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hello everyone it's my first time in fimfiction and writing stories so please give lots of support.


After the final song of My Little Pony friendship is magic, the creatures of Equestria are now living happily and peacefully along with their new ruler Princess Twilight Sparkle. But all of the exuberance has came to a daunting conclusion when the Chinese People's Liberation Army invaded their land for an undisclosed reason. And now, all of the creatures in Equestria are either being enslaved or held as prisoners as science projects by the aliens. And the army is being lead by a lieutenant general named Jin An Rong (金安荣) and he has used Twilight's Castle as a prison for the creatures of Equestria.

But, all hopes were not lost until an eighteen years old teenager named Charlie Lam from an M.I.T campus in Australia endows succour to the creatures of Equestria and help take their land back along with a unicorn mare. He will also get a traumatizing upgrade from Twilight.

The reboot of my old story is finally here! After my cretinous mistake last week, I had some assistance from https://www.fimfiction.net/user/334666/The+Blue+EM2 and he told me everything and endowed assistance to me, and I just want to say that I am grateful for his aid. And the title was also counselled by him, and I hope that you all will enjoy this reboot, if not then I am very sorry.

Also, I do not own My Little Pony. It belongs to Hasbro. And the poster am using for the coverart also belongs to MysteryMelt on DeviantArt.
Here's the link to it

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So this Chinese and Korean action and disaster movies as well as some Chinese action dramas. What is it called so I can find it.

I seem to can't find a Winnie Pooh in this story.

Author’s Social Credit has been plummeted by -1000 for conspiring with Uyghur terrorists and undermining peaceful stability. Profile will be publicly broadcasted on live television for all to see.

Why on Earth are the Chinese invading Equestria? And yes, I know there's a reason in the story, but still, why?

And I feel like the Chinese military is extremely OP in this situation.

eagles with bodies of a lion and lion tails

Griffons. They're called Griffons.

The Invasion alliance with Equestria did not happen. What happened? I don't know. Glory to the PRC!

Just kidding, fuck those commies. As an American, I support Taiwan as the legitimate Chinese government. I hope that the CCP collapses after the Corona Virus outbreak.


While China invade Equestria in return they get invaded their mainland by UN force. Who know Chinese also will invade Korean peninsula and Japan island for their endless thirst for expand if they already invade Equestria

Ballistic missiles hit major Chinese cites and capital, mass rebellion by oppressed minor peoples, Russian-india allies didn’t want anything with Chinese while US-lead UN force move to stop chinese expansion by force but nuke wasn’t authorized yet

Worse at all that was third world war and use of nukes has happened and now mankind continue invade Equestria instead greed but desperation

The title of the story makes it too easy for me to do this:


Griffons. They're called Griffons

Well, the Chinese doesn't even knows what they are called you know.

What do you mean? I'm just writing a story.

Flying Tiger 2. Hmm. I'll look at it.

Yeah you should, its a very thrilling drama.

But if the story is written from a third person omniscient perspective, then they should be as addressed as such.

I know but, I think it would make more sense if the Chinese doesn't knows some of the creatures from Equestria.

Is this some kind of GATE but with the Chinese instead of the Japanese?

And how did the Chinese found out of the portal, it is located in someplace on mainland China or in a surrounding country, because the PRC described here is kinda of expansionistic and militaristic, but even in that case they would at least try to contact the leaders of Equestria first, and I'm saying this as a Colombian, because I don't believe that the Chinese would just enter another land without negotiating first.

Something like when the Sino-Japanese war broke out.


because I don't believe that the Chinese would just enter another land without negotiating first.

Here is the most intriguing part of my story. And to answer your question. The Chinese didn't even wanted to negotiate with Princess Twilight Sparkle at the first place because, either her or Luster Dawn have done a huge mistake that infuriated them.

And how did the Chinese found out of the portal,

Well, to answer that question. The Chinese have actually designed their own portal to the world with some of the creatures properties they have discovered. And that allowed them to make a portal to their world with the help of some of their engineers and scientists.

Well this is the same different here and there but the same and is is better in some so don't rush my friend

10118665 Same thing I thought when I saw the title. With this many downvotes I'm not going to read it, but being a huge Sabaton fan, I just had to see what it was about.

10119706 I apologize if my comment hurt your feelings. What I wrote was only part of the reason though. I am a extremely picky about grammar and there are grammatical errors in the description. If the description has errors the story is bound to have them too and that would bug me too much to enjoy it. I did not downvote it, but I currently have no plans to read it.

Your wording implies that it could possibly be a coincidence. Something I highly doubt.

Comment posted by Timothy1509 deleted March 8th
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Comment posted by Russian Bank Teller deleted March 10th
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War is coming swiftly, the borders closing in.

Well, I wouldn't say that the war between the Chinese and the creatures of Equestria would be coming in quickly because, the Lieutenant General doesn't even knows that Charlie has sneaked into the land.

And thank you for reading my story!:twilightsmile: and also, what was your favourite part of the chapter?

Gotta admit, the ending seems rather interesting in my opinion, Rather interested in where it shall lead. The comment I made wasn't really a prediction or some theory or statement, just making a reference to the song about the song, Resist and Bite. , from Sabaton. The title made it an easy joke.

Heh, I get your sense but, Resist and Bite does have a meaning you know.

Ja ich weiß, It was used by The Bataillon de Chasseurs Ardennais of Belgium.

And once it hits you, it will go through your body and kill you instantly."

Eh, depends on where the impact is. if it's in the leg, you may live, and hell, it depends on the caliber. If I'm shot by a .22lr, chances are that I'll survive.

"Wait hold on." Charlie said as he looked at his reflection in his safety goggle scanners and the view startled him because, he was not a human anymore, he was now a pony with a unicorn horn and wings.

Alicorn OC.


But, if the bullet hits your leg. You will fall on the ground bleeding. And without any help, you can get killed from the bleeding wound.

The rate of deaths from leg wounds is under 30 percent. Mainly cause it's extremely easy, if painful as fuck, to effectively bandage one's limbs, as oppose to areas native to the middle of the body.

That is true. You can instantly survive the bullet wound with some aid from the doctors or paramedics. But if you are alone with no one to succour you. It would be game over.

A few things,
1. No it wouldn't, you can bandage easily with like a large leaf or something.
2. Depends on calibre, 7.62 will put a larger hole than 5.56 or 5.45.

I think you got it wrong Xi Jintao, would after Disney after all the Pooh jokes.

Um... care to elaborate what you delineated?

I'm no ballistic expert but doesn't 5.56 move faster 7.62?
Edit are we talking about 7.62x39mm or 7.62x54mmr?

Are you writing a World War III story about the Liberation of Equestria from the Chinese Regime?

We're a company of soldiers we're 40 rifles strong.

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Comment posted by Timothy Lam Gay deleted March 18th
Comment posted by Timothy Lam Gay deleted March 18th
Comment posted by Timothy Lam Gay deleted March 18th

This took way to long to finish this god this is going pretty well don't rush my friend

Thank you so much. And also, which of the chapters do you find it more enjoyable?

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