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I can just imagine Rarity having a stroke if she were to find out her little sister had her first experience on top of a toilet.

Maybe one of those cupcakes she'd made in cooking class last month? She was pretty sure at least one of them had come out not completely burnt...

Miss Cheerilee pointed with her teacher's pointing-stick (do those have an official name) at a complicated-looking labelled diagram of the inside of a flower.


Miss Cheerilee sighed and pulled herself away from her attempt at explaining pollenation to a student in the back of the room. "Scootaloo, it's only two more minutes until the end of the day... can you please just hold it in?"

Because if she said something, and she went, and she was gone—then it will stop, the feeling, wouldn't it? And she didn't want it to stop no matter what.

The bell rang, loudly. Ding dong, ding dong. Dong ding dong ding. A train arriving at the station.

Nope that’s Big Ben.

The class groaned collectively over the noise of shuffling chairs and scrambling papers.

You were especially not supposed to show colts your age, because of something to do with their special place, and how it all had to do with making foals.

she lifted her squishy marshmallow butt and shook it around in Junebug's

and immediately became distracted by whether or not the regular dishes

Ring the alarm, whip out the Addictol, Sweetie's losing her innocence!
Actually, it's too late. Bring out the Jet!

Imagine Rarity walking in on that scene.

Sweetie was the panting and sort of sweaty.

Edit 4/5/2020:

Sweetie was cumming again, she couldn't control herself,

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