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A very good beginning. A few mistakes here and there, but not much major.
I'll be following this.

Edit: You know, it's rather satisfying to be, not only the first to comment on, but also the first to read a story.

Before reading: Hmm... another FO:E story... meh. About a changeling? Interesting... has received positive veiws from people? Okay... I'll bite.
In other news, your profile pic shares a resemblance with my laptops background image. :pinkiehappy:

needs more, more surviving changlings, more pipbucks, more guns, welll at least for me that is.

I'm glad you enjoyed the beginning, it was rather fun to write. If you do find a mistake feel free to point it out, the only editor my story has is me and I've been known to miss things. Congrats on being the first in two categories! :moustache:

Glad you gave my story a chance, I hope that I was able to convince you to give it a shot and that you enjoyed it.
New Lunar Republic for life! :rainbowwild:

Hmm, not sure if I'm going to have her run into anymore Changelings, or if she'll have a pipbuck though she most likely will just have to think of a way for her to find one. As for guns? Well, she's not going to use them. Changelings always struck me as being more hoof to hoof fighters and very good ones at that seeing as how they conquered Canterlot City with no problem. :pinkiegasp: And my story needs more chapters! The next one should be up shortly!

I'd be willing to edit for you.

Ok, so I don't know how many of you will actually look at this Authors Note but I prefer to put them here instead of in the actual story. Anyways, just want to give a big thank you to Basilisk Hack for editing this and getting it into good enough shape to be seen. To Rainbow_Dashie for coming up with the name Andariel. Hope you enjoyed the chapter!


What a coincidence, as I read this I was listening to "five finger death punch-dying breed"

Well, I always ask one question when see new story with mare protagonist. She is a fillyfooler?


You know, I haven't decided if she is or not yet. The way I see Changeling culture is that since they have to take the place of somepony to get the most out of the emotions then they can't really be picky about whose spot they take. So she might get with a mare but she's just as likely to be with a stallion. I guess we'll both just have to wait and see what happens.

Just finally got around to reading this, and it's pretty damn good. I look forward to seeing where you go with this.

Welcome to the wasteland! I'll give it a read later and give you some feed back.

Pretty good so far. Are we going to find out why she was the only survivor of her hive at some point?
Ugh... Every time I see that name, I think of Andariel from Diablo 2.:facehoof:
At any rate, she doesn't seem like the smartest changeling, forgetting how to talk like a pony and all. A fairly clueless character is always interesting to read about.:pinkiehappy:

Atleast some fallout equestria what is not totally bullshit :D

Gots potential. That "Hero of Marethon" wasteland changeling idea never really got expanded upon, so this could be cool.

Keep it rollin'.


I vote that they see non-changeling creatures genders to not be very important. After all, they can switch shapes at a whim, and if a changeling was found to have a...attraction to any gender of the "host" species, then it would probably be swiftly punished no matter what was between there legs. They would probably just be attracted to the biggest love-deposits in the area, no matter the gender, which might result in funny hijinks if our protagonist never bothers to switch into the opposite gender while a-courting.:derpytongue2:

1388673 http://mechwasteland.tumblr.com/post/28394782095/ive-always-wanted-to-find-a-way-to-have-a

It was a random concept doodle comic of a changeling who fed on love by being a hero. Never went further than that one post.

Glad you liked it, here's to hoping that it'll continue to impress you as I go along.

Thanks! I look forward to hearing what you have to say about it.

We'll probably find out at some point why she's the only one left but we might not, haven't decided yet. :rainbowderp:

Glad you're liking my story and don't consider it bull shit!

Well, I don't know who or what the Hero of Marethon is but I think you'll find Andariel to be a good protagonist as well.

I like that idea, don't be surprised if you see it come up in a later chapter. Thanks!

The third chapter is going through a lite rewrite and then it's off to my editor who'll give it a look over and then it'll be (hopefully) posted soon!

1388673 I smell updates in the future...

Okay I finally got a chance to read your story and I must say, good work!

Its original, interesting and very good. The pacing is perfect and the mood is just right. Plus you set it about the same time as mine! Woo Class of 150!! :pinkiehappy:

Looking forward to this updating and learning more of our newest wasteland hero or heroine (whichever they are atm).

I'll try and send some readers your way as well. :pinkiesmile:

Okay, so after a bit of a wait here's chapter 3 in all its glory! Once again, a big thanks to my editor Basilisk Hack for looking over this and helping me get it into shape. To Oz and Fung for giving the original a read and boosting my confidence a bit by telling me it wasn't bad. (Even though it really was) Now then, I just want to give a big thanks to G-man64; Deathpony, White Winged Zegasi, Dynamic Dragon, Parasitezeo, Code pony, Regolit, Goldenarbiter, rainbowjack366ftw, Vinyl Scratch Jr., Spirit rune, ShadowSlick, ForlanceAbice, Stormcaller, Inkblot, Rickyking, Cascadejackal, Dreagar, Perteks, Righty42, Daskoyote and Invictus 227 for favoriting my story! If you favorited and I forgot got you just let me know and I'll thank you next chapter! Sees ya!



Dat last line...

(By the way, how the fun sized chocolate bars do you post pictures on this damned site?)

Glitter is writing her own version of the Wasteland Survival Guide, huh? It'll have to be good to compete with a certain wall-eyed pegasus.:pinkiehappy:

1454180 Click on Insert Image, paste the URL, hit OK. Easy as apple-bucking.:ajsmug:


I haven't read the original FO:E in a while, but I don't think it was ever stated that Derpy wrote the Wasteland Survival guide, only that she gave them out to newcomers. So assuming this takes place before FO:E, this could very well be the creation of the guide.

Also, the new chapter is excellent. Have a mustache. :moustache:

Poor Andariel, she'll have a lot to get used to if she isn't ok with casual murder.

Page 53 of FoE:

The second book, a grey tome with a black pony skull on the cover, was the real prize. Opening it to the first page, I began to read:
“The Wasteland Survival Guide. By Ditzy Doo...”

Page 75 of FoE:

You wrote the Wasteland Survival Guide?” Both Ditzy Doo’s eyes managed to focus on me and she absolutely beamed with joy, nodding fervently.


I stand corrected then. Like I mentioned, I haven't read the original in a while, so I'm bound to misremember details. Thanks for checking though! :pinkiehappy:

1453683 Are we gonna find out why Andariel can't speak normally at any point?
Every time I see Andariel, I think of Diablo 2. Mind if I call her Andy from now on?:trollestia:

1456478 I believe the logical reason why is because andariel can't speak is because she forgotten about the fact that you have to use your mouth to talk to ponies. Being use to just talking via the hive mind, but that's what I believe is, untill the auther announces :derpytongue2:

I... think this is a good idea. usually i stay the hell away from FOE SS, but i like this.

That actually went really well, although it should have taken you nowhere near six months.

Omega is so cool! I like it. Good chapter. :twilightsmile:

Sweet Celestia's shiny backside your alive!! I was just wondering what had become of my favorite FoE story about a changeling and suddenly, a chapter. :pinkiehappy:

Sadly I have not yet had the time to read the new chapter yet, thought I hope to do so tonight or sometime this week. I'm sure it'll be as good as your earlier chapters.

Omega, huh?
I'm getting flashbacks of P.O.T.aT.O.S. now... sorry, GLaDOS. :pinkiehappy:
This is actually getting interesting.
I await the next events.

Good start, can't wait to read more, mangos. Now you just need to test out these taint serums.

wondering if story is dead or not : /

I'm surprised omega didn't comment about the orb stuck in his leg

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