Twilight Sparkle and her best friends are in deep trouble... yesterday.

Starlight Glimmer's been holding onto a secret for a long time now. Her old villainous days of messing with Starswirl the Bearded's spell alerted an alternate dimension full of shape-shifting monsters, and now this malevolent faction from beyond seeks to send their minions back in time to the first year of Twilight's stay in Ponyville in order to consume the magic of harmony. So, to secure the timeline and save the multi-verse, Starlight has devised a plan to project herself back several years and play bodyguard for the Elements of Harmony.

There's only one problem. Her great and powerful best friend steps in during the execution of the spell. Now both Trixie and Starlight are stuck back in time—fused magically to the same physical avatar—with an incredibly difficult mission to accomplish during the first year of Twilight's friendship lessons. Can the two time-displaced mares work together to thwart an alternate dimension's meddling? Or will they fail and hoof the future over to chaos? Even worse—will they get too relaxed with the comforts of the past and miss an opportunity to be heroes?

Credit to KeronianNiroro for the vector
Scampy for the edit.

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 45 )

This makes me both intrigued and slightly worried.

I... I think I may need an adult, but I'm not sure...

Wanderer D

That unicorn in the cover art reminds me of a certain pegasus. It's like going back in time.

Ok, definitely color me intrigued. Great intro!

Mah waifu, the end of the world, Alicorn of Time—I'm in.

Poor Trix... Definitely been there before.

Tiny typo:

Yes. But... ever since Headmare Glimmer decided to sign off on the year-round semester scheduling thingy, our whole calender's


your stories description peaked my interest. And after this chapter?

You have my attention! :twilightsmile:

I wish I could reach into this story and hug Trixie

this is pretty damn good! And you know poor Trixie is feeling bad when she actaully refers to herself as "I" and not in her usual first person pony way.

“Trixie did not simply remove them,” the unicorn explained. “She repositioned them.”

Which could also be said as "re-moved", or (since hyphens are unsightly), "removed", in the most literal interpretation.

This reminds me of the start of 'The Rise of Darth Vulcan'.

The same in media res, setting, the story being told as a 'confession' to Princess Celestia while imprisoned.

Well, if we're doing nitpicking:

casting idle shadows over the a bustling marketplace

It's really heart-wrenching to read this, but I can't help but laugh at the implication that Trixie physically wrote out "djkaf;kljafd;kjafdlkjakl;df" before crossing it out.

So it's Har Har, but Trix with Starlight as a shoulder lawyer.


that last section of this chapter was great.

One chapter and I’m already hooked. Let the timey-wimey shenanigans commence!

Trixie's muzzle scrunched. “Covid Glow?”

I hate it, I love it, I hate that I love it, and shame on you for making me laugh at it.

While I am not strictly qualified to speculate on the developmental stages of eldritch sky tentacles, I believe it reasonable to assume that this particular specimen is of sufficient maturity to be regarded as something other than a child.

*Sees votes at 68*

*votes up*



It's a very fine fic indeed that maintains Trixie's canon personality as a egocentric bitch while still evoking great empathy for her. Keep up the good work!

Trixie's muzzle scrunched. “Covid Glow?”


With fussy little horse noises

It speaks volumes of your talent at characterization and narrative voice that, even with a sentence as silly as this, I can imagine the exact noises Trixie makes when trying to transfigure teacups in All Bottled Up and mentally put those noises into this scene.

You know its a true time traveling fanfic when the latest chapter is Updated Prior to the Chapter before it...

I've only read one of SS&E's stories before, is this Entropa part of their own internal continuity? Or at least been mentioned before?

"You may be wondering how I got into this situation."

Ahhhh. Why have I not found this earlier

As she continued her slow orbit of the structure, serenaded by songbirds and cicadas, she took notice of the crates around her. Many of them had been hastily open, with lids and nails lying about the grass as if they had been freshly-pried open with a crowbar. Trixie knelt once or twice, inspecting white crystal vials spilling out of two or three of the containers. Moisture and mold had obscured the paper labels, but she was certain she saw an insignia or two belying the past presence of “enchanted manadust.”


This... I don't know how to describe it.

