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Twilight thought that being around kids his own age would be good for Spike, and for a time this was true. But one day, after having been called in, she finds that he's had a rather rough encounter with some of them, and after talking to her young friend, she discovers why.

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Nicely done with this story, and I agree, it's a message that we really need to sit up and take notice of. Especially in the age of the Internet.

Just because words leave no physical mark doesn't mean that they don't leave ANY mark at all.

Snips hit a nerve when he told Spike that Twilight didn't count as a parent because he's a dragon and she's a pony, but the one thing that confuses me since MLP 200th episode, is that Twilight his adopted mother or big sister.

Pretty much stated on the show that Twilight sees him as his younger brother. Also, alot of phrases like that are just ways for parents and teachers to just lighten the mood or reduce the tensions, but they usually have an ill effect on the person for affecting a sensetive topic.

One thing that always bothers me is story's where twilight is his mother. Twilight was still very young when she hatched him. I am always of the mind that twilight's parents raised him or celestia.

Cute story. Wish we got something like this in the earlier seasons.

Again, very good job on this "early days" one-shot. The exchanges, characterizations and general wrap-up were pretty well done. Yeah, I can see where Snips's comment might have been that sore a subject for Spike, even if it wasn't meant to be. At least Scoots and Cheerilee stopped it from getting worse AND Twilight was being understanding about it (even if Spike is still going to be facing consequences for it).

This was so sweet, and I really agreed with the moral. Words cannot break bones, but they can break the soul so easily.

This is a beautiful story! I really appreciate Spike seeing Twilight as his parent and Twilight's statement about words is an important one.

Nice. Though Twi should have emphasized that he shouldn’t have done that. Escalating to violence over a single comment, no matter how hurtful, is never justified. Obviously hurtful comments should be discouraged but violence should be discouraged more.

Yes, I would not envy Spike for being reared by a crazy wizard who is also a little girl. Besides, Spike did say that Twilight was "not Mommy" in "Winter Wrap-up."

Thanks, sometimes I am concerned about how people view there relationship. I had always been of the thought that it was more of a sister/brother relationship. Because if twilight's parents raised him then he is her brother. If celestia raised him then he was around when celestia was teaching twilight, then it would be more like a best friend relationship.

Spike's origins have always been something of a mystery. The pilot, which was written by Faust, had Spike helping Twilight in the Canterlot Observatory, and the show bible said that Spike was "sent from Canterlot (which appears in various pages as 'Canterbury') to be Twilight's (she was named 'Twilight Twinkle' at that point) assistent." It suggests that their relationship was intended to be primarily professional, but at the same time Spike was sleeping in Twilight's room at the foot of her bed and in a dog basket. Also, in "Owl's Well that Ends Well" Twilight states that she loves Spike, which hardly jives with anything from before. Of course, Twilight's notion of love may be a bit off given how a year later in "The Return of Harmony "she hugs him, drops him on the floor, and then leaves him there coughing up scrolls. Their relationship is unconventional any way you look at it.

Snips might not be the most capable colt around, but he might have done some real damage to you if things got too bad."

That is not true.

Spike's fists clenched. "It's not right, what I did. It's like they always say. Sticks and stones may break my bones...but words should never hurt me." He exhaled deeply.

That is not true.

I let myself go too far over something I should have just ignored."

No you did not, and no you should not have.

Twilight thought on that, then answered him. "Well, I'd recommend making an arrangement with his mother. We can all get together and clear the air around each other. He can apologise for saying something that upset you, and then you can apologise for having attacked him over it."

That would not be happening.

So...I'd like you to volunteer to help her with that work, as a thank you for her stepping in and stopping things when she did."

If I was spike I’d be upset she did.

Twilight giggled. "Then consider yourself wiser than most adults, Spike."

That I think I can agree with.

Well I think he is a bit of both...

Thing is up to a certain point...
If the verbal abuse does not stop, and no action is taken by who has authority it is obvious that it will escalate to physical reaction.

Perhaps but that doesn’t really refute my comment.

The phrase is more a mantra. Words only have meaning if we allow them to. It’s basically saying to not let words others say have power over you.

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