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There is only one lord of this story. Only one who can write it to his will. And I do not share words.


Entry for the Equestria at War 2020 contest.

Starry Night, leader of the communist resistance, prepares to overthrow Dusktalon and the Reformisten government.

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I was really excited about this story. It's set in one of my favourite countries in the game, and I think it has a rich and very versatile background you can draw inspiration from.
And the story itself might be great, I don't know that yet.
But when the third paragraph is suddenly bigger than my entire monitor I realise this story probably not worth the pain reading it.

Use more enters next time please.

I am glad you are excited about my story. It's a shame you feel that way about my style of paragraphing but I always learned that every "scene" should be a separate paragraph and the third paragraph is just a longer scene than the other ones. But to balance it out a little bit I have decided to split it up into two paragraphs.

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