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Elen síla lúmenn' omentielvo. Estaxen yando Undómë Tinwë.



This story is a sequel to Maileheri Mirwa ar Undómë-Aranelirya

The lady deer Rarity visits her lover Princess Twilight for dinner.

This story is a sequel to the M-rated fic Maileheri Mirwa ar Undómë-Aranelirya, but prior reading of it is not required for this story.

This story is a translation. The original text is written in Quenya Elvish and can be found here.

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This is adorable. Is there an introduction blog/author's note for people not familiar with the lore, elf words, and prequel?

Little short, but pleasant.

Tolkien sure did love his polysylabic words. Where does one learn this language? It might be fun to put on a job application where it asks if I am bilingual.


https://folk.uib.no/hnohf/qcourse.htm is the standard course that's shared around the Quenya circles, but it's admittedly quite outdated. It's very detailed though, and goes into a lot of the theory of how we reconstructed the rules of the language from Tolkien's writings. It might be best to read after reading a simpler primer.

https://middangeard.org.uk/atanquesta/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Atanquesta_v1.0.pdf is a more modern primer. I haven't had a chance to read it through, but I'm told by the top experts in the field that it's the best intro document to the language.

elfdict.com is the best dictionary for looking up and finding words, though care should be taken to only use words from one of the dialects (Quenya in my case) until one has a better understanding of how to derive words from one dialect to another.

https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Quenya was my main reference while I was writing this fic for the grammar. Ideally you'd use this as a lookup after going through one of the primers, but if you have a sufficient grasp of Latin (or any other language with declensions and conjugations) you can kinda muddle through with only this.

Finally, https://bit.ly/2sglBcm is a Discord server for people interested in studying Elvish.

Whoa, that's more stuff than I expected. Cool, thanks.

Are you going to say how to pronounce the story title, as well as any of the other foreign languages?

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