• Published 20th Mar 2020
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Breaking Barriers - TheGamerBrony

This is the story of how Gallus became the first non-pony royal guard

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Do I have to graduate?

Four years ago, Princess Twilight Sparkle had the idea of opening a friendship school in Ponyville. Despite having a rocky start, her school turned out to become a huge success, mostly due to the fact that the school wasn’t open to one race only; her school was responsible for creating diversity in Equestria all thanks to the first non-pony students: Ocellus the changeling, Silverstream the hippogriff, Smolder the dragon, Yona the yak, and last but most certainly not least, Gallus the griffon, the most changed out of the group. When he first came to the school, he was very rude, but that was because he didn’t know what friendship is and as a result, he grew up around griffons who were hostile. However, very quickly, he started making friends and started being a believer in friendship. So much so that he’s won award after award not because of his academic performance, but because he was such a great friend. It was at the school where he learned how to read and write and what affection was and how to give affection to others. Gallus loved this school because of all the love he received from his teachers and friends, or what he sees them as, his family. In fact, Gallus loved this school so much, he never wanted to leave. Unfortunately, his time at the school will soon be wrapping up. Two weeks before he and his friends are set to graduate, Headmare Starlight Glimmer gave a brief presentation during class.

“I hope you’re keeping track, seniors, because there’s only two more weeks before your big graduation ceremony!” Starlight announced, prompting cheers from all, but one, of the seniors in the room.

Soon, Gallus raised his talon.

“Do you have a question, Gallus?” Starlight asked, pointing at Gallus.

“D-do I have to graduate?” Gallus asked.

“Well, everything looks good, so you’re eligible to graduate!” Starlight cheered, prompting Gallus to fly up to Starlight and break down in front of her.

He started to cry. “B-but I don’t want to graduate! I wanna stay here forever!”

“But Gallus, you can’t stay here forever. You’ve been here for four years and that’s enough for you to graduate. Now, it’s time for you to leave the school and spread the magic of friendship back home” Starlight replied.

“No! I don’t wanna go back to Griffonstone! Everygriff is mean to me there! Especially Grampa Gruff!” Gallus cried.

“Well, maybe if you convince everygriff to be friendly, they won’t be so mean to you” Starlight replied.

“Yes, they will! They’ve always been mean to me, even before I was born! I was born in a smelly dumpster and Grampa Gruff keeps beating me up! I wanna stay here where it’s safe!” Gallus replied.

“Well, maybe if you ask your friends, they can let you live with them and their families” Starlight replied.

Gallus looked to his friends, who have all turned him down.

“Sorry, Gallus, but after I graduate, my aunt is appointing me to governor of Mount Aris. That means that I’m gonna be busy all the time!” Silverstream said.

“Sorry, Gallus, but Thorax is appointing me to the Princess of Friendship in the Changeling Kingdom. I’m gonna be very busy” Ocellus said.

“Sorry, Gallus, but I’m gonna be Dragon Lord soon. Waaaaaaaay too much on my plate! Plus, I wouldn’t want you breathing all that unhealthy air in. Dragon Lands aren’t very safe for non-dragons” Smolder said.

“Sorry, Gallus, but when I’m done at the School of Friendship, I’m going to Manehattan to attend school. I’m studying for my PhD in marine biology” Sandbar said.

“So, can you take me with you?” Gallus asked.

“I would love for you to come live with me, but I’m living in a dorm at the university and I’m not allowed to have anyone else live with me. I’m very sorry” Sandbar replied.

“Sorry, Gallus, but Yakyakistan not safe for griffon. Plus, Yona soon be yak princess” Yona said.

“What about Corn and Peg? Can I still live with them?” Gallus asked.

“Corn and Peg are still going to be enrolling here, so no” Starlight replied.

Now officially out of options, Gallus broke down and started having an emotional meltdown.

“I think we should just leave him be. See ya later, Gallus” Sandbar said as he and the other four creatures walked out of the room.

Finally, graduation day came. Three hours before the ceremony is set to begin, all the seniors are in their seats, awaiting any further instruction…well, almost all the seniors. Gallus wasn’t in the crowd.

“Does anyone know where Gallus is?” Starlight asked.

“No. Yona never see griffon all day” Yona replied.

Sandbar let out an annoyed sigh and said “Last I saw him was this morning. He was throwing a hissy fit about graduation. I have no idea what’s taking him so long. I’m gonna go get him. I’ll be back” Sandbar then left the crowd to find Gallus.

Meanwhile, Gallus was outside his dorm room, attempting to duct tape himself to the door so that he won’t move. And he thought that if he couldn’t move, he wouldn’t be able to walk, and if he wasn’t able to walk, he can’t graduate, and if he can’t graduate, he gets to stay here forever.

Sandbar walked up to Gallus and asked him what he was doing.

“Duct taping myself to the door” Gallus replied.

Sandbar facepalmed and asked “Why?”

“So, I can stay here forever” Gallus replied.

Sandbar facepalmed and said “Gallus, this is ridiculous! Why don’t you just face the music and accept the fact that you’re graduating?”

“Because I don’t want to go to Griffonstone ever again!” Gallus retorted.

“Come on, Gallus, it can’t be that bad. You could run for office there or something” Sandbar suggested.

