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I am just an ordinary brony who love writing Fanfictions.


Sunlight Blaze was happy with his life. He had powers, magic, money and friends, but most important, A sister he finally retrieved. But one night, he felt a void in his heart, a need for adventures and wished to live an extraordinary adventure, the adventure of his life. He woke up the next morning in the middle of a unknown place at the sides of his sister. But this is only the beginning because soon, They discover soon they are in a world full of superheroes and supervillains, full of mysteries and dangers. They will live extraordinary adventures with the most famous heroes like the Teen Titans (From the DC Animated Movies storyline) Batman, Superman, The rest of the justice League, visiting place going from Atlantis to the terrifying Apokolips , Oa, Themyscira and more. There is the most ambitious crossover i wrote yet and it will be filled with lot of action.

P.S: Sorry for the picture. I couldn't find an image with the logo of Mlp: EG and DC comics.

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Comment posted by Justafanfictioner deleted April 7th

Dude. You already know people will hate on this story the moment you even hint at shipping your oc with a canon character.

Not much else to say really.

I precised i will not do shipping with MLP cannon Character...

But now, i talk about other universes cannon Characters...Yeah, i know i should stay like i did in the first volume and shipping is shipping, but...

I am asking myself if the problem was Sunrise Freezer(old Protagonist OC) or the shipping...
I will try to make a mini-romance and if it don't work, then i will find a way to screw it up.

So, for those who read the Volume 2, please read the Volume 1 of this collection before. His name is: The Odyssey of Sunlight Blaze, Apprentice Hero, Volume 1. If you didn't read it before, the story will make no sense because all the build up is in the volume 1.

Oh, right, i know i could have make so much more plots for this volume...maybe i will make a second part in the future....Beside, i was just not in the mood of DC anymore...Sorry for that....

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