• Published 6th Apr 2020
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The Haunted Nursery - Zubric

An adventure into a haunted house during Nightmare Night leads to a regressing situation for Fluttershy and Rainbow

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Welcome to Daycare

The wind blew through the streets of Ponyville with foals all dressed up and running about on Nightmare Night. On the edge of town, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash stood staring at the rundown thatched two-story home before them. With it blue peeling paint around the window frames, it gave off a sense that the estate was silently crying. Various legends had bene spoken about this strange abode and nopony quite owned it before. It was those such myths that had drawn them here this very night..

“Come on Fluttershy, it’ll be fine!” Rainbow said having just barely convinced Fluttershy to come along with her to check this place out. Granted, she probably could have picked a different night then one the spookiest times of the year.

“I’m not so sure...I mean there’s been horror stories of ponies going inside there and never coming out!” Fluttershy cried out as she bit her hooves every bone in her body screaming at her to just shake tail and run.

Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes. “Oh come on, it's an old abandoned nursery? What’s the worst that could happen? A bunch of ghost babies drooling slime all over you?”

Fluttershy’s knees shook slightly, but she managed to let out a short laugh at the thought.. “Yeah, you're right...maybe they are just oldpony tales.”

“Yeah! I’m telling you they are all just fake stories to sound spooky around a campfire. Have you actually met anyone who knew anyone who went inside?”

“Um, well no...but you never know.”

“ Whatever, let’s just go exploring,” Rainbow said before opening the front doors and snickered as she yelled out. “Hello anypony here!? I came to register my giant foal!?”

“Haha, so funny Rainbow!” Fluttershy replied, rolling her eyes as she walked inside. She was kind of surprised the door was just unlocked like that. Upon entering, the pegasus sneezed as years of dust was sent flying from the sudden rush of air from outside. Much of the main hall was covered in layers of grime and dust with large cobwebs adorning the corners. Just how long had this place sat without any occupants.

Rainbow was quick to notice how much filth was around and laughed. “Could you imagine if Rarity had came with us!?” Rainbow kicked at a pile of dust watching it fly into the air.

Fluttershy smiled. “I can’t imagine she would want to stay here for very long. Let alone come inside.” Making her way through the main room she came across the first room and noticed it had a bunch of old cribs lined up against the walls most rotting away with an old changing table in the back. “Awww this must've been the nap room.” Fluttershy dawed moving in to take a closer look.

Rainbow also followed her and took a look at the few faded crayon pictures still hanging on the walls. “I wonder if any famous pegasi slept in these cribs?”

“‘Maybe? It would be nice if we found an old diary to tell us about this place.” Fluttershy whispered as she opened the old cabinets under the changing table. Inside were old cloth diapers all mouldy and in stages of decay. Many cans sat there as well all with faded labels..“Hmm, nothing here.”

Rainbow paused during her search spotted something in one of the cribs. To her bafflement, there was a Daring Do plush just laying there. “N...no way!” She picked it up and examined the tag. “This...this is brand new! How did this get here!?”

Fluttershy turned to look tilting her head. “Oh? How could you tell?”

“I uh...ugh fine! Yeah, I bought one like this at a Daring Do Con last year alright! But how could a brand new plush be in this old place?” Rainbow asked with her cheeks now flushed with red.

Fluttershy shrugged, “some school foals could’ve left it.”

“There are no trials or hoof prints, you’d see them if they had come inside here.” Rainbow felt a shiver up her spine.

Fluttershy giggled as she thought of Rainbow snuggling a Daring Do plush in her sleep. “I’m sorry, but do you sleep with your plush? That’s just so adorable.”

“Ugh, you better not tell anypony what I said!” Rainbow huffed as she looked at the doll and stomped off.

Fluttershy sighed, “oh I'm just teasing you.”

They left the “nap room” as Fluttershy noticed that Rainbow was a bit shorter not by a lot. She shook her head. “Must be my eyes or something.”

They eventually came to the next room which was a storage room filled with old wooden toys rotting away, stuffed animals all torn up and dusty. Fluttershy sighed seeing the toys and whispered, “it's so sad to see toys like these just crumbling away... I might sound like Twilight but they would be better off in a museum.”

