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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.

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Nice work! Happy to see someone usung that idea of a Pegasus

I wanted to do a quickie about it. I didn't want to make clopfic really about sex in the sky.

But I guess, it could be funny if Anon is screaming while having sex with Rainbow in the sky. XD

Yeah. About the mile High club, there's always on a cloud, as I showed you in the collab of mine. If that kind if idea would be something for you

That was a truly amazing Story.

Not only did you utilize the magical properties of equestria, but also gave an Explanation for the tuxedo. Fantheory confirmed!

0/10 needs more dicks

Still, there would be a need for noise suppression spells. Wind is loud.

Well, it's very hard to hard on if your cold. Even harder if you are scared of your life in the sky. Rainbow's sky-sex was doomed to fail. Unless, Celestia could cast spells on Anon's brain to not fear heights. but she probably would not like to do that unless she got his permission first.

Could be a wind calm day

Maybe. I was somewhat inspired by this youtube vid of A Whole New World With Realistic Audio.


Of course. Say, if you would do that with a woman, which pegasus stallion would you prefer?

I'm not sure. Rather indifferent for the moment,

If I may suggest, as Tunderlane was used for the story of mine, what about Soarin? And f yuo need a human female, you coud use Alice as well

I'll consider it. Send me and PM for this human woman OC, details and stories she's in.

Sure thing! Give me a moment

Quick, short, and comedic. Awesome job!


Exactly what I expected, and more :rainbowlaugh:

What did I just read?

You just read a Bendy-fic. Lord knows what's going on inside this writer's head.

Herr Kommandant! What brings you here?

Just a curiousity for mile high Club fics, as they are rare

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