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After the defeat of Storm King, Celestia began to realize that she and Luna were never able to save Equestria from threats, small or large. It was always Twilight and her friends who saved Equestria. So, she decides to talk about with Luna what they will do in the future and how it could change Equestria's future for the better. But, will Luna accept it?

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A canon oneshot of why Celestia and Luna decided to hand over their thrones to the Mane 6?

I'm not sure if this is the alcohol speaking, but I'm pretty sure this is the worst dialogue I've ever seen. Not because there is some objective measure, by which it's the worst because I've seen a lot worse.

But those had an excuse. None of those fic tried to make good dialogue. They viewed dialogues (and pretty much everything else, but that's another matter) an excuse to move forward the plot. (Which they didn't have, but - yet again - that's another matter.) You seemingly tried to write good dialogue, and failed at it miserably. Which in a way even worse. If I were you I would seriously reconsider using my resources (like time and effort) towards such an unattainable goal as writing something good. I'm pretty sure you're great a lot of things, and even if you weren't, you have a right mindset of trying your best to achieve considerable success in certain areas. But those certain areas are definitely not writing.

But who knows I'm drunk, I wouldn't listen to myself. Which is shown by the fact that I'm still writing this comment despite the fact that the conscious mind is screaming at me to stop. But don't take this the wrong way. No matter how drunk I am, when I say something is bad, it's bad. The only question is, whether it warrants the degree of harshness I use in this comment. I leave that up to your judgement because honestly I don't really care. I just wanna go to sleep.

Not bad. Though a few things,

1. The guard addresses only Celestia rather than both of them.

2. You asked "didnt you notice" but the reply was realize what?

Sorry about the mistakes. But I already corrected them

There is one issue with this and it is the fact your suggesting there were zero threats to the nation or people before Twilight was born even when its canon Celestia and Luna dealt with threats before her including Discord and Sombra plus who knows what other threats happened we didnt hear about from before and after Nightmare Moon.

This actually implies Twilight is some how an indirect cause of these threats or attracting them by existing.

How could Celestia have given Twilight the idea of creating the School of Friendship when it was her own experiences (and the friendship map expanding) that led to that?


The argument of Celestia and Luna not helping and being bad at protecting Equestria is factually false to begin with:

Not to mention that if it weren't for Celestia's teaching and choosing, the Mane Six would have never saved anything at all.

There's no problem if this story is your headcanon, but calling it canon is wrong in my opinion.

Booo! Boring!
Also, why Celestia thinks that her and Luna's job is fighting threats face-to-face? Maybe Celestia sucks on battlefield. But thatvs ok. Because IT'S NOT HER JOB!!! She have soldiers, and security, and superheroes for fighting. And her work is management and politics! Totally different field, and she is perfectly capable there!

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