• Published 23rd Apr 2020
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Terminator Resurgence - Grand Galvatron

The battle between humanity and the machines rages on, but one of their enemies may become one of humanities last hopes of survival.

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Chapter 1: The Present Day: 2020 A.D. Part 1: Sunset Shimmer (The T-888)

It was late one Sunday night, and Lightning Dust, The nightguard for The Canterlot Sporting Goods store, was about to switch her shift over to Indigo Zap, and she couldn't wait to go home and doze off in her comfy couch when she noticed some kind of electrical disturbance on one of the cameras.

"What the Hell," Lightning Dust said as she went outside to investigate the disturbance. She saw flashing lights and lightning around the area. Just when she came closer to investigate, the flashing lights suddenly disappeared and the lightning vanished. Just then, Lightning Dust could hear Indigo's car stopping at the parking lot and Indigo stepped out of the car.

"Hey, Lightning, you ready to change shifts, I just know that you'd really want to go home right now," Indigo said. "Hey, Indigo, could you come over here, there was some kind of electrical disturbance that I caught on one of the cameras, I think we should go in and investigate." Lightning Dust said. As the pair entered the site, they saw that there was no flashing lights or lightning, but what they did see was the image of a girl who was wearing nothing at all, she had yellow skin and had red hair with yellowish-white strips. "Oh my God, you've got to be kidding me," Lightning Dust said as she was trying not to look at the girls...unmentionables. "Well, let's go give her the lecture," Indigo said, as they approached the girl. "Hey miss, you're not supposed to be here, and for God's sake, why aren't you wearing any clothes, this is a convenient store, not some strip club," Indigo said, with a look of discontent. The girl turned her head to spot the two, as she got up and approached them.

"I need your Jacket, your Pants, and your motorcycle," The girl said in a monotone voice. "Um, no! How about we take you into the station for trespassing on public property, and you're not going to say another peep, ok." Lightning Dust said, but just as she was about to cuff the girl, she grabbed Lightning Dust's arm and started bending it backward. Lightning Dust screamed in pain, begging her to stop, but the girl then threw Lightning Dust over the fence. After that, she turned to Indigo, whose pupils shrunk and she started to rapidly undress. "Ok, take it, just don't hurt me, please," Indigo Zap said as she gave her the clothes and started running for her life.

As the morning sun had finally risen from the sky to greet the day in the peaceful town of Canterlot. An alarm clock loudly buzzed constantly, saying the time was 6:00 a.m. A tired, groggy hand came out from the covers of a comfy bed to turn the alarm off. "Mmmm, shut up, stupid alarm, few more minutes," Twilight said in a groggy voice as she snoozed the alarm, not before Spike came in, and with a loud bark, jolted Twilight awake that she hit her head on the ceiling. "Owww, my head," Twilight said as she rubbed her head and tried to ignore the throbbing pain in her skull. "Yawwwnnn, good morning Spike," Twilight said as she lazily crawled out of bed. "That's what happens when you have an allnighter," Night Light said. "Schoolwork is important, but having a good night's sleep is way better than that." "Ok, dad, sure thing," Twilight murmured as she entered the bathroom to take a shower. After she was finished she got dressed and came downstairs to eat her breakfast. "Good morning Twilight," Twilight Velvet said as her daughter entered the kitchen. "Morning, mom," Twilight replied. "All right, got my breakfast, packed my backpack, alright, all set for school." "Have fun and study hard," Night Light said as Twilight left the house to get to the school bus.

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Comments ( 16 )

Ok just remember this is a story no need to rush it.
The movies are written to be told in two hours or less, so there no need to just rush thru everything.
Go at a slower pace, write more details I mean the first fight is so fast I didn't even assume anything important happen.

i mean felt liek Evil terminator runs in! Fight fight fight no details oh it shot with acid round go back in time. That all i felt needed to be described with how fast ti was done.
again not a movie so there no need to make it so short and bland.

Okay, having some free-time and basing it upon your original story-premise, here is a overhaul/revamp suggestion for you...

Terminator-Twi can be a liquid metal T-model like the T-1000, or a nanite-"LEGO" model like the T-3000, but with advanced programming capable of free-form self-evolution and potential sentience. So going by your original premise, thus why Terminator-Twi is the sole prototype of her T-Model kind; despite Terminator-Twi's significantly greater and advanced MENTAL (rather than physical) capabilities and versatility, Skynet also saw the potential rebellion &/or (just as likely) techno-rival in Terminator-Twi.

