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The more lesbian sex the better, can't go wrong there.

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talk about something hot. all three of them.

Twilight can use powerful magic to create one to use on her friends right?

Just regular humans, unfortunately. No magic, no wings.

stroking at the treasure that lie beneath her jeans.

Jeans? When story pic shows a skirt, which is just objectively better-looking and more appealing on a total cutie like Twilight?
I am disappoint. :applecry:

She doesn't wear the same thing every day. What do you think this is, a cartoon?

wow...………. jest.... wow.

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Dude, you really don't need to comment this on every single chapter.

Twilight reached forward, again, grabbing hold of the waistband of AJ's underwear, gently tugging them down. Applejack's snatch was exposed, her pussy winking in the cold air. Twilight was surprised to see that Applejack really didn't pay any mind to shaving, allowing her blonde pubes to grow naturally. She let her fingers drift toward the blonde bush, admiring the soft texture of the hair, and noticing a slight dampness in some places.

According to Wikipedia, apples are harvested from early August to the end of October, depending on the type. Must be towards the end of the season

Since no one else has

"Okay," Twilight said, turning her attention back to Rainbow. "S-stand up, b-bitch!" she barked. Rainbow obeyed the command. "K-kiss my tits!" Rainbow obeyed. Twilight moaned as Dash's lips delicately brushed against her tender flesh, her eyes snapping shut as her mind was overwhelmed with pleasure. The soft contact sent an electric tingle through her entire body, every synapse in her body screaming More! More! More! Twilight gasped in surprise when she suddenly felt a second mouth on her previously unattended breast. She opened her eyes to see that Applejack was no longer blowing Rarity's pseudo-dick, the purple haired fashionista nowhere to be seen.

Twilight, you play the queen like someone else already played the ace. :facehoof:

But, Fluttershy....IDK if she'd seduce anyone, seems OOC

:applejackconfused: ………………… that's it. (puts on a dress hat) i'm out. (walks out a randomly materialized door)

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I came here expecting Fluttershy to be a massive closet slut......and I was not disappointed. :pinkiehappy:

Keep up the good work.

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The thirstiest of all thirsty ones in Thirsty Town of Thirstyville.

That reminds me, while Twilight's busy with her friends wonder what her #1 assistant is doing adjusting?

I was actually planning on including a scene where Spike trades a stack of comic books to Sweetie Belle for a pair of Rarity's panties, but I couldn't figure out how to include it. Maybe as a bonus chapter, if I can come up with something.

Or a side story where Spike hung around to get some comics only to run into the CMC.

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"Well, how can you really know whether or not you're into girls unless you try one?" Dash asked, leaning in close to Twilight. "It's not like I'm saying we should full on do it , just a quick kiss with maybe some tongue action. Like, thirty seconds, tops. No commitment, and we can pretend it never happened, if you don't like it. Not that you won't like it, since I am a pretty awesome kisser."

This is great.

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