humor...
It's a play on words.
Mind games, your mind is in your head
Head games... agh you know what forget it... if you don't get it the first time the moment is lost.


OH! I thought it had more to do with the 'day into night' since Dark World is the next season (and the longest making itself a series unto itself in size!).

2794854 well i have long way to go until then. i currently have 28 read laters. 3 of which i think are short stories that i don't know if i wanna favourite or not. along with that is about 50+ chapters from other stories that i have favourited recently... on top of that i have my story i'm writing and well... i'll get there! i Promise! I can't pinkie promise because face it, i could get hit by a car tomorrow, but that's beside the point.
Well anyways, hopefully i can brighten your day and give some nice memories to go back on to when you were writing your earlier works.
I must know though, chronologically is zero before everything else or is a side story?


Season Zero is the first stuff I've written. And yes should be read first.

Finally, a year later I make it to season five.

And no I'm not exaggerating. :derpytongue2:

But I am here. Now at the season I was excited for ever since I simply guessed Discord was inside Diamond Tiara's head.

Let the games begin :duck:


Thank you for sticking with the story.

And they are going to be some games indeed!

She dreamed of singing for of all of Canterlot.
Extra word.

not a boring façade of kindness
Is that intentional? I would normally say "wtf is that doing there", but since it's Discord and he also says " " a bit later in this chapter, I'm not sure.

This was um... Not the ending I was hoping for but, ah well. Time for the next episode.


Believe me. I can appreciate you NOT hoping for this ending. And if I was in your shoes, I'd have been begging DT to stop.

3565579 It hurts man, this story hurts ;~;

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