• Published 6th Apr 2020
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The Haunted Nursery - Zubric

An adventure into a haunted house during Nightmare Night leads to a regressing situation for Fluttershy and Rainbow

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Bed Time

As the two were taken through the mirror, the first thing they noticed was that unlike the old rundown look to the home, this side of the mirror was pristine with no sign of rot or decay anywhere. The wall now brightly colored with dancing flowers and teddy bear adorning it. The crib was a bright blue along with the changing table. The ghost mare was quick to step over to the table and coo. “Let's get you two all dressed.”

Rainbow did her best to kick around as she laid down. “No, change us back!’ She yelled, voice high in pitch. Her struggling seemed in vain; however, the ghostly mist seemed more than capable of holding her rump up and unfolding the diaper beneath her. Fluttershy seemed too shocked to really fight back at all.

After the ghost nanny paced the foals down on the changing table and went about powdering their rumps quite nicely, Fluttershy kicked about and gave a few cute sneezes while Rainbow Dash coughed a little. The ghost nanny then pulled out two simple white diapers then went about tapeing them up snug into their cute pampers and they were slipped into some rather comfy sleepers. Rainbow blushed seeing her’s was a pink one while Fluttershy got dressed into a rather lovely bright green pair.

Once in their sleepers, the ghost nanny cooed, “alright, let’s have some fun before you two go to sleep?”

Rainbow Dash wanted to fight back, but the nanny quickly picked the two up and floated them over to a playpen full of various toys ranging from blocks to plushies, and even simple stack ring toys. “Now go on and play nicely, I’m going to warm up some formula.”

“Nah, uh! Now way I drinking from a baby bottle!” Rainbow whined and kicked as Fluttershy simply crawled over to a rabbit plushie and began to dress it up in some doll clothes. Rainbow turned around and snapped. “Seriously!? Why are you playing with foal toys!”

“Well...were stuck, and I’m bored, so might as well have fun.”

Rainbow sighed, looking around, “ugh, these toys suck!” She then gasped, seeing her Daring Do doll in a pile. She went over and grabbed it, fixing it up. “Well, at least she had this.”

“Wana play tea party?” Fluttershy asked meekly.

“Nah uh! Were gonna play Daring Do and the cool pyramid!” Rainbow waddled over to the blocks and started making a pyramid. “See! Now give me ta snake plush!”

Fluttershy was curious to what Rainbow was doing and hoofed her a snake plush as requested the little filly stuffed in the middle of the blocks and continued to build around it. The ghost nanny came back with two warm bottles of formula and watched from the doorway as Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy had their plushies run around the pyramid, taking out blocks and trying to find the snake plush.

“Hehe, see look, I got it!” Rainbow cheered, taking out the snake plush with her hooves. “The great treasure!”

Fluttershy squealed in delight, “yeah, Rainbow ya found it! Tat was lots of fun!”

“Dawww, you two play so well together.” The nanny cooed as she floated over.

Rainbow blushed, realizing she was caught acting like a foal and shook her head. “Uh Nah, uh…I not having fun.”

Fluttershy whispered, “uh...I am.”

“We’re not foals though, ” Rainbow whined embarrassed about having just had fun in such a manner.

“Oh, aren’t you two just adorable,” the nanny cooed, gently scooping them up and moving to the rocking chair. She sits down, sliding the two on either side of her, leaning them back a bit as the nipples were brought to their lips. “Don’t be shy, drink up.”

It took a moment for the foals to hesitate before latching on and suckling away. The milk was rather nice and creamy full of what foals needed. The entire process being rather soothing.

After the two finished their bottles and were burped, she took out a pop-up book next. “Now, this is a story about a silly princess who got turned into a foal.”

Rainbow’s eyes went wide, seeing Twilight as the main character and asked, “Hey, did Twily come here too?”

“Oh, yes! She has such a wonderful little foal! She loved being babied so much she comes here once in a while to relax.”

Fluttershy and Rainbow both snickered and giggled as the ghost nanny continued reading the story about how Twilight stumbled on the haunted nursery and was turned into a foal just like they had been. The two pegasi seemed unable to stay focused on the story, continually looking around the nursery or trying to suckle on their hooves.

“No, no hooves are full of germs.” she popped a yellow pacifier into Fluttershy’s mouth and a bright blue one into Rainbow’s. “There isn’t that better?” Her grin grew as she listened to the slow rhythmic suckling that followed

As the story was coming to a close about Twilight sleeping soundly in her diapers, Rainbow blushed, hearing an audible hiss and hoped that the ghost nanny didn’t notice.

