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Home Sweet Home - ThatWritingDragon

Something happened during Spring break, and it all centers around a recently displaced blue guitarist. Read as he tries to transition to the normalcy of Canterlot City.

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3- Meet and Greet

She watched as her host played with his slightly greyed hair. It wasn't white like before, instead filled a lot more with color.

How cute.

A giggle escapes her lips and he turns to her with a grin. He looked so much younger and so much more open too. So this was what her jailer looked like before? she wasn't disappointed, he looked good and it seemed that his old form merged with this one. It would explain the slight hair and body change.

She would miss his much bulkier form but she loves him no matter the looks. She would definitely miss his facial hair though.

"Flash..." She calls out from her spot in his bed, curling her finger at his direction. "Come here for a moment, dear." If his body did change then she would need to check if their bond was still there, physically at least.

She marked him for a reason.

"Hmm? oh sure," Flash agrees, walking close and humming when her hands tugged at his pants, pulling him way closer than he should. "Really?" he wonders and gone was his usual furrow, instead his lips tugged at an indulgent smile. Oh wow, she thinks. Maybe this world isn't so bad if he continues acting like this.

She was tempted to tell him to shut up. His smile was dangerous and it was no wonder he didn't show it much before this.

"Not today, lovely," she whispers as she pushes her hands under his shirt and up his body. Mmm, the things this man makes her feel. Her fingers digs onto his skin and something coils in her at the groan she hears. "Gods, you're lucky I know you need your rest!"

Flash, the irritatingly controlled man that he is, doesn't say a single thing about that.

"Do you want me to remove my shirt or do you want to continue molesting me under my clothes?" he wonders, eyes a little lidded as he stared down at her.


She smiles, all innocent as she leans back on the bed. "You should remove the shirt."

He sighs, reaching back to tug at the collar and pulling it off in one swift motion.

She eyes him like a wonderous meal, catching at the way he flexes and staring at the scarred skin that she couldn't at all heal. She reaches out, tracing a finger on the largest scar of it all. It laid on top of his heart and she smiles when something glows in a sickly green beneath the skin.

Nothing can overcome this reminder, no amount of potions and spells can do a thing and people tried- Oh, did they try.

She remembered how they first met and she licks her lips at the memory of that taste spilling out of him like a roast in a fire. Flash is a feast all wrapped up in the body of a tiny scrawny boy and can you blame her?

If you saw what she did, seen the way his hands shook on the blade he had to hold. He was so pure, so lost in the way the world worked. A boy so painfully pathetic and she couldn't help but dig her claws into him, tracing her influence and helping him navigate this cruel cruel world.

She helped him and he helps her too.

Her fingers traced up his neck before cupping his cheek, her thumb rubbing at a scar. Flash sighed in comfort, sinking into her hand as they both slipped into bed. The fond smile in her face growing when he slowly began to fall into the embraces of Luna.

Yes, she helped make the man he was today.

Her man.

Then her expression shifted as she continued to watch the room Flash called his 'bedroom.' Her eyes narrowing at a peculiar photo laying next to his bed. It was a small photo, tiny and so easily breakable. It was the fact that Flash would immediately know that made her not throw the thing off the window.

It was a photo featuring a younger Flash and this... this harlot.

She scowled in disgust, just the thought of what this-

This Sunset Shimmer never failed to make her lose her appetite. Leaving someone like Flash alone? and not suspecting someone else to pick him up? truly she had no brain behind those empty smiles of hers.

Flash stirred in his sleep and she sighed, the fuming in her head leaving with every breath he breathes. Whatever, it was Sunset's loss and her gain.

Finders keepers Sunset Shimmer and this demon is planning to keep him till the end of time.

Flash awoke to the feeling of someone laying next to him, he was ready to jump out and fight but relaxed when he realized he was in his room. He let out a small smile, his room. It was his. He finally had a room, so that means he had a house. If he had a house, it meant he can finally have a home.

"You still can't believe it?" Flash's eyes went to the body next to him as she spoke. As always, she didn't look a lick out of place.

"Hey..." he whispers, it was always easy for him to sleep whenever she was here.

"Hey yourself," she replied, reaching forward to caress at his cheek. Flash didn't know why she was so touchy-feely with him - not that he minded - but it didn't stop him from leaning onto it. It was nice, he notes. But not enough, so he brought her closer.

He sighs, slotting his head ontop of hers. Yes, this is better. Sleeping in an actual plush bed never felt so good and to have someone in his arms? Even better.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Flash shot up from his bed and quickly rolled out of his room, nearly slamming onto the wall as he braces himself. His eyes are wide and his clothes shifted as he presses himself near the front door. Who would visit him? a royal's guard of some sort?

No no, that makes no sense.

There were no kings here, no royals either.

So who?

"Flash? are you home?!" a voice calls out and he nearly trips on his feet from the way he immediately swung open the door. That voice! it was so familiar. It was the very same voice in his dreams. Truly, dreams do come true.

"Yes?" Flash stutters, mouth agape as he stares down at the goddess that has soothes at his nightmares. She's divine, he realizes. His dream was simply not enough, she was more than his brain could've dare encapsulate. He breathes out with a blink.

"You're beautiful," he notes and a smile grows as he dips his hand to grasp at hers. His lips brushing over blessed bronze knuckles as he looks into gorgeous eyes, ones that remind him of the sea and the lands before. "Its a pleasure to finally see you."

Sunset stares, frozen at his greeting and Flash can't help the drop of something in his gut. Shit, of course. She was a goddess, how dare he touch her so brazenly? This wasn't simply some sort of royalty, this was the woman who stayed by his side.

