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Hello there, everypony! My name is GamerBrony, everypony's favorite videomaking (and storywriting) pony!


In the four years that Gallus has spent at the School of Friendship, he has enjoyed every second of his time there. So much so that he never wants to leave. So, when he is forced to graduate and go back to Griffonstone, he falls into a deep depression. However, his luck turns around when he receives a letter from Princess Twilight Sparkle in Canterlot with a very special gift just for him.

This is partially a rewrite of A Life Changing Graduation, but longer and some elements have been changed.

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Comments ( 11 )

Smolder is going to be the next Dragon Lord? How does that work? I'm pretty sure Ember's tenure is far from over.

I say Tempest recruited him! after fighting one another with sticks :p

Why are you rewriting this story?

The original story, A Life Changing Graduation, wasn't really that good. It was way too short and is considered outdated now, so I decided to take the story out of my canon.


Also Gallus needs to grow up. I mean come on, tearing up his diploma? Didn't it even cross his mind that he could've used that in griffon stone?

In my canon, Grampa Gruff made friendship illegal in Griffonstone, so no.

I meant that it could be proof that he could actually be of use to griffinstone.

Yeah, but it wouldn't be easy. Griffonstone is a dictatorship and if Grampa Gruff saw that diploma, he would be executed.

Of all the... THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good story. I wonder what Gallus life as a guard and a prince would be like.

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