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Written for the Equestria at War Mod Write-off contest, Resistance and Rebellion.

For centuries, the griffons of Prywhen have lived peaceful and simple lives. Even the arrival of the Griffonian Empire didn't bring great change to the region, as it was never deemed too important for the Imperials in Griffenheim.

After the Empire collapsed after its revolution, Prywhen became united and independent for the first time in many, many years; under King Kloseu of the Kissau dynasty. However, independence brought new problems to the griffons of Prywhen - now living in the Kingdom of Brodfeld. Wheat, for centuries the staple of the region, was replaced by the more profitable rice crops. As exports grew, so did the wealth of the aristocracy, but the situation of the peasants became worse with each passing year.

Then, famine struck the Kingdom.

One in five griffons died. The peasants of Brodfeld decided enough was enough, and began organizing in new, radical groups embracing new, radical ideologies. The King declared a state of emergency and calmed the situation temporarily; but after an assasination attempt killed his wife, lines were quickly drawn, arms gathered, and shots began to be fired.

The Prywhenian Civil War had begun. And the fate of millions of griffons rested upon its result.

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