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I...I am a monument to all your sins...

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I would say this is more cuckquean rather than the conventional 'cucking'. Still, it's a good story. A lot of the degrading aspects I expected weren't present to my surprise. I didn't really spot any emasculation but that might just be me. :twilightsmile:

Oh this was fun to read, I would love to see a sequel to this a few months or years down the road where pound became more of a soft plump boi while Pumpkin become more of a futa amazon.

Okay, I have to give this a read.

Fun fact: male horses do not have nipples.

Does this story take place in the Rumble slut universe and will there be a crossover at some point in the future?

I never really gave it much thought
That being said, it would make for an interesting crossover :trollestia:

that was fun to read, nothing like sibling bonding ;D

Even with Shining Armor?

wow nice story.

One has to wonder how Ruby and Pumpkin really got to know one another for something like this to take place.

They know each other because the script said so! :trollestia:

“F...fuck my ass!”

I don't know why, but immediately after reading this line, I imagined a specific Golf it moment.

"Fuck my ass!"


Golf With Friends

Holy fuck that was incredible

yeah we are going to hell if u wanked to this

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