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Dawning Light, a young Alicorn stallion, only 7 years old, the only son of Princess Luna, is the only one next in line to the throne of the Night Colony, after witnessing his mother get banished to the moon before his eyes. But being only 7 years old, he struggles to keep the Night Kingdom under stable rule, even with help from the Royal Night Advisors. But is he stable enough to rule after being witness to his mother’s banishment at too young an age?

As he waits for a thousand years for his mother’s return, he does his best to keep himself mentally sane and to prevent the Night Kingdom from falling into shambles. But as he waits, the sadness for his mother slowly turns into fear, fear of being discovered by his Aunt Celestia and what she might do to him. Then the fear slowly turns into hate, hate towards Celestia, for what she did not only to his mother but her own sister. And then the hate, becomes anger, anger for what he felt that Celestia did was unjustified, corrupt, and........ evil.

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Interesting idea you got from the animation

Thanks. I do have a pretty wild imagination

So do I. And I am eager where this will go

Well then, get ready to emotionally prepare yourself. Because I'm planning on making one helluva emotional rollercoaster of this story.

Sure, I did a few attempts of this myself

That's all I have say before you start reading. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the story

I’ll try

If she hadn't been so blinded by fame and glory, my mother would've never been banished, and her Night Colony, that she formed anyway with Celestia's consent, that I had to rule for her since that day, would still be here.

Don’t you mean without her consent?

"And once she realizes everything that happened after Luna's banishment, she'll feel the guilt of her crimes and explain her side of the story. And once she does, she'll ask for forgiveness, which I'll gladly give. Just because I hate her for what she did, doesn't mean I don't love her for who she is. She is my aunt after all, I can't hold a grudge forever.

And once I fill in mother with what happened recently, we'll all be able to live happily once again. And as I finish writing this, I must prepare for tomorrow morning, because when Mother returns, she'll want to see, *removes clothes, revealing to be an Alicorn Stallion* her sweet little Night Prince. *smiles, then blows out candle*

Aww, that’s sweet.

I then slipped on my hoodie while mommy told the guards where we're going and for how long.

Why would she need to do that?

Also, is it daytime or nighttime?

Nope. I mean Celestia's consent

In case if something happens while they are gone, and it's night time. It's a night colony. Ponies are gonna be active st night when living in the night colony

But, it said that Luna built it even with celesta’s consent.

Then why did he say “Morning mommy”?

First, that's supposed to be 'without'. Fucking auto correct.
Second, it's fixed.

Because it's morning for them. Time is really nothing but a construct. Remember in the Season 7 finale when Twilight said that StarSwirl and the Pillars were trapped in a realm between realms where time stands still?

Well think of it as this, when they first gave themselves to contain the Shadow Pony, they were sent to Limbo, the realm in between where time is non-existent, along with the Shadow Pony.

And they stayed there for a thousand years in Equestrian time before Twilight and the others released brought them back.

But to them, as far as they were concerned, they were only gone a few seconds.

So ergo, time is just a construct. Which is why, for the night colony. Their mornings are when the sun sets and the moon rises

Ohh, so they’re basically the opposite of regular ponies.

Something like that

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