I haven't begun to read it yet, but I can only imagine that this is going to be like Tuvix, but with a twis....ohhhh my

Wheres more, we need more, MOAR. Just as the brown sauce hit the scramjet at FTL speeds too and turn the action levels up by Great and Powerful leveles. WE. NEED. MOAR. :trixieshiftleft:💙

Interesting how Trixie pushes back on what Merry assesses as her favorite feat. Trixie's been going at it alone for so long in her life, a group effort feels like a failure or admission of weakness on her part.

Brilliant use of Merry Sue. How as insufferable as she may seem to some, we should remember that being liked by people is far from a bad thing. There are so many worse fates.

“Don't tell me...” Silver Shill's beady eyes narrowed through his glasses. “...is that off-beat hick pony town still dragging you away from a full-time gig?”

Wow Silver. Such low regard for the town you decided to turn over a new leaf, after you hocked fake medicine to the sick and elderly. And also serves as the home base of the national world-saving brigade. And is the adopted home of your new God Queen.

Oh my. Heck of a way to set the tone of the piece. Looking forward to seeing where it goes from here.

Heh, a fitting payback for the time RHJunior ripped off one of HIS works! (i.e. "Step Right In And Start Again") :trixieshiftright:

(Heh, totally kidding, plz don't kill me Ralph! :twilightsheepish: I liked your story alot ["Starting Over Again"], and the changes you made in your version made for a far superior and impactful experience. It even got featured at least twice in EQD for Starlight Glimmer Day fics!) :twilightsmile:

10309805 I liked R H Junior's take on it far more than the original, in part because it was far more logical.

:unsuresweetie: I know it’s a gag but I dunno how I feel about the 9 seasons being squished into a span of 5 years as memory wise, Spike should definitely remember Cozy Glow, but I guess the fun has been doubled with the focus on S1 and S2 in the span of one year?

There’s a fair bit of similar lore between SS&E’s stories but also plenty of differences so that the lore is not necessarily identical. The alicorn Entropa is most directly taken from skirt’s mythology in End of Ponies, which is SS&E’s first pony fic and was never completed. It’s a long read but I recommend it if you’ve got the time.

He goes into more detail in his Spoilercast in an attempt to put the story to rest. The thing’s nearly 5 hours of outline fleshing out the rest of the story which is just incredible to me.


Hope this helps!

I mean, if we're going to compare who is more memorable...

Chrysalis, Queen of the Changelings, Celestia's Bane Thrice Over, She Who Steals Yo Hubby
Discord, Spirit of Chaos and Disharmony, Sower of Plunder, winner of Best Statuary Award 1000 years running
Lord Tirek the Centaur, Devourer of Magic, Equestria's Reckoning, Brother to Scorpan, Wilderness Recreation and Crafts Expert Extraordinare
Starlight Glimmer, the Apex, the Subjugator, the Time Bender, Cutie Mark Thief, the Exceptionally Irritable
Grogar, the--nope, just Discord again.
Cozy Glow, the Little Bitch. She put all her points into Charisma, and boy did it work.

I mean, Cozy Glow was a great villain; she accomplished all she did through her own merit and cunning. Still, can't blame Spike for missing the name.

I'm not sure why mentioning the lack of stage plays didn't get any noticeable reaction from Celestia, or why Starlight felt a need to switch to a different tact.

The only thing leaving me unfulfilled right now is the lack of focus on Celestia's reacts to all this. It seems to mostly consists of just her eyes going wide. Obviously this isn't the place for her POV. But there's a ton of earth-shattering stuff being dropping on her right now, and she walked into this cell thinking she was dealing with an Alicorn level threat. Even if she just doesn't believe what Trixie is saying, then at least the narration could give a more humorous or icy take on the Princess.

With the Eldridge theme, I'm wondering if what's happening can only be observed by people in the waking world. That would explain why Starlight tried drugging Trixie. Of course it could also be because Starlight knew Trixie would run to her place first to crash while the disaster was happening.

This is insanely good establishment of her character, her goals, where she is and why she's not happy with her life. Reminds me a bit of an 80s movie.

The plot thickens... Lovecraft style.

Starlight, you got some 'splainin to do

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