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    In the mountain mining town of Rocky Slopes Sky Blue spends her days managing the weather and taking care of her precious children. Then one day, her children do not return from playing.
    Kim Kimera Kimes · 9k words · 384 views

The mountain town of Rocky Slopes is generally a peaceful town. The mine provides decent jobs and the town flourishes because of it. But as a large storm brews, ponies are unsure of their lives as a curse starts to spread. Can they find the cause before it destroys the town?

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The plot thickens: DUN DUN DUUUUN! :rainbowdetermined2: Now, with that out of the way.... great chapter. I wasn't expecting the ending on this one... nice twist. If the rest of your chapters are as good as this one I'll be looking forward to future updates. Keep up the great work! :twilightsmile:

A very nice way to end it all Kim, and your style and writing has definitely improved since the first chapter. I look forward to seeing your future works when you get around to doing some more writing. Again, great job! :twilightsmile:

Bravo Kim! Great job on completing your first fic! You have really improved your writing! I can't wait for more fics from you! I loved the ending, and I loved the characters you developed.


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