Rainbow Dash for some reason sat down and hugged the Daring Do plush close to her chest. “Yeah...I can kind of see what you mean Fluttershy…”

“Oh look, a rocking horse,” Fluttershy pointed to a faded pink wooden horse and moved towards it putting a hoof on the saddle. She felt like she wanted to try riding it.

Rainbow giggled, “Fluttershy you're gonna break it if you try riding that old thing.”

“No, I won’t! Just watch!” Fluttershy got on the old rocking horse and slowly swung herself back and forth making old creaking noises. She giggled, bouncing up and down having a lot of fun. Rainbow gasped seeing something else in that toy room. “No way!”

She walked over and saw that there was a Spitfire plush, and a Soarin plush still in their boxes! “These are the new ones that haven’t even hit the market yet!”

Fluttershy snickered “awww, sounds like you're quite the collector of plushies, Rainbow.”

Rainbow blushed, “yeah...well...like I said don’t tell anypony ok?” She didn’t seem to even care how odd it was for these plushies to be here and took the two out of their boxes. Rainbow poked their bellies and heard them say phrases like “go Wonderbolts!” “you can fly just like us!” Spitfire even had her “come on is that the best you can do?” Rainbow rolled her eyes, “ugh? Gotta tell the manufacturing company to please stop taking ideas from Spitfire. She forgets little foals mostly buy these.”

Fluttershy kept slowly rocking and smiling. “Oh, I guess it is a bit strange how they are here if nopony has been around this place for some time.”

“Yeah? I wonder if there’s a plush thief and this is their stash!” Rainbow snapped looking around with a careful gaze.

Fluttershy rolled her eyes “Rainbow? Even I know there’s no such thing as plush thieves.” She was getting bored of the rocking horse and climbed off squeaking as she plopped to the floor. “Huh? Did I get smaller?”

Rainbow turned around “hey what’s with all the pimples?”

“What?” Fluttershy rubbed her face feeling the little bumps. “Did this place make me breakout or something!?”

“Huh maybe? Just rub some ointment on them when you get home.” Rainbow responded as she stuffed her plushies behind a wing.

Fluttershy sighed, “yeah I guess...though your voice sounds different? Like when you were a teen.”

“You're hearing things Fluttershy! I always sound like this!” Rainbow snapped her voice cracking as she went back into the hallway hoping to find more plushies. Fluttershy followed along they then came into another room this one had old warped and rotting rocking chairs. Rainbow was confused “huh? What's this room?”

“Oh...um...Rainbow this is the uh breastfeeding room.” Fluttershy whispered meekly.

“Ewww!” Rainbow snapped as she stepped back. “Oh grow up!” She went inside and saw some old photos on the walls of old fashioned looking mares with tiny newborns.

“Awww, look at that!” she looked at the photos and cooed, “oh this one looks like you!”

“What!? Let me see!” Rainbow snapped coming over and seeing the black and white photo of a pegasus mare holding her foal. “How can you tell? There’s no color and foals all look the same to me.”

“Oh...um...not sure?” Fluttershy blushed feeling just a bit silly for saying that now. She turned and saw a book on the ground. It was dusty and old with the cover being bright pink. “Oh my!? What’s this!” she opened it to see pictures of her as a foal “its...a photo album full of my baby pictures.”

“Okay...that’s just creepy,” Rainbow whispered she was now getting a bit unnerved. “There might be some creepy stalker or something we should just leave.”

Fluttershy flipped through the pictures giggling at some. “Oh, you’re just overreacting, it probably just fell from Cloudsdale or something.”

“Uh? I’m not a math pony but I'm betting the chances of your baby pictures landing in this old place is like a gillion to one.” Rainbow responded she blinked as her voice sounded much higher pitch. “M...my voice? It does sound weird.”

Fluttershy closed the book and stood up seeing she was shorter than before. “Yeah...maybe we gotta get out of here.”.

They both turned and went back into the hallway and went to the front door. They tried to open it but it wouldn’t budge. Rainbow tried bucking it but the doors held. Fluttershy was now getting nervous. “ok ...n..now I’m scared.”

Rainbow groaned then an idea hit her. “Hey! There’s probably mice or rats here, why don’t you talk to them and see if there’s another way out of here?”

