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A freak accident causes New York Police Detective Kate Beckett and her partner, best selling mystery writer Richard Castle, to be turned into ponies and transported to Ponyville. Meeting up with Twilight and her friends, Beckett and Castle try to deal with their new bodies, the citizens of Ponyville and all the insanity that the Mane 6 seem to attract, all while trying to find a way home.

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Author’s Note- Let’s get this out of the way: I am not as big of a fan of the show as most of you probably are. This idea came to me and, in order to make it work I have watched all the episodes, done my research, taken notes, what have you. I came up with this more because I was amusing myself than a desire to write such a fic. What can I say, plot bunnies are evil.

But please forgive the mistakes I am sure are within this story, which I am sure exist. If a more passionate fan wishes to correct me (and I am sure you will!) I will try and make changes. I am interesting in hearing what you think of the characters, the tone, so forth.

One final note: This takes place after the events of season two of MLP: FIM, and before the episode ‘Always’ of Castle.

I have been posting this on FF.net, and gotten good responses from the Castle fan base, but now I want to get the MLP’s reaction.

Thank you for your time

While reading this the Castle soundtrack with all it's pauses and quirks was constantly playing in my head. This is fucking AWESOME!!!

I look forward to seeing the story develop. As a fan of both MLP and Castle, I will keep my expectations somewhat high.

Also, I am surprised that Castle and Beckett haven't questioned how The Almighty Pink One got into the apartment in the first place. It was entertaining to see their reactions to her though.

Looks good to me. Very well written, fun characterisation. I liked the description of a "realistic" pony body. I haven't seen the Castle series but it has been recommended by friends of mine. Will watch this.

I only have one thing to say about this.


... If Castle called one of the chips "Princess Cadence", how come he hasn't recognized Pinkie yet? Claiming he's still half-asleep?

"I think I will name you Billy, and you Ginger, and you will be Princess Cadence-"

And yet he doesn't seem to know anything about fim? Still, I laughed heartily.

What/ Who's Castle? And what's this 'Always' thing?

The Princess Cadence joke was purely just a nod to the MLP fans and not Castle showing that he watched the show (if there even is a MLP in the Castle Universe...)...pay attention and you will find ALOT of references to other shows, movies, so on.


To me, a fanfiction should be written because it is fun. Once it stops being fun (such as by killing yourself trying to research obscure points of canon), then I think you are missing the point. That's my view as an occasional writer myself. So, my advice to you is to enjoy yourself telling the stories that you want to tell and don't Let the canon nazis bring you down! :rainbowdetermined2:

I first saw this story on FF.net and it intregued me there. I'll be keeping an eye out for updates and I'll be lookign to see where you take Castle, Beckett and the Ponies in the stories to come.

Thank you. Luckily, I haven't killed myself researching this...merely making notes of things throughout the show that I want to hit upon. That said, I am sure there will fanon that I horrifically destroy soon enough, especially when we get to the Big Bad of this arc. I'm just happy I haven't been water-boarded yet by the readers and reviewers here.

If you have been following on FF.net, I should note there will be small changes (mostly grammar but also a few lines of dialogue) as I do final edits before posting it here.

I am curious to see if anyone caught the hidden joke within this chapter.

I don't think THE joke is "Oh no, she's stuck in a loop!" but it was the one I laughed out loud at.

So, they turn up in Ponyland and they already exist there? Interesting...


Probably missed the joke, but I got the Lost reference.

The Lost reference was the joke. First person to notice it.


Oh. Cool. I'm gonna give myself a gold star!

Author's Note: I am trying to get these chapters up once a day till i get caught up with FF.net, then it will slow down to a more casual pace.

This chapter was fun to write as I got to have Beckett interact a bit closer and more personal with Twilight. I wanted to establish early on that all the ponies will have a connection to Beckett and Castle that are their own, but with Twilight and Kate it is a bit different. Their growing friendship will be one of the keystones to the story.

Also, I love Castle and Spike bonding and I realized as I was writing it just how similar to the two are.

Please take time to review and let me know what you think...and if you have questions, ask away. I LOVE discussing my stories with readers.

No way.

No fucking way.

No god-damned mother fucking way!!!!!

