• Published 23rd Mar 2020
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Do Ponies on Earth have Magic Dreams? - Tiki Bat

The story of an optimistic young night pony, the special pony that enters his life, and how the two of them follow their dreams to make the world a better place!

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Chapter 30: Bright Little Stars

Silver’s heart dropped at the tone that Scarlet’s voice had taken, and a deep feeling of guilt and regret filled him. He had promised her a relaxing night where she could just decompress from the week’s stress, and here he was, walking around with another mare two hours later. His friendship with Sine was just that— a friendship, but it still probably wouldn’t help the situation, and he could only imagine that Scarlet was feeling a little hurt at the sight. In retrospect, a lot of his downtime after work was spent with the inventors (including Sine), and that probably only made Scarlet feel even lonelier, especially given how draining her work seemed.

“Scarlet, I…” he began.

“No, it’s fine,” she snapped, “I’ll let you spend time with your friend.”

He began to stammer out a confused response, but before he could explain further, she took off into the sky, leaving him alone with Sine Wave.

In a rare display of seriousness, Sine looked off in the direction that Scarlet had flown, dropping her normally snarky and sarcastic tone, “Hey, I’m gonna go ahead and dash for now Blue. I think you’ve got enough on your plate right now,” Sine blurted out as she zipped off into the sky, leaving Silver all on his own to go mend the situation.

Without hesitation, he leaped up into the air and took off after Scarlet, trailing behind her from a distance as she flew to their shared cabin. Uncertainty coursed through his mind like a rabid animal, dominating his thoughts with a flurry of emotions that ranged from confusion to concern. He knew she needed him right then, but he hadn’t realized how much the stress of the week had gotten to her. More importantly, he didn’t know what was running through her mind. Her reaction almost seemed to convey a hurt frustration, but then why would she just run off from him without hearing him out?

Was she mad at him? Upset? Or just indifferent to the situation? This wasn’t the Scarlet he knew, that Scarlet was always cheerful and upbeat, and rare to show such a strong emotion unless something was really bothering her, so he knew that he owed it to her to tread lightly and make things right— whatever he had done wrong. The sounds of stifled sniffling could be heard as he touched down outside of the cabin, and taking a deep breath he entered.

“Hey Scar, let’s talk.”

The mare was laying on the bed, and her ears twitched as he walked in, but she didn’t turn to face him. Instead she took a moment to compose herself before dropping her voice into an annoyed tone, “Why don’t you just go spend time with your friends?”

“Because I promised you I’d spend time with you, and I’m sorry that it took so long.”

The mare let out a frustrated sigh that conveyed a mix of emotions that Silver couldn’t quite place, “It’s just… I don’t know. I shouldn’t be upset, but I feel like I am right now.”

“Which is underst—“

“— no, it really isn’t,” she interrupted him, looking towards him with tear filled eyes, “You have every right to spend time with your friends, and I shouldn’t be jealous or upset over that, but I am for some dumb reason.”

Silver slowly trotted up to her and rested a hoof on her back, “Yeah, but you’re my best friend. You’re the one I want to spend the most time with, especially after the week you’ve had.”

“What about Sine?” She asked with a bitter tone to her voice.

“Sine? What about her?” Silver asked, “I mean she’s fun to chat with every once in a while, but she’s not you.”

“I don’t know. You two seemed pretty deep in conversation, and I see the way she looks at you whenever you’re together.”

“And you think that I’m liking you less? Because let me tell you, you’re the most beautiful mare I’ve ever met, and nothing would ever change that.”

She let out another sigh, “I know that you’re trustworthy and awesome and all that, but I just… I don’t know, Sine looks at you like she’s interested in you, and even though you say it means nothing, I still can’t help but feel like a part of her might try.”

Silver raised an eyebrow, “Do you think that Sine’s trying to steal me away from you or something?”

“No,” she shook her head, “Or… I don’t know. I don’t know if Sine would do something like that, it it’s just,” she paused again, “Agh, this is just dumb. I’m stressed and I’m seeing things that aren’t there and now I’m just being dramatic about stupid things.”

“Hey, you’re not being dumb or dramatic,” he reassured her, cuddling up in the bed next to her, “Believe me.”

“I know, I just… I feel jealous sometimes. And I shouldn’t, but I do and it’s just frustrating. You don’t deserve to have me to get snappy at you, and neither does Sine.”

“Why?” He asked, “You shouldn’t feel dumb about that kind of thing.”

“I do when it’s unplaced and just overdramatic.”

“We’re night ponies,” he countered, “Isn’t it in our nature to get protective of the things we love? I don’t show it a whole lot because I try to be the cool and collected pony that people want to see, but I get frustrated with things too, and I’d probably snap into a frenzy if anyone ever hurt you or did something to upset you. I mean I literally dropped everything just to make sure you were comfortable and safe.”