Fluttershy looked about “uh...yeah I hope so...maybe we should try to see if they have a kitchen or an attic.”

Rainbow nodded “yeah guess we just gotta keep opening doors and see. Maybe up the stairs.”

They both walked down the hall and went up an old flight of stairs both mares were both nervous seeing that the steps seemed to be getting bigger probably from them getting smaller! They eventually made it to the top floor and went into another room. There was an old kitchen with the tiles crack and covered in dirt and grim, there were old foal bottles cracked and thrown about. But what surprised the mares most was that there were two fresh Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on the table.

“R...rainbow this might be a bad idea but I'm really hungry.” Fluttershy rubbed her belly as it grumbled.

Rainbow’s belly grumbled as she rubbed it with a hoof. “Y..yeah...but obviously somepony is here. These are super fresh and smell so good.”

Rainbow slowly moved over to the sandwiches her head barely came over the table being as small as a ten-year-old foal. She sniffed the sandwiches “I don’t smell poison.”

Fluttershy snapped, “how would you even know what poison smells like?”

“I don’t know!? But Daring Do books taught me that poison smells bad!” Rainbow whined like a school filly.

Fluttershy fluttered over and took a small piece from one of the sandwiches and nibbled on it. “Hmmm...strawberry jelly, and fresh peanut butter. Nothing tastes bad.”

Rainbow picked up the half of the sandwich and booked a bite meowing when jelly squirted out onto her fur. “Bleh, ugh now I’m sticky.”

Fluttershy giggled as she took a napkin on the table and wiped the jelly off her friend’s coat. “There you’re always messy during lunchtime.”

“It’s not my fault! My mom always puts too much jell-wait...what am I saying?” Rainbow replied as she placed the sandwich down.

Fluttershy finished her sandwich and looked down at her now chubby body which now resembled a school foal. She whimpered, “I...think that we might have regressed…”

“Oh no!” Rainbow whined running around looking at her rump and sighed, “good still have my cutie mark!”

Fluttershy looked over at her rump and shook it. “Still have mine! Alright, let's find a way out of here. I'm sure Twilight or Zecora can help us.”

“Right come on!” Rainbow exclaimed as she ran off down the hall as Fluttershy followed. They then came into a room full of old beds with rusty old rails. “Ugh is there where toddlers sleep?”Rainbow asked.

Fluttershy nodded, “yeah, seems like it….” they went to the back of the room and found an old bookshelf but the books inside were bright and colorful. Rainbow took one out. “Oh wow! A Daring Do picture book!” she started to flip through the pages and began reading.

Fluttershy looked through the books and found one with some cute bunnies on the cover. “Oh, the adventures of Peter Rabbit these stories were so cute!” She started to read as well but the longer the two school foals read the more they struggled to pronounce words. Rainbow started to use her hoof and read out loud while Fluttershy kept skipping the harder words and mostly just admired the pictures. Rainbow eventually groaned, “ugh this book is too hard what’s this word! P-pyr-a-mid. What is a pyra-m-dinghy!”

“I don’t know Rainbow? Did Miss Cheerilee teach us shapes yet?” Fluttershy responded as she placed her book down and gasped seeing Rainbow was chubby as usual but much smaller and her cutie mark was gone.

“Yeah! But I forgot some, maybe I’ll ask her tomorrow at school.” Rainbow responded as she placed the book down.

Fluttershy rubbed her head.”wait..h..how old are we?”

Rainbow paused and scratched her mane. “I..um...I think I'm six…”

“Yeah, six sounds right,” Fluttershy mumbled as she got up on her hooves and looked at her rump to see her cutie mark was also now gone. “Hmmm, did we have cutie marks?”

Rainbow paused as she tapped a hoof to her chin. “I thought we did? Mine was a rainbow or something like that my name is Rainbow Dash after all!”

Fluttershy nodded, “?Yeah, mine was..um..butterflies? Or were they bunnies? I dun know…”

Rainbow looked around and asked, “uh Fluttershy? Wh..what's going on are we lost or something?”

“Maybe...we should try to find a big pony for help like Twilight! She's super smart!” Fluttershy responded trying to also not to get nervous.

