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Little is known of what lays beyond the land of Equestria. Tales of wondrous endless lands of odd peculiarities, others of horrific lands that would drive even the strongest of stallions mad. Not much is known of these lands, but one thing is for certain... those who enter never return and by if some miracle they do, they are never the same.

(geez i am terrible at descriptions. Actually, all you really need to know is that this this a twisted take on the mane 6 finding themselves in the world of Minecraft read from the journal of Twilight Sparkle)

This is a little idea i've had on my mind for a while after messing around with the recent Minecraft updates and stuff it's a Minecraft sort of story crossover thing.

First installment of my 'My Little Ponycraft Saga' thing

Yay! Horrible MS Paint cover pic by yours truly.

Be prepared for bad grammar and punctuation, i'm not the best writer. But hey if you wish to edit it there are instructions on how to edit along with my emails on my user page

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I love stories that follow a diary/journal pattern. Keep it up!

Twightlight...newbies shouldn't play in hardcore mode...

Love it, but maybe you should make the chapters a little longer.

I'll start our by saying, this has some pretty big potential. The story seems to be missing a bit of punctuation (mostly commas), and the shortness of the chapters may cause some people to lose interest, but by all means, don't let that deter you from any writing styles that you prefer. Other than That, I see no immediate issues with this story. I'll keep reading any future chapters and keep ya' posted on anything else that may need to be fixed. (Tracked)


Needs to be longer

Good...at least Dash is being smart, suggesting a back exit...
Twi, on the other hand, sits in her corner and writes these entries.

-Good potential for the story, try making the chapters a bit longer. More detail and world building (perhaps marveling at the amazing physics of Minecraftia), and character building is always good.

---That guy with the name that is for once relevant to the story :twilightsmile:

No me gusta. :moustache:

Too short, tenses should be in past tense and also not enough detail. You only took around 5 minutes to write each 'Chapter' if you can call it that.

Cheese and crackers! So here's how my day has gone thus far.
watch up, eat breakfast, go to FiM, "you've got 21 new notifications"
2 watches, 10 favorites, and 7 comments... really did not expect that.

As an added note i'll go back and try to add a bit of length to it after i've posted the last day and maybe along the way (but i'm not promising much so don't hold me to it), but remember this is just a short project that i wanted to do because it was on the top of my head

1165161 moar coming tomorrow morning

:raritystarry:Looks good... I shall no-doubt play hardcore mode after this.... :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy: Anyways READ ON! :yay::trollestia::moustache::rainbowkiss:

MOAR!! :flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage: I cant wait until tomorrow:pinkiesad2::fluttercry::raritycry: Also make the entries longer and possibly when they encounter the Monster(s)? make it so that its first person? :pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss::scootangel::twilightsmile::trollestia::moustache::yay:

1165299 i appreciate all the excitement and i am aware that people want it longer i do intend to go back after the final day and try to lengthen it

As for the first person idea it does sound cool, but you gotta remember this is Twilight's diary so unfortunately its not for me i kinda want to stick with the idea of it being a diary... with the exclusion of the prologue and the epilogue of course :pinkiesad2: sorry to disappoint.

I shall predict that rainbow is right and a zombie or something will pop out and try to kill twilight. :moustache:
but she lives.
What is with the purple horn at the beginning? I am so confuse!!!! and grammar.
exept for that.............weknowmemes.com/2011/11/watch-out-we-got-a-badass-over-here/

1166374 hmm i honestly thought it was obvious about the horn... oh well it will all make sense eventually

And yes i am aware of the grammar, as well as the punctuation... it sucks. i've never been a good writer.

quick prediction of possible comments i may or may not see :

its to short
fix the grammar and punctuation
why so short
this is terrible
needs to be longer, but its passable

1168215 what do you mean?

Fluttershy almost died...not many people do that

for a bad reason I might add.

1168392 oh i understand. Honestly it killed me writing that, Fluttershy is my favorite character out of the main 6. But you gotta remember it is a tragedy so these things are bound to happen.

I regret to inform you but my favorite character is Rainbow Dash...

I had her eaten alive by wolves. they tore her flesh of the bones as she was screaming in agony...I also killed off Rarity and scared Pinkie pie...Alas that fic didn't get to far. But I enjoyed watching my favorites die around me and suffer so I can get used to being evil :pinkiehappy:

Cool. But more action... And make herobrine INTELLIGENT please! :fluttercry: Anyways creepers dont explode unless your like 1 block away from them... Just a pointer. :derpyderp2:

:trollestia:Meep. :fluttercry::pinkiesick::applecry: Please dont kill off Twilight.. PLEAAAASEEE :fluttercry::pinkiesad2::applecry: Anyways great fic. Once again... MSAKE HEROBRINE INTELLIGANTTTT!!! :twilightangry2::flutterrage:

1168753 well i cant say that this short short will be as gruesome as that

1168817 lol 1 block away you say, does hugging count cause if not Fluttershy must of died from lag? Anyway thanks as for Herobrine something is cookin' up in my mind for him.

I'm not very good with internet sarcasm so I don't know what to make of this, but if you were offended, you could have just said so and I'll stop, being passive aggressive about it solves nothing.
(Not sure if I offended you or not)


1169490 what, oh no it was a joke, i was in no way offended or even showing a passive aggressive nature. i love receiving comments both positive and negative (the positive ones make me smile, while the negative ones make me realize i've gotta try a bit harder)

All in all it was a joke, sorry for the confusing comment the internet truly does suck with sarcasm and jokes

But please don't change your comments cause you think i'm offended. i dont get offended easily, but if i do trust me you'll know.

~Mister Mikey

1169490 not to mention, you were one of the first to post a positive comment

i'm sorry, but it had to be done. it was absolutely positively imperative that i made a tiny 'Cupcakes' 'Le Petit Four' reference, i mean. (it has no ties with the actual 'Le Petit Four story', it's just an... easter egg i guess you could say.)

Rarity gone?

Rainbow collecting body parts?

1174634 Thank you, i'd like to first thank the academy for this prestigious comment.

The academy would like you to get off the stage and write more chapters :rainbowlaugh:

1174816 awww oookkkaaayyy stupid academy always telling me what to do and never paying child support

......What the fuck happened at the academy? :rainbowhuh:

I can agree to that and thank god Rarity is dead I fucking hate her

1175497 oh they know... they know...

Well as far as I can see AJ killed the villagers, Pinkie is insane, rarity is in the cupcakes, twilight is just being ignorant, dash is helping pinkie, and fluttershy is just being fluttershy. Am I correct good sir?

1176938 tsk tsk you know i cant tell you that, i shall neither confirm nor deny it... well actually i already stated that the Rarity/ cupcakes thing was an easter egg referring to 'Le Petit Four'.

but i am glad to see someone is trying to keep track of whats happening. Here have a cupcake as a reward!

Nice. But the ear/wing thing... :pinkiesick:

Fluttershy and Twilight UNTIL THE END! When all else falls they remain VICTOOOORIOOOUS :trollestia::moustache::yay:

1178257 yeah, Dashie has kinda lost it a bit

:raritydespair: MOAR I SAY!! MOOOOARRRRR!!!!

Wow. This terrifies me. MOAR!

1183947 moar coming tomorrow :twilightsmile:

i actually enjoyed writing this one... well i like writing them all, but this day might be my favorite namely for Pinkie Pie's part in it. :pinkiecrazy: YAY FOR INSANE FRIENDS!


...you have satisfied my inner Madness

1186554 you are quite welcome my good sir

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