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On the outside Ocellus is like any other changeling. but, she feel that inside of her lurks a monster. a monster ready to jump on it unsuspecting prey. she couldn't bear the thought of hurting any of her friends. so, she must do one thing and one thing only. protect her friends from the monster. by getting rid of the monster.

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This was surprisingly good; for a dare.

I do think you could use more commas than full stops though.

Whoa wow That was seriously very emotional story and Ocellus I really do feel bad for her She really can't get over her past action of her kind and she felt like she will become a monster again But her friends will always be there for her she will never be alone

Smolder: Ocellus.

Ocellus: Smolder. I didn't think I'd see you again. But you're here.

Sandbar: What's happening? It's a miracle!

[plays An Endless Tale]

Good poem as always so far (thanks for helping me for the last battle :twilightsmile:)

Mistake: walls of text :rainbowderp:

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