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It is the Dawn of a new age, The Crystal Empire has flourished under Equestrian stewardship, However a grave threat is on the horizon preparing to plunge the Equestrian continent in total war. An opportunity to change the fate of The Empire arises, but can one pony really change destiny. Can one stallion change the tide of the oncoming war. In a decision of death or dishonor is it worth fighting for a future if it means trading one tyrant for another? Can a choice be made for the lesser of two evils?

Submission for the Equestria at War writing competition 2020

cover art from soursketches on deviant art

Chapters (4)
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your making me want to play equestria at war again

Thank you, so much! That's an honor!

I like it so far! It's really exciting!

I can't wait for an update!

That really good MORALITY lesson being as it is.

Radiant Hope was in a truly unenviable position. As the leading mastermind of an uprising she found herself responsible for a mountain of work to juggle. Governors, militias and nobles needed to be swayed to gain control of necessary provinces. Commanding officers needed to be recruited without alerting the equestrian (Equestrian) (names should be capitalized) controlled government of their defection. On top of that Radiant had to perform a balancing game among a collection of like minded groups that were providing political, social, or economic support. The Dark Cultists practically worshipped Sombra and were readily recruited but their end goals were dark, morbid and ran counter to what she wished. While readily willing to help the group of black magic users held little sway politically or in the military. The Monarchists on the other hand held far more sway with both loyal forces and political sway. The Old traditionalists viewed Cadence as an unrightful ruler with no real tangible claim to the throne. While they didn’t like Sombra particularly either he did have a claim by conquest and expanded the empire greatly during his reign. While difficult to sway, they were of a similar mind with Radiant Hope’s ultimate goal. They knew with the coming war with the changelings the Crystal Empire needed a strong independent leader. They were an unstable but immensely valuable piece of the puzzle. Among the crystal guard there was a group of nationalist sympathizers spread out amongst the various militias and divisions. Getting them together and recruiting more was a chore unto itself. Last but not least Dust Snowfall and his group of loyal misfits. Dust was a dreamer who viewed sombra’s (Sombra's)reign.....(as).... full of glory, obviously he and Radiant Hope worked incredibly well together.

Snowfall had proven himself incredibly useful; he focused on the hard work of attempting to bring Sombra back while she worked to get the other components of this uprising working. Secrecy was of the utmost concern for making it all work as Cadence launched anti sombraSombra) propaganda and would mass arrest vocal dissonance. However, the counterary (contrary) had also been true, Sakira the romantic patriot, constantly would go against orders and try to recruit new members despite the threat of active guards searching for Sombra sympathizers. This should have gotten her arrested or at (even) worse gotten the entire operation undermined and ended everything before it even began. Instead though Sakira had recruited a very plain pony by the name of Blank Page. The stallion very honestly should have lived a very normal life and have no impact on the wider world, instead he was the very reason that Radiant Hope had the Dark heart sitting on her planning table. Soon this would all be over, merely the pieces .....(merely).....needed to be in their final place.

YES! Sombra is allying Equestria and not the Changelings!

(I played Sombra in EaW, and Jesus he's op. But I allied Chrysalis and got like... no land. So, ally Equestria woo!)

Also, are you perhaps going to be implementing any of the Alt-Routes for Equestria as well? Such as Solar/Lunar Empires in the future?

Great Story btw!

I am currently writing a sequel for this piece and while it won't have anything too interesting with Equestria it will be a continuation thought piece for my own prospective monarchist path for Sombra. I will try to add some other weird goodies later on though for sure.

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