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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.

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Short but good! Nice work!

It's not finished. I'll see if can make more at some point. Hopefuly...

Of course but still, nice work!

I hope you can keep an overview with all your incomplete storires

But are you going do to more of Petting Session

... I think it may be time to start thinking with portals

Err, maybe. I don't have that many incomplete stories.

Maybe. I might. Could be fun to a macro madness.

Of course, it is. It's me... Bendy.

That or a bed with wheels.

Cock-ring grade portable portal devices.

Just saying, given how many storires you made so far

“Anon, I must warn you before we begin. My brother nearly died when he tried to switch to anal with Cadance. He rapidly started to age once he pulled out. It was like he aged a hundred years in seconds. She saved him just in time, and she made him young again once his dick was back inside her vagina.”

...mmm, the perils of anal.

Trivial solution.
Twilight is smol compared to Anon.
Just rig up a fuck harness so he can carry her around.
For Cadence, just shove some sticks under the bed and have a team of guards to carry em around.

This was sweet and crazy chapter, can you make more anatomy chapter's or story's.?

Jesus Bendy, every good crackfic I like is always from you. I wouldn't be surprised if there are some fics I've read that I don't even know are yours.

Gives me an idea for a shitfic group called 'Bendy's Thousand Alts'.

Introducing the all new Aponeture Magitech Cockheld Portal Device and Aponeture Magitech Cuntheld Portal Device!!!

That sounds more like amateur than Aperture.


Ninja edit go

Six of one, half-dozen of the other.

No anal for Anon.

That could be funny. But also a big embracing for Twilight be carried around in the street.

Cadence and Shining be carried around would be quite a sight to see.

Maybe. That story series of mine is kind of done.

Err, Twilight in canon seems to like humans a little. Even if they are the Equestria girls ones.

I don't think you are allowed to do meta stories on this site. Not sure.

What a ridiculous premise! Hilarious! I would love to see you take the concept further in a follow-up chapter / sequel.

I love how nonchalant Twilight is about everything. "Well, if we can't make Spike immortal, Rarity will just fuck him for all eternity. No biggies!"

I'll try to make another chapter at some point.

It may be even beyond eternity. Since there is no real end of time in this alternate Equestria, for it has seen the universe end and get reborn many times. Luna and Celestia are... very... very old. But they probably would not like you to talk about their age.


“Not to alarm you Anon, but I have discovered you have cancer just now.”

It made my day :rainbowlaugh:

Mistakes happen. How's the idea as a group?

Not sure, I never made an alternate account. But maybe, Bendy Many Stories?

That'd work. The reason for the original name is that every shitfic writer is 'one of your alts' per se.

Holy moly and I thought you were blocked by Bendy!

BTW your profile picture's a bit off.

Heh, just harness them up, no need to stay cooked up...

Are you going to finish the story

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