“Awww, did Dashie have a little accident? Yes, she did!” She boops the foal’s nose lightly.

Rainbow spat the pacifier from her mouth and whined, “don’t say that out loud! Ya emberassin’ me!”

“Um, I don’t mind knowing you’re soggy,” Fluttershy said, lisping passed her binky while also letting out a giggle.

“Fluttershy!” Rainbow covered her face cheeks red as tomatoes.

The nanny gave her diaper a few solid pats through the onesie before getting up and taking the two back onto the changing table.

“Don’t worry Dashie, Fluttershy is a soggy butt too.”

The yellow coated pegasus cheeks flushed pink as she hid her face with her hooves.

“I-I am, hadn’t noticed.”

The nanny lays the two down, opening the hatches on their sleepers.“Foals aren’t supposed to notice; now for you soggy butts, I got Luna styled nighttime diapers! Hehe, you two didn’t stay dry very long that is for sure.”

The two keep hiding behind their hooves as the nanny went about cleaning them off soon, showing off the thick nighttime diapers which, of course, had Luna’s cutie mark adorning the seat along with blue leak guards.

Then a phone rang nearby, and the ghost nanny flew over and picked it up. Both foals turned in the ghost nanny’s direction over with curious looks on their faces as the nanny asked, “This is nanny Ghosty; how may I help you?”

She squealed as she heard a super energetic voice. “Oh, Pinkie Pie! How have you been? You going potty by yourself now?”

Rainbow and Fluttershy gasped, hearing their friend’s name as the ghost nanny continued their conversation. “Oh, don’t worry, they're here with me all safe and sound. In fact, I just gave them a diaper change, and Rainbow Dash was so fussy.”

Rainbow pouted and whined, “I was not!”

“So, you want to pick them up tomorrow morning?” A brief pause followed as Pinkie replied before the nanny smiled. “Great, I’ll see you then, little pie. Also, do you want to be my little foal too?” They heard hyper jabbering on the other end.“Ok! Let’s do it next week. Be sure to bring Maud Pie with you.”

Ghosty hung up the phone and flew back over to the little foals. “Sorry about that, Pinkie is another regular who comes here often.”

“Why have we never heard of this.” Rainbow protested, feeling very confused.

“Oh, only a few ponies know about this place most stumble here on accident. But normally they want to come back. I can even adjust your age, so if you come back next time, you can be a potty training toddler.” She ruffles Rainbow’s mane playfully.

“So...um...Pinkie said she’ll pick us up in the morning? Does tat mean ya gonna give us breakfast too?”

The ghost nanny pinched Fluttershy’s cheek. “Oh, of course! It’ll be mashed bananas and cream.”

Rainbow eyes went wide for a second. “W-wait, are we goin’ to age back up too? I dun wanna be seen like this!”

“Don’t worry darling, after you leave you’ll grow back up into a big strong mare.” Nanny replied, watching as Rainbow let out a relieved sigh.

Fluttershy was a bit embarrassed about her next question as she asked, “so...um...can I set up my next stay?”

“Awww, of course!” Ghost Nanny flew over to a calendar. “Let’s see here, oh! Want to have a playdate with Twilight? She’s coming here next Friday and wants to be an infant as usual.”

“Yeah! Tat sounds like a lot of fun!” Fluttershy exclaimed, bouncing up and down, getting all excited.

The ghost nanny wrote her name down, “alright, dear, you’re all set.” she then flew back over and scooping the foals into the crook of her legs. “Now one more bottle, then it’s bedtime.“

She plopped two smaller bottles of formula into their mouths and watched them suckle slowly and steadily both nestled into the ghost’s chest, which felt quite warm, and they could even hear a heartbeat. She then slowly placed the foals into the crib and tucked them in. After kissing the two on the forehead, the foal’s eyes began to droop as she took out the empty bottles and popped their pacifiers back into their mouths. After that, she went about and gave Rainbow Dash her Daring Do plushie and Fluttershy the stuffed rabbit. “There now, sleep tight.”

She then shut off the lights revealing the ceiling to be full of glow in the dark stars and moons with bright blue nightlights glowing around the room; then, with a puff of smoke, the ghost nanny disappeared.

“Oh, yes! They were quite good foals.”

The two pegasi groaned as they slowly woke up from their sleep and groggily looked to the doorway seeing the ghost nanny talking to Pinkie Pie next to the mirror.

“Oh, I'm so happy they came here! Bet Rainbow was super fussy being babied all night?”

The ghost nanny waved a hoof. “Oh she was so precious, she got fussy a few times last night, but she went back to sleep after a few diaper changes.”

