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Xenomorphs, Ghost Rider, and more


Sunset loves Johnny with all her heart but her love for him will be put to the test.

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This is my very first story. Do you like it?

Uh,...word of advice.

Poor grammar in your summary is an instant turn off. Please make corrections, because presentation is everything.

Changed the summary.

Not many people like this story. Tell me wats wrong with it and I'll try to make it better.

I decided to remove the first paragraph that was a prologue but I can put it back in if you liked it.

I like it, and I say put the prologue back

Anybody whose got the guts to sell their soul for love, has got the power to change the world. You didn't do it for greed Sunset Shimmer, you did it for the right reason. Maybe that puts God on your side, and to him that makes you dangerous. Makes you predictable. It's said that the West was built on legends, and now the legend of the Ghost Rider has returned. You are the only one who can walk in both worlds, you are Sunset Shimmer, and you are Ghost Rider. Only you can bring balance to both Light and Darkness, only you can see the lines between Justice and Vengeance whenever innocent blood is spilt. When you fight fire with fire, there's nothing you can't do and no battle you can't win. You can't live in fear, but you can get through it and find out what you're made of. This is the story of how Legends are born

Thank you for the motivation to keep going.

Prologue is back.

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