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The recently married couple of Shining Armor and Princess Cadence depart to a wonderful honeymoon in Baltimare.

A little accident happens.

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 82 )

I'm calling split condom. :pinkiecrazy: :rainbowlaugh: :scootangel:

Holy horseapples, I was right! :pinkiegasp:


Heh heh... done it... *brick'd*

Very amusing read. Was this supposed to be a different take on Rule 63? Because if it was, I'd say it was an unusual take on the idea. Instead of literal genderswapping the two characters, they actually switch bodies with each other...

Do you have plans for a sequel or any sort of followup?

One minor gripe: The summary correctly ponifies "Baltimore" as "Baltimare." Unfortunately, you forgot to do that at the very beginning of the story, though I'm pretty sure you did it correctly during the rest of it.

Well now I know what I'm writing tonight :pinkiehappy:

(p.s. rated m for mature)

1132250 You were right, but I bet 1000 bits you didn't expect THAT :twilightblush:


Some was bound to slip through. Fix'd Thanks! I'll think about if, got quite a lot in my tray.

Lolz, Twilight's gonna have a fit trying to figure this one out. :facehoof:

1132321 Nope, body-swapping spell? Kinky :trollestia:


Fine with me, just send people over here, ok? And let me read it, of course :derpytongue2:

I figured out part of what was going on, but the body switching spell caught me off guard.

... This is complete? Really? I was expecting... Well, a lot more, to be honest... Just seems like there's so much more to tell, still. (Like how they try to handle having to do each other's duties, Shining dealing with hormonal changes as he gets 'more' pregnant, etc. Would have been VERY interesting to read! *Hint hint*

hahahaha, wow. Poor shining. Well, at least he has someething to talk to his mom aabout.

I can't say I didn't enjoy this, because I did. I also can't say there are numerous spelling errors, because that's untrue. But there are quite a few spelling errors in this story, and I'm sorry to say that detracted a bit from the story and pulled me out of the immersion.

4/5 because everything else is spot on. Also, take a moustache and a thumbs up, because it was an interesting twist. :moustache:


Yeah... as those who follow my stories know, I do my best working without editors, and things don't go as smoothly as they should, sorry about that. Is good that you enjoyed the story, though.

:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: Can't stop laughing........picturing Twilights face :twilightoops::twilightangry2::twilightblush::twilightoops::facehoof: bahahahah!:rainbowlaugh:

Magic and sex is clearly a highly dangerous combination. Who would have thought that Shining and Cadence were so kinky? :raritywink:


Would you take a chance as an editor, perhaps? I'm really interested in getting one, but it's dificult.

I could do this story, probably not anything after that because in two days I leave for the mountains for a week (I'm not allowed to bring my tablet that I do everything on, and they don't really have internet anyways) and then after that school starts and I may not have time.

But if you want me to do this story I can.


See? Editors come and go. But I'd be happy with it :3 I'll send you the Gdocs link via PM

That's very true. I know that feel. I've had an editor go right in the middle of the story.

Wait what, Cadence and Shining Armor swapped bodies and now Cadence is pregnant, is there something I don't understand or should one of those things not exist? :pinkiegasp:


Pretty much, Cadence's body is pregnant, but the little detail is she had Shining's soul inside her. :derpytongue2:

man it is funny at the end :raritywink:

So at the end is Celestia trolling and could fix it without to much risk, or just found that they swapped bodies to be hilarious, or she was able to sense that Cadence's body was pregnant and found it funny that Shinning is going to be the mother.

This is a good story and I want more.


Celestia thinks is a hilarious situation, but she can't fix it. Normally there would be no trouble, but making the swap now would mot likely result on loss of the foal.


So they are stuck like that till at least the foal is born, wow that can make for a hilarious sequel of them trying to live eachother's lives.

Edit:So any plan for making a sequel?

Poor Shining Armor.:fluttershysad:
Good story, though.:yay:


This was adorably sweet, until I got to Cadences "trick", and then...

Holy carp. HOLY CARP. You have to continue this. Or sequel it. Or something. D: *shakes author rapidly*

... You need to take the Complete status off if you're going to continue this! PLEASE CONTINUE IT! There's too much left to explore!

EDIT: Wow... I get to claim


True. Busy, busy, busy day. Off with the Complete now.


1276734 HUZZAH! Much appreciated! :3 (Though I'm So confluttered as to how nopony else has commented. Was I the only one who fave'd in hopes that the peer pressure would be enough to make you continue?)


Well, i'm a lukewarm author with a half-lenght ongoing series, sort of a one-hit (steamy) wonder and struggling. I'll take what I get :3

Thanks, btw.

1276907 Lukewarm? Not so sure I'd be calling this fic 'Lukewarm' or even 'steamy'. It's a hot fic. Hot as in 'Thermonuclear Fission is hotter than my bathwater' hot. :derpytongue2:


Oh, I was referring to ny other stories as well, which you are welcome to try. That's if you want to :yay:

So Shinning Armor and Cadence not only swapped bodies but Cadence got pregnant as well, looks the royal couple are in for some hard times. :rainbowlaugh:

Wait so is cadence's body pregnant or Shining Armor's?
Apart from that this has caught my interest, please continue. :ajsmug:


Don't mess with magic, kids. Never know what might happen.
Seriously loving this fic though.

The stallion will have to undergo a mare's pain during pregnancy.


Wait... the end of the first chapter suggested that Shining Armor had already informed Twilight of what happened...

Seriously, though, did NOT expect this to continue.

oh BUCK!!!!!!! the horse apples have officaly HIT the fan


"With Cadence’ greenish glow, he sealed the letters and carried them along in search of Celestia." That was Chrysalis' magic not Cadence's, Cadence's magic was a light blue. :facehoof:


I see it as bluish green, as opposed to Chrysalis' dark green

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