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Nightmare Moon captures Celestia. Celestia is kind of annoyed.

Spoilers, look at the tags.

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Neece #2 · 1 week ago · · ·

Cute as fuck, made me d'awww :yay:

Oh yeah! Dats what I'm talk'in bout!

oh dear but that (rear) end ^^

Came for the incest, got something much healthier. Bamboozled/10, would read again.

"Bugaboo" and Celestia's cookie line :heart:

I like this. You done did good.

Hehe that's just to Adorable and celestia being nice but also a bit rough was cute

Just a lil' something.

Maybe, and this is just a lil' comment saying you did good.

Seriously, this was good.
I enjoyed reading it.

I totally lost it here.

The word froze her. Celestia went on. “Please take that off.”
Wow; I came for the sexy kinky comedy, but I stayed for the very serious depiction of a loving romantic relationship where not everything goes right and there's some communication and compromise. Celly and Chryssi both have their issues, both have their needs, but they work them out together. Friendship really IS magic!

Daybreaker paused, and spoke gently. “You might not like this.”
Trollestia strikes again!

This is everything great about Fimfiction. Good work!

Celestia blinked slowly and sat down on the bed. “Emphatically, no. Even if I did have depraved fantasies about Luna, they would involve literally anything besides Nightmare Moon. The day I met that creature is the day I lost my best friend and sister for a thousand years, and I spent those thousand years ruling alone lest it all be for naught. It was the worst day of my life, and I remain haunted by it to this day.”

Not gonna lie, I teared up a little bit.


If I ever write a Chrysalis shipfic, I'm stealing this.



Unique approach to be sure.

Not I ship I had considered before

Very sweet, would get bamboozled again

Your childhood nickname is bugaboo???

I’m not sure just how to feel... but I definitely liked it! :pinkiecrazy:

NOt my favorite ship for Chryssi, but I'll actively admit, that I really enjoyed that! XD

When I saw the word Bugaboo, I hit with Miraculous Ladybug whiplash :rainbowlaugh:

(In case no one else knows, in Miraculous, Chat Noir calls Ladybug "Bugaboo")

Oh god, so I'm not the only one...

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