“But this is me being jealous over another mare being friendly with you when she’s not actually trying to steal you away.”

“I don’t know if you’ve noticed this or not, but we haven’t run across very many stallions. I think it’s fair to be protective over the one you love.”

Scarlet let out another sigh, “Great, add that to the list of things to be frustrated about then.”

“I think it’s cute,” he teased, “It shows that you’re serious about taking care of the ponies you love, and it makes me want to just cuddle up with you even more.”

“It also makes me sound like I’m some kind of mindless animal that’s protecting her stallion from other mares because there’s only one around.”

Silver paused for a moment before shaking his head, “You’re not some mindless animal, you’re just stressed.”

“I just,” she paused, “I have so much going through my mind right now, and I just want to go buck another tree or something. It’s just so frustrating, you know?!”

He nodded, rubbing his hoof along her back, “Of course I do.” He paused and smirked as a thought came to his head, “Okay, so how bout something else?”

“Huh?” She looked up at him.

“Well, I promised to give you a nice night, so let’s make this into a nice night.”

“Silver, what do you mean?”

“The rest of the night is yours. We do whatever you want us to do, and when it’s time for bed we go wherever you want us to go. No matter what it is, I’m down for it, and if you just want to cuddle then I’m down for that too.”

She let out another sigh, “You know what I really want to do with you?”

“What?” Silver asked, raising an eyebrow.

She pulled him into a warm embrace, pressing her lips against his in a passionate kiss. A moment later, she broke from her embrace and grinned for the first time during their whole exchange, “That.”

“Just that?” he said breathlessly, “Because I can do that.”

“Maybe a little more,” she replied with a sultry grin, “You said we could do anything I wanted tonight, what if I just want to make it a nice romantic evening?”

A deep blush began to spread across Silver’s face, and without another word he went in for a kiss of his own, pulling her into another warm embrace, “I can do that too.”

She smiled and pulled him closer, barraging him with another round of kisses which he gleefully returned. The two lovers entwined in a loving embrace let the world around them fade away until they were the only things that mattered. And both were perfectly happy with that.

Back in the present, Silver briefly paused his story, trying his best to figure out where to go next in a way that would be appropriate for a colt to hear.

“So what happened next?” The purple colt asked as he looked up at Silver, clearly enthralled by the story so far.

“Huh?” He replied as a small hint of a blush momentarily flashed across the stallion’s face. Deciding to skip to a less mature moment, he let out a hearty laugh, “Nothing, kiddo. Just lots of lovey-dovey stuff with mommy, nothing you’d care about.”


“Really,” Silver nodded. So much more had happened that night. Strong memories of a tender moment with the mare he loved and the start of the family they built together flashed through his mind again, sending a warm rush of love through his heart. Those were memories that he’d fondly remember until the day that he died, but that was something that would always stay between Silver and Scarlet. He looked down at the colt and smiled, “But that’s not where the story ends.”

“It isn’t?” He asked in that adorable melt your heart kind of way.

“Ha,” Silver let out another laugh, “There’s so much more after that, kiddo. I didn’t even tell you about the part where I got to be the brave security pony that protected the kingdom of junk from the scary humans, or how mommy got her new telescope.”

“Was mommy still mad?” He asked, ignoring what Silver had said.

Silver didn’t imagine that Orion would actually care about the more romantic parts of the story, but clearly the thought of the two of them ever being unhappy kept him attached to that specific part.

“No,” he shook his head, a warm smile spreading across his face, “No, she wasn’t. In fact, that’s probably the happiest we had ever been up until we had you.”

“But she was so mad about Auntie Sine being your friend,” he replied.

“She wasn’t that mad. She just wanted to protect me.”

“But Auntie Sine is family.”

“She is, but night ponies were still figuring a lot of stuff out back then. You know how Cosmo gets so protective of you whenever the geese start scaring you?”

The foal’s eyes widened as he looked over to the dog, who in turn gave a happy wag of his little tail, “Yeah!”

“Well it was like that.”


“Oh? That explained it that well?”

The colt looked up at Silver again and slowly nodded.

“Good. Now how about we skip ahead a little bit, you do want to get to the cool stuff, right?”

“So mommy wasn’t mad at you anymore?” He persisted.

“No, not at all,” Silver chuckled, “We both knew that night that we loved each other more than anything, and nothing was ever going to change that.”

“Oh,” the colt smiled, “I like the happy parts.”

“I do too kiddo, I do too,” Silver began to reminisce again, resuming his story once more as the colt sat and listened in awe.

Scarlet slowly began to stir from her restful sleep, the sensations of the waking world returning to her. A smile plastered across her face, she rolled over and wrapped her legs around Silver, holding him close and just appreciating his presence.

