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Jotaro Kujo, the son of Holly Kujo and the grandson of Joseph Joestar, and the man who avenged everyone tormented by and whole lives took by DIO, was only living himself off an ordinary life until an extraordinary force sends him plummeting into the realm of Equestria. Having no clue as what had transpired on this happening, Jotaro finds himself looking for clues as to how, who or why did he ever end up in such a world. This is yet another bizarre series of adventures on this new world.

NOTE: This takes place in a timeline where Stone Ocean didn't happen... yet.

Author's note: Feel free to help me improve and progress this story. And try and look for errors in the pacing and paragraphs.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is owned by Hirohiko Araki.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro, Inc.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 18 )

Lots of spelling and grammar errors as well as tense shifts. I’m going to assume that English isn’t your native language, in which case it’d be good to bring on an editor/proofreader.

Can’t say much about the story right now, but it would be nice to see a decent JJBA x MLP crossover on this site. Also, that picture is 👌.

I knew there are errors. But keep pointing them out.

'Xept I can't find any editors. I can't seem to find anyone anywhere.

I may have been sucked into some weird and over-the-top ridiculous sorts of dimensions and pocket worlds. Like that one Stand that actually made fun of me, my friends and Star Platinum.

Hold the phone, if you're talking about Death 13, I'm pretty sure Kakyoin was the only member of the Crusaders who remembered that after they woke up.

The young man beside him is his grandson, Jotaro Kujo. He was aftly named "JoJo" much like his grandfather before him. He is a user of a mysterious psychic power called a Stand, an evolution of Hamon . Back in his time as a delinquent, he was helped out of prison by Joseph Joestar, helping him on knowing the mature of Stands in general. With this knowledge and willpower he manifested, was he able to defeat other malevolent Stand users before him. When his mother, Holly fell sill due to the manifestation of her stand, Jotaro, his grandfather and friends embarked on an epic journey to Egypt to find and defeat DIO, the evil vampire responsible for the heredity of Stand powers caused by his hijacking of Jonathan Joestar's body. Jotaro is currently working as a world-renowned marine biologist, having finished his thesis on starfish in the late 90s. He is currently having a break from his work, is a family man and has a sole daughter.

Emphasis mine. Pretty sure there is absolutely no relationship between Stands and Hamon.

Hamon is a breathing technique that allows the user to channel the power of the Sun through their body. Only people with a certain body type can use it.

Stands are a manifestation of the user's soul. Literally anyone can use them, provided they have a strong enough fighting spirit.

The two powers have literally nothing in common.

Things may have been bizarre my whole days as a Joestar.

More appropriate to say ‘of Joestar lineage’ since he’s a Kujo.

Still haven’t seen enough to properly comment on the story itself.

Keep looking for them errors.

Right now, I'm re-reading the whole Stardust Crusaders manga again.

You know because, besides Dio, the Egyptian Gods are quite forgettable villains.

As far as I can recall, Heirophant Green used its thread to thrash around Death 13. And Mannish Boy, was it? Yeah, he strangled.

It is said that Stands are an ultimate evolution of Hamon. Hence, they are known by another name: Spirit Ripple. One of the ways a Stand can be obtained is through further and rigorous Hamon training.

Or it can be presumed an evolution of Hamon.

A Stand can also be obtained by other methods, and not just the Bow and Arrow or the Saint's Corpse.


You have captured the excitement and intensity of Jotaro to a T. I am thoroughly excited for more to come.

When the Star Platinum arc started, there were hints that the Stand is some form of evolved Hamon. Dio also said something like the Hamon in Jonathan's body gave birth to his Stand ability. (at least that's what the translators in my country said) Although we are pretty sure now those two don't have anything in common. I think it is forgivable to use that assumption.

This looks like a decent start.

I don't know whether that stunt is what Kotaro would do in this situation or not. Some part in my mind said it was not, but another said it was a desperate situation and Kotaro's state of mind was not normal at that time.

I've noticed.

Yeah I've gotten a little rusty so I had to read Stardust Crusaders again so that in future chapters I'd plan this story right.

I really recommend getting an editor, man.

I hope the rest of the main cast shows up in the next chapter.

I did have an editor. But so far all I got is Chapter 1.

Yare yare daze.

In other words, Araki Forgot.

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