Rainbow got up and shouted, “Ten I’ll lead ta way! Follow me I gonna be like Daring Do!” she ran off again as Fluttershy followed her giggling then came into the hallway and looked around. Rainbow then groaned as she placed her hooves over her groin. “Oh gotta go potty!”

Fluttershy gasped and looked around with a blush on her face. “Uh..R...rainbow this is an old place tey dun got bathrooms.”

“Ten what am I supposed to do!” Rainbow whined, “I gotta go!”

Fluttershy pointed back into the room. “Just pee in ta corner.”

“Ewww!” Rainbow whined and stomped her hooves. “Not gonna tats gross!”

They both turned to see that a plastic training potty suddenly appeared with Daring Do printed on it. Fluttershy pointed at it. “See just use tat.”

Rainbow shook her head. “No way! Tats a baby potty I a big foal!”

Fluttershy sighed as she waddled over and plopped down on it. She did a quick tinkle and the potty suddenly lit up as daring do voices exclaimed, “good job little adventurer!”

“Look, it’s all we got right now so either use tis or go on the floor,” Fluttershy grumbled as she got off and waddled back. Rainbow sighed but she saw that Fluttershy was right she waddle over plopped down she saw her fiend just staring at her and snapped,

“Some privacy please!”

Fluttershy turned her head and waited for her friend to be done tinkling which lasted for a while.

“Wow, such a big foal! But remember adventures should go potty more often!”

Rainbow blushed getting off the training potty. “I would’ve gone sooner if we found a potty earlier.”

Fluttershy found a package of foal wipes that also seemed to come out of nowhere and took one “ok, let’s wipe ourselves ten wets get out of here.”

“Right let’s get out of here tis place tinks we babies,” Rainbow grumbled reluctantly taking a foal wipe.

As the two look around, they suddenly hear a soothing tune being sung coming from just down the hall. Their heads sway as they begin to waddle their way towards the room. Soon seeing the nursery itself. It was massive with a huge play area filled with all kinds of old foal toys, there was a few old rotting cribs, a crumbling diaper changing table, and a giant mirror in the center of the room.

Rainbow gave the mirror a long look and gasped, “member when Twily when to ta place with weird tings called hu-uh-husomthing.”

“Yeah? Tink so.” Fluttershy mumbled, placing her hoof into her mouth and suckled on it feeling a bit calmer as she did.

Rainbow pointed at it and continued, “Well tat ting might be why tis place tinks we babies! If we go through it we might be big ponies again!”

Fluttershy blushed, ”I dun tink tats how tose mirrors work? But tat was a long time ago.”

Rainbow slapped Flutterhsy’s hoof. “Stop tat ya hoof is filled with germs!”

“Ya do it too!” The yellow pegasus snapped back and shoved Rainbow.

“Whatever, just follow me! We're gonna get out of here!” Rainbow took her friend by the hoof and led her to the mirror. But instead, a strange-looking floating green mare popped her head out from the mirror. “Hello, little ones.”

The two toddlers stood there both now scared seeing the strange mare even in their regressed minds they recognized it as a ghost! Rainbow whimpered as she stepped back taking a foam sword on the ground and snapped, “get back!”

Fluttershy simply began to tear up and started to tinkle on the ground due to uncontrollable fear.

The ghost just gave them a heartwarming smile and picked up Rainbow Dash into her hooves. The filly kicked and whined trying to smack the ghost with the foam sword but it just kept going through her. “Now, now stop that fussing you’re going to hurt yourself.”

She took the foam toy from Rainbow’s mouth and popped a big blue pacifier instead. Rainbow whined and kicked but she seemed unable to do much as her body shrank even more and the pacifier was now actually feeling more soothing as she suckled on it. She then turned her head to Fluttershy on the ground and cried out, “Fluttershy run!”

Fluttershy couldn’t run as she seemed to shrink even more just like her friend. The ghost sighed seeing the puddle on the ground. “This is why foals shouldn’t be running around without protection. I’m going to have to mop this place later.”

The ghost mare sent some green clouds that wrapped themselves around the yellow pegasus and she was gently lifted into the cradle of the ghost’s other hoof. The strange phantom was now cradling both helpless foals and cooed in a gentle tone. “Now come on! It’s way past your bedtimes!”

She then flew into the mirror with a sudden pop! Leaving the world of Equestria behind.