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Princess Celestia was not the only student Star Swirl the Bearded had.

There was another...a mad scientist with an extraordinary gift for magic, and an addiction to the multiverse...

Years after the shutdown of the other student's project, it wants to start up again. The Princesses of Canterlot call upon the Mane 6 to come help her.

But between the brash Pegasus, the Earthpony with untold power, and the sidekick that wants a little time in the limelight, anything is possible!

This is going to be a mega-crossover, and I am trying my hardest to make it so you don't have to be part of the fandoms to understand the storyline. The chapter titles are quotes from the fandom featured in the chapter, for those of you who like to predict things. :twilightsmile:

Rated teen for weapon usage.

MLP Comic tag for: Info drawn from the comics.

Chapters (3)
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