• Published 11th May 2020
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I'm Judy Hopps Now! [Displaced] - ChiefKitsune

[Displaced fic]I was sitting at home waiting out this state lock down over the corona virus when a mysterious package arrived at my door. Upon opening it I found a can of fox spray before I blacked out. Now I'm in Equestria and caring for two foals.

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I like it. Continue!

Dis Is going to be good

Mid-chapter you referred to the alicorn foals. That was the first time their tribe was mentioned as well as their colors. It’s obviously the future diarchs, but the setup could have been commentary when she first laid eyes on them. Of course my advice is free and therefore worth nothing.

Wonderful start to what could be a very original displaced story concept. 👯‍♀️

This was a sweet and heart warming chapter I love it.

Love it please make more chapters please and I am a fan of the story keep going please.

Quick question, is there going to be a time skip?

Now I am curious on what kind of power her spray can has. Most Displaced come with out-of-this-world artifact after all.

Can't say I'm a fan of the path you've decided to take with this story. It reads more like a self insert, almost fetish level clopfic catered to the types of people who enjoy baby play/nursing. Add on to that, the fact the main character knows exactly what the Displaced are, and refers to them as "The Displaced Club"? Rubs me in all the wrong ways, honestly. Knowledge of canon I could have written off. Self aware bronies in self insert HiE's are so prevalent on this site, it would be a chore to try and find any decent ones without it. But having knowledge of the specific subset genre you're writing for, as well as your character being "A writer and reader of fanfiction" (Loosely quoted, I know those aren't the words used. Point remains the same.) just seems like lazy, uninspired writing.

It's clear at this point that I really shouldn't have any expectations of greatness from this fic, even if I really wanted to because of the Displaced character in question. Yet another Displaced fic with an interesting character concept, yet horribly flawed in execution.

AWESOME story dude!!! 👍

an interesting story can't wait to read more of this. kind of funny that luna used magic to get milk and somehow kind kinky but vary funny. hope this story turns out good tho it is displaced the crossover part is always something I kind feel like ruins the story but you do you will still follow the story to see where we end up next.

looking to see more chapters this looks to be a start of a good story

please upload more chapters I really liked the fanfic that left me with more content:twilightsheepish::twilightsheepish:

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