Rainbow’s face turned red again as she scrunched the padding between her legs, hearing it crinkle adorably as she whispered. “Oh...how many times did I use my diapees?”

“Oh, you kept nanny up all night, waking up almost every two hours you did. You must have driven your mother, nutty.” Fluttershy snickered, bouncing on her padded bottom.

“She fed me too much formula! It’s her fault!” Rainbow snapped.

“Oh, look, they’re up!” Pinkie pie exclaimed, bouncing over. “Wow, they’re so cute! And chubby!” Pinkie proceeded to poke at their tummies. ”You fed them your special formula, huh?”

Fluttershy blushed feeling very self-conscious of her weight poking at her chubby cheeks.

“Oh, it’ll go away when they grow up. Would you like to feed them their breakfast?”

“Oh, you bet!” Pinkie hoisted the two little pegasi into her back cooing. “You two ready for nummy nums!” She sang, skipping along to the kitchen. There was just a starry void outside the windows on the other side of the mirror; it seemed.

The two foals groaned as Pinkie did not let up as she set them into highchairs, tying bibs around their necks, and making faces at the two. She quickly followed it up by bringing over the two small bowls of yellow mush and spooning it up to them. “Come on, open up. Here comes the cloud coming into the weather factory! Woosh!”

The energetic pink mare kept feeding the two the yellow mush shoving it into their mouths, getting it all over their faces and bibs. Fluttershy munched along kicking in her diaper while Rainbow pouted but ate her foal food secretly liking it. After they finished, Pinkie took out two bottles of formula. “Alright, one more drink before you become big ponies!” She popped them in their mouths, the two happy guzzling it down while making adorable suckling noises. Rainbow whined, feeling herself mess and pee her diaper once more, unable to control herself.

“Awwww! Rainbow, you wanna diapee change too!”

Fluttershy snickered, pinching her nose. “Dashie, make a stinky hehe.”

“It's not funny!” Rainbow shouted as she kicked about and slammed her hooves on the tray in protest.

Pinkie Pie scooped up the little foalfied daredevil and chirped out, “come on time to get your poopy butt changed!”

Rainbow whined and kicked being all flustered, but Fluttershy actually got jealous as she held up her hooves. “I did a poopy too! Wana, change!”

“Aww, you love being a little foal. Alright, come on! I’m a master at the art of changing diapers!” Pinkie chirped and took the hooves back into the nursery.

As they exit through the mirror, they feel their bodies grow taller and back to normal in about a minute or so. Fluttershy looked astonished, giving her body a quick check to make sure all that foal fat was gone while Rainbow stretched out her wings. “Wait, if this nanny is so nice, why are there ghost stories about this place?”

“Because most ponies are too embarrassed, to tell the truth.” Pinkie snickered, booping her friends on the nose.

Fluttershy nodded, “yeah, I can see that...but...I bet a lot of them want to come back in secret I saw a lot of names on that calendar. Some of them don’t even live in Ponyville.”

“She’s about as organized as me!” Pinkie explained, leading the two along to the main doors as the sunlight shined through the still dusty air. The group passed by an old photograph upon the wall of a light green mare who was happily smiling as she hugged two baby alicorns in her lap. The photo was black and white, but it was quite obvious it must be Celestia and Luna.

Fluttershy followed along and went over to Pinkie Pie’s ear and whispered, “Hey, does Celestia and Luna come here?”

“Yeah, but they have their special dates...though I’m sure I can sneak you in, but you can’t tell anypony else.”

“Ok!” Fluttershy squealed flying along as Rainbow cheeks flushed, seeing Spitfire’s name on the calendar and even Daring Do. She was planning on coming back to book a playdate later...but next time she’ll go with the toddler option.

Author's Note:

Hope people don't mind a good ending.
I mean the comic had the bad ending anyway. XD

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This was a strange story. Not bad, just strange.

Awww, I love happy endings :) I would love to visit this ghost! I read the comic and loved it, though I'm not big on dark endings. So this was perfect for me.

Hm, interesting that you decided to give the story a "Good Ending". Makes you wonder what the story is behind this haunted nursery and the ghostly mare who inhabits it. :duck:

Fun stories as always.:heart:

I didn't like the comics ending either. You should make a sequel about more ponies visiting the ghost nanny.

Great chapter. I think you should do a sequel with Fluttershy and Twilight's playdate

Turned into a business model, good end!

That was actually pretty cute! Haha and funny. :twilightsmile:

Will there be sequel?

That was quite the interesting ending. I liked it, really cute and funny.

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