“And how easy is that? When you’re in Griffonstone, not easy at all! Grampa Gruff made Griffonstone into a total dictatorship, everyone in Griffonstone is required by law to hate my guts, and Grampa Gruff made friendship illegal in Griffonstone!” Gallus retorted.

“Okay, I could see why you’re reluctant to go back to Griffonstone, but I’m sure that someone in Equestria would be willing to adopt you. I’m sure Princess Twilight would hook you up with a job” Sandbar replied.

“What makes you think that? She’s too busy to adopt me! Probably cares more about Spike than me!” Gallus replied.

“Do you really think that, Gallus? She stood up to Grampa Gruff for you, she threw a birthday party for you, she taught you how to read and write, she took you to Rarity’s fashion show in Manehattan, she took you to Hoofalulu for spring break with her family, she did everything for you and you say that she doesn’t care for you?” Sandbar retorted.

“Yes, it was nice of her to do all of that when she was headmare, but now that she’s running a whole country, I should probably just leave her alone” Gallus replied.

“Look, can you cut out the nonsense and come graduate with us? The ceremony’s starting soon! And why aren’t you wearing your cap and gown?” Sandbar retorted.

“I don’t wanna wear my cap and gown!” Gallus retorted.

“Gallus, put on your cap and gown, now!” Sandbar said sternly.

“No!” Gallus retorted.

PUT IT ON!!” Sandbar yelled.

“Make me!” Gallus retorted.

“Ok, I’ll put it on for you!” Sandbar said as he dragged Gallus by the tail into the dorm room and forcibly put the cap and gown on him.

“And don’t even think of taking that off, do I make myself clear?” Sandbar asked angrily.

“Yes! You’re scaring me!” Gallus cried.

“Well, maybe if you’ve done as you were told, I wouldn’t ‘scare’ you, now would I? Now, let’s get to the ceremony” Sandbar replied.

I’M NOT GRADUATING!!” Gallus yelled.

“Don’t make me have to drag you there! MOVE IT!” Sandbar raged.

Gallus complied and walked to the graduation ceremony. For the first time ever, he feared Sandbar. He was yelling at him very loudly and kinda reminded him of Grampa Gruff.

When the two got to the graduation ceremony, Sandbar was still barking orders at Gallus.

“Now Gallus, sit down, stay with us, and shut up! Any more nonsense out of you and I’m gonna beat you silly! UNDERSTAND?” Sandbar barked.

A terrified Gallus shook his head.

“Sheesh, Sandbar, pretty intimidating, don’t ya think?” Smolder chimed in.

“Yeah, but can you blame me? My patience is wearing thin with him!” Sandbar retorted.

“Okay, well, can you not make a scene during the ceremony?” Smolder asked.

“Yeah, I’ll try. Sorry you had to experience that” Sandbar replied as he calmed down.

Soon, Starlight walked up to the podium and began speaking.

“Fillies and gentlecolts, as headmare of the School of Friendship, it is my honor and privilege to recognize these outgoing friendship students after four years of their hard work. Now, seniors, when your name is called, please walk up to the stage and pick up your diploma”

When it was Gallus’s turn to be called, he went up on stage and received his diploma…but that’s not all he did. He broke down, began to throw a fit, and even ripped up his diploma, tore off his gown, took his cap off, and smashed it with his paw.

“Gallus, that was your diploma!” Starlight exclaimed, shocked by her former student’s behavior.

“So?” Gallus cried.

“That was it! You’re not getting another one!” Starlight said sternly.

“I don’t want a diploma! I wanna stay at the friendship school!” Gallus cried.

“Gallus, I’ve told you a thousand times, you’re not staying at the friendship school!” Starlight retorted.

I WANNA STAY!!” Gallus yelled.

“Gallus, you have five seconds to go back to your seat!” Starlight said sternly.

“Lemme stay” Gallus said.

“No” Starlight responded.

“Lemme stay” Gallus said again.

“No” Starlight replied.

LET. ME. STAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!” Gallus screamed at the top of his lungs.

“Gallus Griffon, I have had enough! I’ve told you to go back to your seat numerous times, but you keep insisting on having a temper tantrum like you’re two! You are eighteen years old and I order you to act your age and go back to your seat!” Starlight retorted, her voice rising in anger.

I WANNA STAY AT THE SCHOOL OF FRIENDSHIP! I WANNA STAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! LET ME STAY RIGHT NOW!” Gallus screamed as he stamped his talons and paws on the floor like a four-year-old.

“That’s it! I’ve had it with your atrocious behavior! This is supposed to be a special time for you and your friends, but you’ve ruined it! I’m calling security to escort you off the premises and to the train station where you’ll be boarding the next train straight to Griffonstone! GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!” Starlight yelled as security went on stage to drag Gallus away.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Gallus screamed all the way to the train station.

Once he arrived at the train station, Gallus was still being resistant as he attempted to break free and even spat in the security guard’s face. Soon, the train arrived.

“All aboard! Next stop, Griffonstone!” the conductor announced.

NO! NO! I DON’T WANNA GO! I DON’T WANNA GOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Gallus screamed as the security guard dragged him onto the train, much to the shock of the other passengers on board.

Once Gallus “boarded” the train, it set off to Griffonstone with Gallus screaming and crying for the entire train ride.