Castle and MLP = WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now that the fangasm is over, it's time to actually read the story




Oops i over reacted well good stroy but still DOOM

THANKYOU FOR WRITING THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really wanted to read a castle crssover so badly:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Oh my gosh YAY! Poor alexis:fluttershysad: I bet castle is sad about that. BUT WHAT EVER I'm so happy to have found this story

Yeah, the separation for Alexis is sad but I do have plans for the entire cast, assuming the reviews continue to come in, so don't worry about her for too long.

Pinkie's normal self is probably the best interrogation technique known to ponykind. And should she find her way to our planet, mankind as well. Then the universe will tremble at her interrogation abilities. Literally. I don't think a universe-quake would be too good though. Might Pinkie everything up. On second thought, that's not a bad thing.


Let's just say that, if you guys keep enjoying it, I have some ideas that would involve a mystery and Pinkie using those exact skills on a suspect.

Now that I've had an actual chance to read the story, I must commend your work. Castle and Beckett are completely in character.

Thank you very much. Mind if I ask how I am doing with Twilight and the rest of the girls?


Pretty good, actually. The throwaway gag with Rainbow and the door was funny as hell.

A bit of a slower chapter, I will admit, but one needed in order to get the 8 cast members together and interacting under normal circumstances. This being MLP, of course things will go crazy pretty darn quick (there is a reason this has an Adventure tag!) and I wanted to show Beckett and Castle with the girls before the insanity begins.

1148713 I prefer to believe things went crazy the moment Pinkie Pie showed up. And it's a wonderful kind of crazy that she has.

Just one quick question: Was there a reason why Pinkie Pie ended her number recital on '42'? It is the answer, after all!

I found this chapter interesting because of Kate's.... well, the only way I can describe it as "change of mind". It must be a consequence of the transfiguration magic that turned her into a pony but I would be as disturbed as heck if my memories were scrambled that way.

Yeah, it is part of the magic. Will be explained in later chapters how it happened and why it affected her mind.

awesome chapter!!! love it :heart::yay:

And thus ends Episode 1. This was such a fun chapter to write and I really want to hear what you guys think of it, including the new characters Tydal and Piles. As this next episode goes on I will be discussing the creation of this arc and how it changed from the original designs I had.

Also, the image of Tydal, like all the images I will post, was created by me with some help from the Pony Character Creator.

I saw the name Capricorn and the first thing that came to mind was this:

Oh god i'm dieing from greatest story in the world!!!!!:pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy::yay::moustache::trollestia:

No idea where that is from but looks very cool. I ended up doing a redesign on the general idea of the capricorn, to make it fit the MLP universe and to also make him more threatening and warrior-like. it is hard to be scary when you only have two legs and are dragging a fish tail around. I wanted Tydal to look a bit other-worldly, even for Equestria, so I gave him the slit eyes and a fan tail instead of a standard fish tail.


Thanks, though I hope you live long enough to read the next chapter and to continue to review.

To everyone else, thank you so, so much for all your favoriting, thumbs up and so on. I really want this to become a long time story and every time I get reviews it only makes me write faster.

Thank you again.

1159366 That image is of the Capricorn Horoscope (yes, that's what it's called) from Kamen Rider Fourze.

And thus we begin the hunt for Tydal. This one is going to be a wild ride and set the stage for a lot of subarcs to come in upcoming episodes.

Oh that Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy reference!

:applejackunsure:"Oh ponyfeathers, she's stuck in a loop!":pinkiecrazy:

Nice. Incidentally, does the ~MC~ stand for anything in particular?

I'm not sure if pony dialect applies in this situation, but in chapter 1 Pinkie was saying 'everyone', while in this one she is confused by the word 'someone'.

I wouldn't mind seeing Alexis make a cameo at the end of this. She would probably implode seeing ponies.


MC stands for my other pen name, Mr. Chaos. I tend to use that as a way to break up my scenes and find out if people are stealing my stories.

And here is the next chapter, better late than never. As always, if you spot mistakes let me know and I will edit them out.

uh oh they think discord is still ruling.:pinkiegasp: Crap SPOILER'S:facehoof:...i think?:unsuresweetie:

Great story as a fan of both shows i am really happy to find something the portrays all the characters so well. :twilightsmile: please keep writing this great story

Wow, totally called it. Supposed bad guy waking up from a long slumber thinking the last ruler of the world is still around and happens to be Discord. (Yes I thought exactly that.:rainbowderp:)

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