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Now has official sequel! NASCAR: The Equestrian Cup

It has been years since the portals to Earth first appeared. However, both the human world and Equestria have come to an alliance.

Now, a few years after the defeat of Cozy Glow at the hands/hooves/claws of the Young Six, the FIA has decided to create a new racing scene. A series of one-on-one races between two rivals involving races with each other and the entire F1 2019 grid.

These are the Formula 1 Duels.

And recently, the nation of Equestria has included some of its best racers to participate. Join them as they face off on the tracks of the F1 2019 Duel series.

Driver list:

Twilight Sparkle (TWI) No. 21: Mecredes-AMG Petronas
Pinkie Pie (PIN) No. 220: Aston-Martin Red Bull Racing
Applejack (APP) No. 7: McLaren
Rainbow Dash (RBD) No. 1: Scuderia Ferrari
Rarity: (RAR) No. 19: Renault
Fluttershy (FLT) No. 109: Aston-Martin Red Bull Racing
Lightning Dust (LTD) No. 2: Scuderia Ferrari
Akula (AKU) No. 98: Mercedes-AMG Petronas
Celestia (CEL) No. 100: Alfa-Romeo
Luna (LUN) No. 101: Alfa-Romeo
Suri Polomare (SUR) No. 49: Renault
Cheese Sandwich (CHS) No. 174: Red Bull Toro Rosso
Chrysalis (CHR) No. 99: HAAS
Ocellus (OCE) No. 64: Red Bull Toro Rosso
Silverstream (SIL) No. 36: Racing Point
Gallus (GAL) No. 32: Racing Point
Sandbar (SAN) No. 17: Williams
Yona (YON) No. 14: Williams
Gladmane (GLA) No. 80: HAAS
Big Macintosh (BMI) No. 8: McLaren
DangerDean (DNG) No. 15: Scuderia Ferrari
Viral Velocity (VRL) No. 33: Mercedes-AMG Petronas
Oscura Galaxia (OSC) No. 13: Aston-Martin Red Bull Racing
Spitfire (SPI) No. 3: Scuderia Ferrari

I got the inspiration to make this story after playing a little too much F1 Mobile Racing. This story is focused on the Duel mode in the game, where you race another player in 3 different race types (Qualifying, Sprint Race and Grid Start).

For the full Formula 1 2019 season calender, click here.

Hope you enjoy!

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Both drivers kept to the racing line as the passed Turns 11 and 12, but as they headed down the back straight towards Ascari, they hit the DRS zone, and Rainbow activated her DRS. The rear wing of her Ferrari opened up, and Dash got a sudden boost of speed, due to the decreased drag. She moved around to the inside, and took the lead away from her rival, before braking for the next set of turns. But the moment Dash was let past, Dust was back on her tail, riding in her slipstream and waiting for a moment to pass.

Okay, time for the nitpick. If this is Albert Park, I don't think there's an Acari corner on the circuit. Might be remembering wrong though.

I was thinking the same, I’m pretty sure there’s a corner with that name, but it’s in Monza. Unless I am wrong, I am fairly new to F1 as it is.

Comment posted by Akula966 deleted Mar 28th, 2020

To be honest, Sandbar got lucky because the 2019 Williams was a dreadfully slow car

And because Pinkie didn't make a smart choice in tyres

Regardless of tyre choice, Pinkie would have won if she hadn't crashed

Comment posted by DGJabberwocky deleted Mar 27th, 2020

Usually, F1 grids have 20 cars, minimum 16

12 is way too less in my honest opinion, especially since the top 10 get points

Take it from someone who writes about F1 for a living


This is my story!

If you want to make your own, then do it!

And 5 seconds is an eternity in Formula 1.

You mean like, forever.

I'll take a down to the wire with Spitfire, one of the few Ferrari drivers I will actually respect. 4th on the grid? Watch your tail dear Dashie, you think your the fastest here? Rookie mistake.

I hope Flim and Flam say in the race: "It's lights out and away we go!"

Probably, but make sure you do whatever she doesn't do.

In one race, I'm planning on having them say that. So, yes.

Danger's not the sort of Pegasus that does that.

I hope Oscura races against me at some point. I think the tension would be too much for Flim and Flam to handle. And just like in Burnout Equestrian Paradise: she has a score to settle with me.

I stand corrected. I don't always pay attention to corner names at some tracks.

That's ok. That's what I'm here for, to give you a track map at the start of each round.

Be patient, Oscura won't be facing you in the earlier rounds.

You are right, the Ascari Chicane in Monza.

Galaxia ended up losing the Duel

Why am I not surprised?

I'm happy with that points finish. Also, I don't thnk Cheese should listen to Pinkie cause she picked the worst tyre.

Oscura Galaxia (OSC) - 0 points

Why am I not surprised.


I don't thnk Cheese should listen to Pinkie cause she picked the worst tyre.

What I meant by this is that Pinkie told him not to use the Hard tyres, but he did anyway.

I wouldn't trust Pinkie when it comes to tyre choice. Even though Pinkie is driving for McLaren and I'm racing with Scuderia Ferrari

In Turns 6 & 7, things went wrong for the Ferrari team. Akula, Celestia and Viral had managed to sneak past Dean (who was on Medium tyres instead of Softs) and were gaining on her.

In Danger's mind: "I'm driving like a grandma."

No, Pinkie drives for Aston-Martin Red Bull

I just had McLaren stuck in my mind. Sorry
Also, will Pinkie realise that one of her teammates is... somepony Danger never gets along with.

...luna suddenly pulled alongside her, got the best line of the three and overtook both Viral AND Hamilton to take the lead with only two laps to go!

Oh Gods! I'm getting Hakkinen-Schumacher vibes!

Thanks, I pride on clean racing. I won't nudge you, but I will capitalize on your mistakes. This was an important example. Good luck with your duel Dean, see you on the track?

That's a grammer mistake, but not important. See you on the track.

Oh, you see this look? It's the look of an experienced racer. One that knows just how good she and her team really are. Good luck my princess, you have my respect here, and will on the track.

And going into the corner, Chrysalis' VF-19 touched wheels with Gladmane. Although there was no damage, Gladmane was just as frustrated with Chrysalis as she was with him.

I'm getting Formula One: Drive to Survive flashbacks LOL

The race has lost all hope.

And Oscura didn't let her boss down. Since she was in a much faster RB15, the dark unicorn had no problem keeping ahead of the shy changeling, allowing her to take the win.

I wasn't expecting that. Well I was expecting not to expect it, so it doesn't count

No. Planning on doing that, though.

Fluttershy performed her best race so far and got tenth

Methinks that'll be the best Fluttershy gets.

Even though Oscura's above me, but... her time in front will be short-lived.

Well, this stuff happens I guess. Cheers Celestia, enjoy the win.

The only concern I have is the pony above me...

I also congratulate Lightning for a Ferrari podium.

We both almost lost our voices over that race!"

Wait until Austria, Flim and Flam and you're gonna need oxygen masks.

Weird, but true fact, when I type 'Oscura' into the search engine, this story comes up.

You sure? Cause it didn't work with me.

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