While she had felt so stressed and annoyed earlier, those feelings were now gone, replaced by love and happiness, feelings that she wanted to hold onto for as long as she possibly could. The week ahead of her was likely to be just as stressful, but she didn’t care about that now. Right now she just cared about her best friend in the whole world, and wanted to keep whatever she was feeling going.

The night had been romantic, and the day spent in their dreams even more so. From the incredibly romantic stuff in the waking world to just cuddling up by some cozy ethereal fire in a starry void, it had all been part of an experience that made the pair’s appreciation for each other grow even stronger. Scarlet hadn’t realized how her stress and frustration was affecting her at first, but in retrospect Silver’s words were true. Much like her incident with the broken telescope and the tree that she had sprained her hoof by bucking, she had started to put the pieces together. Night ponies were aggressive and protective, and without a proper outlet for that, their emotions and frustrations boiled to the surface in ways that weren’t always fun.

I’ll have to figure out how to avoid that in the future, she thought to herself, making a mental note to pick up some kind of high energy hobby to help alleviate that kind of stress. Silver had his dream stuff to cover that for him, maybe she could try taking a page out of his book for that.

I could always have him teach me how to make some crazy fun dreams like he always likes. I’m sure he’d love that, she thought to herself again, a smile coming to her face as she thought about the kind of romantic memories that could lead to.

The quiet rustling of their blanket pulled at her perceptions, making her aware of the fact that Silver was starting to wake up.

“You up too?” Silver groggily started before looking back at her with an adorably sleepy grin.

“Mhmm,” she replied, “Was just thinking about yesterday, and about the future.”

“Me too,” he admitted, “Did you sleep well?”

“Best day of sleep I’ve ever had,” she smiled, “How about you? Last night was… a lot probably.”

“Best sleep of my life,” he rolled over and faced her, “I love you so much, you know that right?”

“Course I do, and I love you too Silver,” she said, her heart melting as the romantic evening and equally romantic dreams played out in her mind again, “Thanks. For everything, and just making me feel less stressed out. I didn’t realize how much it was getting to me until things started to crash on me, and it made me really think about a lot of things.”

“Like what?”

“Like the fact that I need to find some hobby to get all this energy out in a more productive way.”

“Ahh, not a bad idea,” he sat up in the bed and let out a long, drawn out yawn, “Sine’s into old video games , maybe she can hook a few of her old systems up and we can all get a chance to just start things off on a better note.”

“Hmm… Maybe. But I was kind of thinking about another kind of hobby. You’ve got your dream stuff, maybe you could show me how you do that sometime?”

“We really do need to go mend things with Sine sometime,” he paused, “But maybe it’s better to do that later.”

“That’s probably for the best. Think you could show me some of your dream stuff though?”

Silver slowly hesitated, “Alright. But we really can’t push off talking with Sine. I know it’s going to be awkward, but we need to.”

“I…” she paused, “No, you’re right. We definitely need to. I promise you I’ll do that sometime soon.”

“Good,” He smiled, “So dream stuff eh? I guess I could show you some of the basics. You know, how to channel that kind of magic, the easy starting stuff.”

“That’d be wonderful. Thanks!”

“I should really thank you,” he countered, a blush spreading across his face, “Before I met you I was a sad little pony that didn’t really know what they wanted to do. I didn’t have a lot of close friends and I didn’t even know what I was going to do, and then you came along and really made everything better.”

“I could say the same,” she nuzzled up next to him, “Guess we both found the ponies we needed.”

“You could say that again,” He gave her a small kiss, “I seriously love you so much.”

“I can tell,” she laughed, “I’m sorry I got so frustrated and stressed out last night. The whole week just came crashing down on me and I guess I lost my cool.”

“Don’t sweat it, I think we more than made up for that.”

A feeling of affection washed through her and she gave him a nod, “We’re even then,” she paused, “We should probably get out of bed and start on some of the chores, eh?”

Silver shook his head, “I dunno, I think I’m perfectly happy snuggling in bed some more with the best mare in the whole wide world. We’ve got one day left where we don’t have to do anything, and I think it’d be a crying shame to waste it.”

“Doing nothing’s not wasting it?”

“Not when I’m doing nothing with you,” he shook his head, “You’re the only pony in the whole world that I think I could have a blast doing nothing with.”

Scarlet blushed and snuggled up closer to Silver, “I think I’m okay with that plan.”

A smirk spread across his face, “So, you still jealous about Sine?”

Scarlet let out a loud laugh and buried her head in Silver’s chest, “No, not at all.”

“Good, because I’m always yours, and no pony will ever change that.”

She giggled, “That’s right.”

Without another word, the couple held each other close in a tight embrace. They didn’t know what kind of future laid ahead of them, but they were more than happy with the new path they were carving out for themselves, and they knew that this was just the beginning of their story, a story that they’d write together.

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