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A collection of short, unconnected one-shots involving SunLight. Some established, some not, many AUs. Various stories made up from random one or two-word prompts. Updated sporadically. Rating will likely change.

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Old shame never dies Twilight, it just comes back when your girlfriend finds it and uses it to flirt with you.

Ooh I am a sucker for bad jokes 😂

Ooookay, so are we just hopping from alternate universe to alternate universe for each of these stories?

Not that that's necessarily a problem (even if this particular one is... a touch creepy for obvious reasons), but if so, the story could probably use the tag and a note in the description about it.

Brash Sunset is best Sunset. Looks like Sunny's hot for teacher.

Ah, right, thanks for that suggestion. I don't know why I hadn't done that in the first place.

I’m not even sure what’s going on in this one but it certainly got a laugh out of me😂😂😂 good job.

Heh. So bad but so good. These are fun, I hope you do more.

As someone who never wants to be within 30 miles of one of their parents, I feel for Twilight.

Also, Rocker Sunset & Self-made Twilight eh? This should be fun.

Best part of moving away is never seeing all the people who will never move on. Thankfully none of the girls there were worth crushing on. Be reborn like a phoenix.

Eso sí que fue muuy lindo!!

Hahahahah qué atrevida fue! Excelente capítulo

Is there a follow up? 👉👈

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