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Everyone has a dark side, but some of us decide to hide it.


Midnight Sparkle wants revenge, revenge for every thing that the Elements of Harmony did to her, killing her in Legend of Everfree stripped her sanity clean. Now that demon wants revenge, and decides to get it. Even if it causes her to literally end the lives of innocent people, let's hope that the Equestria Girls can fix this mess...without Twilight Sparkle.

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Not sure what to make of the story so far, but I'll mention that nothing in the story is in the second-person narrative, so it doesn't need the "Second Person" tag, unless future chapters will be in second-person.

I put the second person tag because of the “Sunset’s P.O.V” chapter and some future chapters that are going to have second person.


I see. Reading the Sunset part, that's really first-person than second-person, even if Sunset's self-aware (my HiE stories uses first-narration like that too with a human OC) but if the later chapters will truly be in second person, with the reader in the story as a character, then the second-person tag fits.

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