"Apologies," he quickly says, dropping her hands and stepping back. Something stings at his skin. Even she realized that he was improper. "I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable, I was simply wishing to greet you."

"No no its okay!" Sunset chimes, raising her hands in some gesture. "I was surprised that's all!" before she blinks and something falls onto her face as she quickly points at him. "Actually, I know what you're trying to do Thunderbolt!"

Flash leans onto the door, an indulgent smile on his face as he nods. "Really Sunset? What am I trying to do?"

Her face is red when she talks. "I'm not letting this slide, Flash. You're trying to be charming and it won't work!"

Flash's face lights up, absolutely honoured. "You think I'm charming?"

"No!" she hotly says before stumbling over her words when his smile fell a little bit. "I mean- that isn't- I'm trying to ask how you are!"

Oh, she cares.

"Better now that you're here," he says with full honesty. wincing a tad when something digs into his skin. His words are brazen, too confident but it was truth and she needed to know. "You always make everything better, Sunset."

Sunset couldn't say anything about that, her hand falling to play with her otherwordly clothes. Her face is still flushed and it is absolutely adorable.

"Uhm, Flash..." Someone calls out and Flash's eyes pulled from his goddess to a bunch of others. "Can you put some clothes on?" it was a white woman who talked to him, with royal curls and pretty eyes. She looked like royalty, so it certainly fit. She must've not enjoyed his peasantry.

"Apologies." Flash nods, stepping back and opening the door. "If you'd like, the living room is open as I go change."

He didn't need an answer as he made his way towards his room, making sure to pass a corner as his clothes shifted into something more proper. Too busy in being a good mood, he couldn't notice the slight wisp that escapes from his clothes and slinking off to the bathroom.

As the sound of a door shutting closed hit their ears, the group of girls sat in silence in the living room. It smelt dusty, as if unused. It didn't help that everything seemed almost barren, unlived in if it weren't for the small knick knacks that most boys have.

There was a TV, an AMP with speakers along with his guitar leaning along the wall but that was about it.

"So," Rainbow Dash coughs. "What was that?" she teases, raising a brow as she tilts her head towards the still flustered Sunset Shimmer.

"I don't even know!" Sunset hisses, her head on her hands. "That was a first!"

Applejack leant back, unconvinced at what she just heard. "Are ya' sure 'bout that? 'Cause Thunderbolt boy looked quite at ease doin' the thing's he did."

Sunset squeezes her eyes, hating how her ears showed what she truly felt. "It must've been a distraction or something, I'm telling you."

"I dunno girl, because Flashie looked quite taken with ya!" Pinkie drawls, wiggling her brows as her knee bounced from her seat.

"It's not like that!" Sunset cries, the burn in her face growing. "You know how we talked about each other, we're friends guys, nothing more. Sure we dated but those are in the past!"

Fluttershy raised a hand, voice quiet yet still heard. "If you two are friends, then what are we doing here..?"

"Well..." Sunset licked at her lips, finally pulling her hands away from her face. "I visited him during the spring to surprise him but he didn't answer the first time." This raised some brows, they didn't know about Sunset's visits. Maybe she didn't move on like she said. "I didn't want to seem overbearing since we just made up, so I waited for a few more weeks before checking in again and once again, he still didn't answer!" Gone was the flush on her face, all that was left was a concerned look as she played with her fingers.

A silence blanketed the room.

"You sure he wasn't in some vacation?" questioned Rainbow Dash, her arms crossed.

"None! we talked a while before and he never said anything about a vacation" answered Sunset.

"Maybe he jus' didn't tell ya?" The rest of the girls nodded to Applejack's statement.

Sunset must've considered this, with how fast she answered. "Yeah, I considered that but I asked his bandmates and even they didn't know!"

"It's because he was with me," someone cuts in and the teens' heads snapped towards the newcomer. Sunset's fingers tightened around the lapel of her jacket at what she saw. What they heard wasn't someone from their school and from what they see, she was clearly anything but a student.

A woman waltz into the room, her skin a dark grey that seem to shine in the light. She had long vibrant green hair that spilled over her shoulders and ended at her waist. There was a look in her face, so painfully smug that it has Sunset straightening her shoulders. Their eyes met, an emerald rich green versus narrowed sea blue. Some blushed, realizing that all she wore was a bathrobe.

It wasn't hard for an idea to pop into their head.

Flash going AWOL with a woman claiming that he was with her. Just what was he doing!?

"Who- who are you?" stuttered Fluttershy and she quickly hid behind an equally frozen Rainbow Dash the moment those eyes focused on her. Scary!! she thinks.

Even the others couldn't answer that as their minds came blank. A new senior student? A teacher? some delinquent!?

"Chrysalis," she purrs, tightening the sash around her fast. "But you can also know me as Flash's Girlfriend!" she cheers, her lips pulling into a smile that practically screamed catty.

Her declaration caused the rest of the Main 7 to turn to Sunset, who seemed equally shocked.

"W- what?" uttered the shocked Ex.

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Oh wow, that was actually a genuinely unexpected reveal, I'm excited to read more of this~

You had my interest, and now you have my attention.

Oh crap! It's Chrysalis!

Well here's something you don't see every day. Gonna keep this on watch.

I am certainly interested in reading more of this story. I certainly wasn't expecting Chrysalis to be the woman, though she's obviously not the Chrysalis we know.

Is there any reason that her pronouns aren’t capitalized? It happened enough that it’s either a very frequent error or deliberate on your part.

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