However, with (EqG-)Human Resistance's imminent victory over Skynet, it is desperate enough to activate and deploy Terminator-Twi in addition to other Terminators Skynet deploys across various other Time Portal sites it has, before the Resistance can destroy them all.

This is another important lore-factor of the Terminator-'verse, Skynet had MULTIPLE Time Portal facilities in its attempt to preserve itself and rewrite History. The T-800 (The Terminator [#1]) and T-1000 (Terminator 2: Judgement Day) were deployed from SEPARATE Skynet Time Portal facilities.

So, the Resistance successfully assaults "a" Time Portal facility, the one where Terminator-Twi is stored, and Starlight Gilmmer prepares to send Trixie back to protect whomever Skynet is trying to eliminate, thus keeping in-theme to the overall Terminator-series, rather than trying to preemptively destroy Skynet.

This is very important in terms of understanding the Time Travel aspect of the Terminator-series, because Future John Connor wisely understood what Skynet did not, that Skynet's existence and Future-Connor's existence were invariably intertwined with one-another; one could not be destroyed without BOTH being destroyed as a result, and thus completely and truly unraveling their timeline and existences.

This, in-turn, is the (temporal) premise of Terminator (#6): Dark Fate... In its success of terminating Young John Connor, Skynet unknowingly erased its own existence as well, being replaced by A.I.-Legion. Obviously, this is still bad for Humanity, but I doubt Skynet would have taken any comfort &/or satisfaction from that. :trollestia:

Now, here is the storytelling twist...

Somewhere along the Resistance assault, the freshly activated (and thus still Skynet-loyal) Terminator-Twi quietly kills and assumes the form of a Resistance soldier (Derpy Hooves, as a suggestion). Then, as Trixie is stripping down in order to to enter the Time Portal sphere, Terminator-Twi comes in close (in disguise) to Trixie, reveals her Terminator nature by overtly/dramatically killing Trixie, then advances towards the still powering-up Time Portal sphere, slaughtering any Resistance soldiers in her way (whichever other named ponies you want to add for shock value, perhaps the grown-up Cutie Mark Crusaders, as well as Flash Sentry).

Despite Starlight's shocked horror at the brutal death of her close friend (Trixie), Starlight still has the presence of mind to order her troops to fire upon Terminator-Twi en-masse, as well as to change from bullet/lasers, to acid rounds. The massed fire of acid rounds from all sides eat away at Terminator-Twi's form, reducing her in mass, as well as critically damaging her programming functions (due to damage to her whole form, not just her head). Nonetheless, Terminator-Twi manages to make it through the Time Portal.

Arriving in the Present (2020), the severely damaged and mass-reduced Terminator-Twi is the size of an infant or toddler. Found by Twilight Velvet and Night Light, whom both curiously touch the silvery liquid (or shifting nanite-"LEGO" mass), Terminator-Twi (non-lethally) adapts a form based upon both of them thus giving "birth" to Twilight Sparkle, thus following your starting story-premise.

===== ===== ===== ===== =====

Why go back to a liquid metal (or nanite-"LEGO") T-model?

Because based upon your original starting story-premise, Terminator-Twi takes the form of an infant. That cannot happen if Terminator-Twi is a T-X or Rev-9, with a hard endoskeleton underneatah (or a T-800 for that matter).

Ok, that sounds good, I'll think about that when I have the time.

What the hell is that story description? It's supposed to be a short description of what the story is, not a full page of "wall of text" level nonsense.

I see what you are talking about and I will try to make the description better.

I definitely love this concept

Don't worry, I'll change it later.

Where's the next chapter at?

So... Any updates in regard to the status of the next chapter?
I kinda wanna see this continued.

Please post more chapters I'm really interested in this story and I want to see how it ends.:fluttershysad::fluttercry:

Too much info dump in the brief summary. When I read it I thought, Why are you telling us the secret identities of not one but a few others tin cans. Why does it matter? Oh, now she got shot, but it's not a big deal. Oh, this is where it stops, okay.

Ok, I will fix it so the description isn't so wordy.

Brief summary has been fixed.

Much better, thank you.

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