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I am just an ordinary brony who love writing Fanfictions. My profile picture is the one of my new personal OC, Sunlight Blaze.


What if Sunlight and Sunset were not sent in the DC universe, But instead in the world of Pokemon?

This third volume will take place in this fabulous universe, where the two protagonist found themselves separated when they wake up, in the middle of this new world. They will each on their sides live their own adventures, make a lot of friends and do a lot of Pokemon battles.

(Note: This volume is not a sequel of the volume 2, but a "what if" instead. You probably know that Sunlight acquired new powers during his adventures in the DC universe, but they wont be included in the volume 3. The reason is that this volume is a...well...a alternative sequel of the first volume. In the volume 3, Sunlight and Sunset never lived the adventures of the second volume. A little bit like an alternative timeline, if you prefer. Both protagonist will be reduced to their powers of the Volume 1.)

Hope that made the things clear for you. Side note: I will publish the chapters one by one, so please don't read just one time this story. If i can, one chapter a day, until i decide that Volume is finished.

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Question I just want to base off the anime

I will make the thing clear, Because each of the volumes each happen in a different universe, I recommend you to read the Volume 1 first because it will be the prequel to the next volumes i will make.

Hum, Yes, the story will be based on the anime but the protagonist in this story, Sunlight Blaze, will have the role Ash Ketchum in the anime.
I should had mentioned that.

Comment posted by Justafanfictioner deleted May 4th, 2020

This series (Sunlight Blaze, The Odyssey of an Apprentice Hero) will be-temporary-put on Hiatus for at least a few months.
The reason? I will start another story with the same character, but in a different storyline. I am sorry, but if the things goes like i planned, i will continue this series next September....

Who's older? Sunset or Sunlight?

Sunlight, but only by a few hours, (He was born a few hours before her, and that technically make him the older sibling of the two --Thing he takes very seriously--by the way.)

Can't tell you right now, This is a subject i'll keep for a future story. All there is to know for the moment is that they are related/siblings.


Sunlight Blaze is doing good in his first two gym battles.


Okay so Sunset's Team are Psychic Type and Sunlet's Team are Fire Type, correct?

It's Sunlight, not Sunlet, but yes, Sunset being what seem to be a psychic in the EG world( When she turned into a demon, she used mind control magic and after getting hands on her geode, obtained the ability to read other people minds( including memories.). I thought a Psychic-oriented pokemon team would fit her. That was either that or a musical-oriented team.

As for Sunlight, I hesitated. As he is an elemental magic user, i thought of him having a type-balanced team, composed of Fire, Water/Ice, Electric, Ground/Rock, Plant, Dark and Fairy (Light) Type pokemons. I also envisaged about giving him a full Dragon-type Pokemon team, as he is a big fan of Dragons and their culture. But i finally decided to give him a Fire Type team because 4 of my top 6 favorites Pokemons are Fire Type (Being Charizard, Salazzle, Houndoom and Ninetales, the two other being Diancie and Pheromosa) and Sunlight main magic being fire, as well as having an ability revolving around fire. (Heat absorption).


I enjoyed the story and I hope they come back to the world of Pokemon but this time in the Alola Region.

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